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love, blood, life
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'Hopeless, Incompetent, Laughable, Finally The Truth About "Terror"'


"The reality is that accident causing deer, peanut allergies and swimming pools are all more likely to seal your fate than a terrorist attack.

As Ohio State University's John Mueller concludes in a report entitled A False Sense Of Insecurity, "For all the attention it evokes, terrorism actually causes rather little damage and the likelihood that any individual will become a victim in most places is microscopic."

But the sensationalist media, the power hungry government and the bottom line fretting "experts" who head up profitable anti-terror companies all need to feed the beast and they'll exploit every morsel on offer."

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love, blood, life
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So I take it you aren't hiding under the bed yet, then? Why not, financeguy? People you don't know (although I know them, yes I do) are trying to kill you! Like the song says!

'Terror' is nothing new. As I noted with interest recently, it was the issue de jure in London at the height of Britain's power and glory - the 1900s. Yep. Some things never change.

Myself, I have my theories. We'll see. Basically I think the politicians in our major democracies know that the gig is up, probably (diminishing returns, diminishing possibilities, looming energy and environmental crises, perhaps). That being so, I think the culture that is slowly but surely evolving, and has been over the last decade or more, suits them. The culture, the acceptance and the laws, implemented bit by bit, to allow a complete lockdown when the good times end once and for all, and we enter a new feudal age of landed investors and, well... everyone else.

Hey, excuse me guys, I am a little well lubricated tonight.

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It's true, that the odds are slim, for one to die in a terrorist attack.

But you must consider the HUGE economic price our country pays for attacks like 9/11.

And you would be completely naive to underestimate the will of terrorist groups to completely level a city, say New York, with some kind of WMD.

So, did his study show what the odds were of Al Queda obtaining a nuke over the next 20 years? I'd like to see those odds.
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