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I have been away for a week. NB Excellent Posts.

As to Boston being a racially divided city, I would say that the examples posted from 30 years ago and the history of the city itself in regaurds to the Irish/Italien problems alluded to in someone's post is name a city that did not have these problems in its past. Immigration contributed to many of the problems. The examples listed does not make Boston a bastion of hatred today. As to the Boston Latin issue I would say it is wrong to imply that because people believe affirmative action is wrong, it makes them racist.

Back to the thread.....the fourth person involved in the case has been captured:

[Q]Mr. Hansen was already on probation after being caught by police in two drug raids, said Mr. Hebert, who was convicted of heroin possession in the first and served jailtime. Mr. Hansen was later caught in a second raid at his father's house, Mr. Hebert said. [/Q]

Now, since no one commented on the criminal past of the other three defendants which I posted earlier I will make my point. The four individuals have criminal pasts. Almost all of them with prior arrests and jail time. These were not your average citizen. They were drug abusers and theives.

I am still sitting here shaking my head at this thread. Deep thanks for your response by the way, I still do not see your point with the title of the thread.

This had nothing to do at all with HOMELAND SECURITY. I am laughing at the thought that these four boys were sitting around watching Ashcroft press conferences while smoking their weed and doing their heroin. You really believe this? REALLY?

This fourth suspect, by the way, may very well have attempted to stop the HATE CRIME from occuring. Allegedly when things went from robbery to something else, he made phone calls to get some help there. Of course this could be defence BULLSHIT, however, it is corroborated with some police reports according to the newspaper.


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I hope you had fun on your week off.

Yes, these were and are criminals. Without 9-11 and Homeland Security this attack would have still happened.

They would not have said, “Go back to Iraq”

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Originally posted by deep

Do any of you doubt that their attorneys will argue that their actions were influence by resentment of 9-11 attack.

Defense attorneys will use any possible "excuse" available to draw a "not guilty" verdict for their clients. It's part of their job.

My thoughts on why "homeland security" was associated in the title of this thread was simple: for effect. People always do this in this forum. Not just on homeland security. Any topic. Take a bizarre quote from the article you're posting and make it the title of the thread. Or make an observation about primates eating each other as I did in my thread re: research on the sources of HIV awhile back. Soundbytes, assumptions, stereotypes, they all have (shock) value, but perhaps what matters is the ehtical use of those factors, and when I say that, I guess I am treading on "legislating morality" so I'll bow out on this one before somebody says something that "offends" me or makes me boo-hoo.


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