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Old 02-14-2002, 03:26 PM   #21
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That picture is disgusting.

I used to be a manager at a mcdonals about 5 yrs ago. I could tell you all stories that would probably make you never want to eat period.

The worst i was ever apart of is:

A Mcdonalds in my area fired their maintenence man. Why? Because the lard that we use for fries, chicken and fish started to have multiple holes in it. After an investigation they determined that he was inserting his penis into the lard. He admited to it and was charged.

Another one that happened at my mcdonalds was that i was in drive thru and someone came through and ordered a meal supersized. I grabed the large cup and very quickly put it under the sprite nozzle. I put the lid and and gave it to the customers. About 5 minutes later i seen him come back in and he didnt look happy. He asked if he could speak to a manager(iwasnt at the time) i went and got a manager and the man said thank god i never gave them any straws because his wife opened the lid to find a colony of fruit flies. It was black. You couldnt even see the bottom of the cup even though it was sprite.

And about the coffee. I really dont care and dont feel like argueing the case. Dont have that kind of time to waste.

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Originally posted by Klodomir:
Originally posted by nellie:
I tried posting a picture of this but it didnt work. Maybe it's best that it didnt because it probably would have offended most people here.
This one?

yep thats the one lol

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Old 02-14-2002, 05:49 PM   #23
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It couldn't be hotter than 100 celcius, could it? Same as when I make tea. It's hot, but you know it's hot. I think the accidents happened because people were drinking coffee while driving.
it was 108 degrees actually.

I like most people thought the coffee case was ridiculous untill I found out the facts.

The lady was burned to the bone, she was elderly and couldn't open the lid correctly.

After recovering she asked McDonalds to pay her hospital bills, around ten thousand. They refused, she sued for ten thousand.

Lawyers foudn that McDonalds had a huge rate of burn complaints and did nothing about them.

the jury heard this and decided to use the case to punish McDonalds in some way to hold them accountable. They fined Mcdonalds ten million.

I foget the specifics of how it was done, but out of the ruling they took 40% away fromt eh elderly woman, considering it 40% her fault and 60% Mcdonalds fault she was burned.

Ten Million by the way is revenue in two days for McDonalds for Coffee Sales alone.
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Old 02-14-2002, 09:45 PM   #24
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thank you hermes
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Old 02-15-2002, 12:03 AM   #25
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Just wanted to say I find this thread to be an interesting read. And I agree with UFF about people taking some responsibility for their own health.

I wanted to add one more chicken head to the fryer, if you will. I know that another type of lawsuit was filed against McDonald's because they were using beef products to flavor their french fries. When vegetarians, especially those whose diet is based on religion, found out, I'm pretty sure they sued McDonald's to get them to be more truthful about what goes into their foods. I must say, this I can agree with. People have the right to know exactly what they're eating so that they can make informed decisions.

Then again, I don't know why I'm really replying to this thread. Since becoming a vegetarian, I don't eat at McDonald's much, for obvious reasons. I, for one, do try to take responsibility for my own health. But again, right on to UFF. Some people just don't get it.

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Old 02-15-2002, 02:18 AM   #26
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I agree with the outcome of that case too, HeartlandGirl.

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