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It's so simple, they are too uncool to understand the real greatness of U2.

Go lightly down your darkened way.

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Anyone can be a U2 Fan. I consider myself a liberal conservative, or a conservative liberal. I am a practicing Roman Catholic and proud of it. I am anti-abortion, anti-gun, anti-death penalty,support Jubilee 2000 and cancel the debt,support soup kitchens and homeless shelters, and , most importantly, I am PRO-HUMAN. We are all in this together guys, and we had better respect each other and ourselves. There is no way on earth that everyone is going to agree on everything. U2 is about not being "pigeon-holed" into a little compartment, with people saying "well, if you a Republican, you must be for the NRA", or "If you are for human rights you are a liberal". Part of the message behind U2 is the idea that we are supposed to think about various issues, think about where we stand on an issue, and then act on our convictions. Bono said in a Musician Magazine interview back in the mid 80's that U2 is not up on stage telling people what to think, they are just trying to get them to think and then act. Their message is that people matter, and that groups of people standing up for human rights can make a difference. I have met people from all over the political spectrum at various U2 shows, and we all got along because deep down, what mattered was how other people are treated. That is what a U2 fan is.

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Some of you who are so plagued by the thought of a consevative also being a U2 fan may wish to tune in to Fox News Channel tomorrow morning at 9 A.M. Eastern time. Bono will be interviewed by Republican former Congressman/Presidential hopeful John Kasich, who was one of the first political champions of the Drop the Debt Campaing in the U.S.

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Originally posted by U2FReAk:
It's not a lame question to ask, it's one of the best questions asked on this forum EVER.
I've been trying to find out the same thing several times in other peoples threads but no one would care to answer...
IMO U2 is not just the melody, it's melody, lyrics and attitude. The whole thing. and if I were a conservative, I would find it impossible to listen to just the melody 'cause all the other things are so present. I would go nuts.
And about U2 being christians, well, you can say that my dilemma with U2 lies here. I'm not religous. but, I can stand the preeching in, let's say Gloria, 'cause religion has not half the importance of politics to me. This is not to say I don't find religion interesting, 'cause I do, I just don't find preaching and lyrics about how good God is interesting.. but it's something I can overlook.There are other very interesting pieces of writing.
See, now this statement baffles me. It seems contradictory that you seem to be saying a conservative/republican can't overlook the political tones in the lyrics, yet you can overlook the religious ones???

Please correct me if that is not what you meant but that's how I interpreted it. And in that case, it's rather a double-standard, wouldn't you say?
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No, he was saying he can overlook the religious parts because religion isn't half as important to him as politics.

Assuming politics is important to conservatives, he wonders how they can overlook the obvious differences between U2's stances and theirs.

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