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[It is not a conservative-liberal or Republican-Democrat situation, nor is it all Israelis and Palestinians. It has more to do with extreme factions on the Israeli side and on the Palestinian side, both of which have some racist-like beliefs about who "should" be there.

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Well, sorry I've been noticably absent from this forum since Sept 11 - but to be honest I wasn't ready to handle the debate.

foray, I agree with a lot of what you said (not all, but a lot)

Please know that there are a lot of patriotic americans who do not want to go to war. I consider myself patriotic - I love this country, have a flag flying on my house as we speak - but I do not want us to retaliate militarily - I want us to try to bring these folks to justice. And to be honest, I am encouraged by the actions of our government (ok U2Bama and 80sU2 - you can go ahead and pick yourselves up off the floor now) that this is in fact what we are doing - as we haven't bombed anyone yet. I am reading stories about arrests, investigations, meetings with foreign governments.

bin Laden doesn't hate us because of Isreal. He is an evil man who has no tolerance for any views other than his own and who is willing to kill for his ideas. We could totally abandon all support of Ireal tomorrow and it would be no different.

In the paper today was this quote from US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz as he was leaving private meetings with NATO defense ministers in Belgium: "I think it can't be stressed enough that everybody who's waiting for military action... needs to rethink this thing." He later went on to emphasize nonmilitary options.

I have, several times in the past, expressed my dismay over the Bush Administration's seemingly inward focus. However, he has gotten a speed course in world diplomacy and foreign relations since Sept 11, and his cabinet is doing an admirable job.

Propaganda works both ways - the US has a reputation in the world of being selfish and uncaring, with all of its citizens thought of as "ugly americans". In fact, this country is made up of all types of people - peace activists like me, conservatives, Muslims, Christians, jews, all colors, all creeds, all races that don't fit into a single mold. If we continue to handle this crisis well, the US might have an opportunity to change the world's opinion of it from that of a 900 pound gorilla that must be reckoned with to that of a good neighbor. Which I think, for the most part, we deserve.

Peace to you and thanks for letting me ramble.

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