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I find it more than a little disconcerting how many people are missing my point entirely. So many of you seem to think I have some sort of fuck America attitude, like I hate this country and would gladly leave at the drop of a hat, with no regrets.

That is simply not the case. I don't hate the country, and, while I feel compelled to leave, I don't really want to. Let me rephrase that. It bothers me greatly that I feel so compelled to leave my own home.

But it also really bothers me that so many people have the mentality that the United States can do no wrong, that the flag is some sacred artifact that is more important than life itself, that our presidential administration is nearly infallible, that it is this country's duty to police the world, the US is the only truly free country out there.

It bothers me how many people are under the impression that the United States is a democracy. (It's not.)

It bothers me how many people think that their votes count. (They don't.)

It bothers me that, while much better than communism, capitalism is the most important thing in so many lives. Yes, I like having private property. Who doesn't? What I don't like is having people telling me to buy their products everywhere I look.

And to all you people telling me to shut up and do something, I believe I already am. I am raising awareness. I am causing discomfort. I am making people look around and see that things aren't always as they seem. I am doing my part to stir public consciousness.

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don't get me wrong, i agree with your last post where you clarified things, i just wish you'd said that the first time around.

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NOT GEORGE LUCAS: Although I may not agree with some of your opinions stated here, I have to say that your second post clarified much and was much more coherent than the first.

WHENHIPHOPDROVETHEBIGCARS: As much as I wanted to simply discredit your non-attack on me as assinine, I feel I simply must reply.

Without personally attacking you, I think your post has the value of a cherry pit.
Thanks - after reading your oh-so-well written reply I hold your opinion with the utmost respect. (read with deep sarcasm)

Why are comments meaningless if someone doesnīt pledge alliace to any flag?
That is not what I said. What I said was that his complaints against the US government were meaningless if he does not pledge allegiance to any flag. I hold that the flag is a symbol of our country and whether you choose to pledge to it, not pledge to it, or disgrace it, it still represents the United States. If you disassociate yourself with the United States (i.e. do not pledge allegiance to the flag of said country) why should any weight be placed on your opinions about that country?

Now, you could answer that military saves lives every day, but you know, most people donīt believe that sort of hype
I would replace the word "saves" with "protects." No one said, or even inferred that the military saves lives, but I would state for the record that they do protect people from others.

And what have you offered to the world, dear ouizy? Your presence? Great.
I mean, what can I possibly say to such a genius statement. Seeing that you do not know me, do not know what I do for a living, do not know here I have been, do not know who I know, do not know anything about me, I think you made an ass out of yourself without any of my help on this one...

Capitalism is rammed down our throats because it is the dominating system today. About this we donīt have any choice. So capitalism means all choices only to those who are in control. Less choices for the middle class, like you and me, but if they can decide which kind of car they like, thatīs enough choice for most of the sheep. Some like to exaggerate it, with civil society thoughts et al, but nevermind, when things get too rough, they are simply shot, like in Genova last year. No choices for clochards in our own prosperous countries, they canīt decide if to sleep under the bridge or in a bed. Not even a thought about what choosing is for those dying of hunger.
I am not really sure what any of this means. I live in the US and today alone I decided what to eat, what to wear, who to speak to, and what to write - without anyone else talling me otherwise. I would say that I have made a ton of choices today. If I did not like capitalism, I would go somewhere where that was not the economic system of choice, by the government ot otherwise.

Oh yeah, capitalism. I forgot we are allowed to vote sometimes; what a great thing... it really changes things a lot, hasnīt the world truly improved in the last ten years? And how many parties, how many programs, so intersting to see all those different policies...
Yes, we were allowed to vote. Just think of the things that would be happening had we not been allowed to vote, I am sure you would have much more to complain about than "parties", "programs" and "policies" which seem to bother you so.

You better watch what the hell you say? Allow me a big grin. And now, have fun in the kindergarten. You donīt think that was full of hate as well?
Your writing style is simply divine. When I said that, I was referring to the post that the moderator and owner of this site posted himself, that no one here can attack others. "you better watch what you say" was not a threat, but simply a way of saying, big brother is watching and we all better watch what we say if not to get barred. No hate involved thank you. BTW I look back at kindergarten as a fine year in my life.

are you Russian, or what? First this is a stupid example
No I am not - I used Russia as an example because for many years they have not had the choices we have had. Of course they are having a hard time, and of course there are starving children there, that proves my point. The fact that there are evil people robbing them of millions of dollars, you cannot blame capitalism on that, you should blame criminality.

Yeah, you should go and live in China for a while, ouizy. So you see how a country feeds - more or less - one billion of people, not 250 millions, and itīs all rice. Or better: why donīt you become a Nike manager and live in a trade free zone in China? Then you can take a look at all those people suffering and bleeding for our well prepared neoliberalistic capitalist knowhow.
Again, not really sure what any of this means. I do know that there are limits on freedoms such as speech, and religion and that indeed was what I was referring to, not so much the capitalism aspect, but the fact that you cannot say what you want or do what you want like you can here in the US. If you can clarify this, I think I would understand a little more what your point was.

So, before you choose to spew out ignorant posts like yours on a website dedicated to a band who fights for peoples rights, think about if its the appropriate place to do so.
So, before you choose to spew out ignorant posts like yours on a website dedicated to a band who fights for peoples rights, think about if its the appropriate place to do so.


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