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Eavesdropping on Nazis

A vigilant blogger has waded through the postings of a British National Party candidate on the Stormfront forum, it's quite an interesting collections of paranoid rantings and ravings with that genocidal intent that we just couldnt' get enough of in the 20th Century (obviously sarcasm).
I was the first teacher to stand for the British National Party. For this I was sacked - because of lack of finance I can’t fight for my rights - so much for the present system of British justice ! Never to be one to steer clear of trouble: Let me be the first elected person in Britain to go on record as saying that the September 11th 2001 attacks on the USA were an inside job to justify the expansion of the American Empire. If I die in a car crash or other suspicicious circumstances you will know why
Right, well at least the Zionist conspiracy is still against the Nazis, and in an exchange a very revealing piece of info on the goals of the party and movement

This was how we conducted Nationalism in the 80’s in Liverpool. Never was a movement using tactics like this (and you had to ) going to get anywhere. From street punch ups to provocative marches, was a recipe for disaster.

This is why the BNP must at all cost, steer clear from anything that can resemble violence or Holocaust denial. Its not that the press wont call us Nazis (they will ) its the fact the public need a way out to justify voting for us. By carrying on with old tactics the public will be scared to support us.


I’d certainly agree with the notion that "holocaust denial" as you put it, should be avoided amongst Joseph and Josephine Public.. but then again anything that challenges the average attention span should be as well…One idea forming in my mind lately is think and study deeply but communicate superficially, touching on what sales people call the "hot spots"…

The internet, whilst public, imo is a different sphere of interaction. We can expect to engage the more articulate, intelligent and educated on Stormfront. Perhaps there may have been a time when old style Nationalists may have been ashamed of that; I don’t know. Immediate political success is of course important and I don’t believe that it will be affected by the occasional revisionism discussion on SF within the appropriate forum…We have to engage the next generation of Nationalist leaders through a medium such as this…

If the concern is that the forces of decadence will say "such and such " a person said "this and that" on Stormfront, I would say to that person WHAT FORUM DID YOU SAY ? A BIG worry for the enemy would be that Stormfront became even more popular than it is. I understand that SF is something like the forth or fifth largest forum in the world. As you say we are "Nazis" whatever….

Hope to meet you sometime in the flesh Joe …



sorry if i gave the wrong impression regarding image.I don’t mean curb our tongue on Stormfront,but carefull promoting Nationalism to the public.After all,Stormfront is not public in the true meaning.

What i mean is,the people who say we (the bnp ) are watering our views down and selling out,don’t understand the need for this slight manoeuvre from our goals and public mindset.When they do,they will understand.

You will never convince the public six million did’nt perish untill we are in power.

Our people need to be steered back with a sensible and carefull approach,one devoid of hate.If the public hated like we do,Black and Asian ghettos would not exist.

This is now why we must tread carefull and play our enemies at their own game.If people all over the country aggree with us ( and majority do ) then why are we not in power? Its becouse they are scared and not sure were not the monsters the media say we are.Having marches and fighting and calling for eveyone to be sent back,is not going to convince them we are right.

In fact,you will see a black Britain before that.
Long term goals for a nationalist party; make people forget, it makes it easier to finish off the job that their ugly forbears started.

Read a whole lot more here

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I tried to get a bunch of friends rallied around posting rants on Stormfront to irritate the bastards, but my juvenile attempt at making a difference was in vain.
Some of the shit they say on Stormfront is unbelievable. I've learned so much from them (sarcasm): Homosexuals (or Brokebackers) are barely human; blacks (or, well um....) are a different species than me (I'm pale); and, Jews are the root of all evil in the world.

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Good grief, there are still people who believe this crud? Sheesh.
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