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Fair Tax

hey there FYM...
I am writing a persuasive speech for ap lang. and it's my final grade for the semester. who thinks I should put some effort into this?

my topic, tentatively, is the argument *against* the Fair Tax. (and I shouldn't even say tentatively because it's due in a week and I don't have time for screwing around .)

I believe I'm against it, as I'm a brainwashed commie liberal anyway, but I'm no economic expert by any stretch. I've done some research. starting an hour ago. but I thought that maybe some ever intelligent FYM people would have some great input (and in a conversational tone that I could plagiarize for my speech! aha! just kidding, I would not.)

so, for, against, whatever. in particular, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on some of the most commonly discussed aspects which I will list; I'd like to get a good look at the typical arguments and counter-arguments and arguments to counter those and so on.

-whether the inclusive figure is deceptive or not (sales tax is measured exclusively but income tax is measured inclusively)
-effectiveness of prebates
-tax evasion
-effect on social security
-impact on illegal residents & whether this is good/bad

that's a shitty list, I know. anything else, relevant really, and any key points that would influence the "big picture" would be great.

and I don't mean to sound like I'm asking for the hw hotline, I have always been genuinely interested in the topic and would love to end my ignorance.

let me know if I need to throw in an obscure twist to make this worthy of its own thread...

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I'll tackle some ideas for this subject over the next few days.

I think the first thing you have to do is define specifically what the "Fair Tax" plan is. I've seen some wildly vague and divergent proposals from "supporters." The biggest problem with most of them is that they're fiscally unrealistic; the numbers just do not add up, without huge budget deficits.

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thanks melon.
I meant HR 25, I think that's mainly what I'm going to address.
thanks again- way to do your part in promoting high school graduation.
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First, ask yourself what a tax system is supposed to achieve/accomplish. Look at the concept of tax neutrality and whether the notion of fair tax is contrary to that principle (I would argue that it is).
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