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I'm a chauvinist leprechaun
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Originally posted by Lilly:

I'd do better, but I need to waste my potential more....*

*this was a statement of extreme sarcasm.

80's, If it even matters to you, Here's credence, or validity to your claim.


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I'm a chauvinist leprechaun
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Here's the latest article in this Media Frenzied Topic.. Written By Clarence Page.. A Black man who is printed in the Chicago Tribune among others..:

Slinging a racial slur? Oh, where is thy sting

Published March 17, 2002

WASHINGTON -- Sometimes offense is the best defense.

That appears to be what some innovative Native American Indian students at the University of Northern Colorado had in mind. When local activists failed to persuade Eaton High School in Greeley, Colo., to change the name and Indian mascot of its team, the Fightin' Reds, the Indian university students decided to make their point a different way.

They changed the name of their intramural basketball team from the Native Pride to The Fightin' Whities.

Solomon Little Owl, a team member who also directs the university's Native American Student Services, explained to reporters that his teammates, who include Hispanics and Caucasians, wanted to "do something that will let people see the other side of what it's like to be a mascot."

The result? A media frenzy, of course. Network television, major newspapers and radio talk shows have made the Fightin' Whities the best covered intramural squad in the nation. The Greeley Tribune says its Web site,, crashed Tuesday when demand for the story soared to 29,000 hits for the high-interest local story from the usual 200 hits a day.

Yet Caucasians have proved to be remarkably resistant to offense. Quite the opposite, quite a few agree with the e-mailer who saw the new team name as an "honor" to white Americans, who apparently don't get enough credit for their many contributions to history.

"Help me out here," asked one e-mail to the Greeley Tribune, "why am I supposed to be offended?"

Within days the newspaper, the college and Little Owl's office had received so many requests for team T-shirts that the Fightin' Whities now sell their own line of sportswear at their own Web site with all proceeds going to the Fighting Whites Scholarship Fund Inc.

The items do look pretty snazzy. Each features the team logo, a wholesome-looking '50s-style head-shot illustration of a smiling white guy in a jacket and necktie over the team's memorable slogan, "Every thang's gonna be all white!"

Whether their experiment turns out the way they expect it to or not, the Fightin' Whities deserve to go to the head of the class for giving us all at least one important lesson in cross-cultural differences: It's not what you slur that counts, it is who is slurring it--and how.

After all, American teams have had Euro-ethnic mascots before, like the Fighting Irish, the Ragin' Cajuns or the Norsemen. And how about those Boston Celtics?

No, as an African-American who has heard more than my share of slurs, I can tell you that to be truly offensive, it helps for a slur to carry at least a hint of a threat.

If some Caucasians in Greeley, Colo., find little reason to feel offended, maybe it is because they have little reason to feel threatened by the Fightin' Whities name. Caucasians in, say, Zimbabwe, where President Robert Mugabe has not made white farmers feel very welcome in recent years, might feel a bit more anxious about jokes at their expense.

Similarly, "Reds" may not sound very offensive to most, but to some Indian ears it might sound about as menacing as "Redskins," the name of the NFL football team in the nation's capital. Most Redskins fans undoubtedly mean no harm by their passivity about their team's name. If it reminds some Indians of the days when there were bounties on Indian scalps, that's just tough tomahawks, pal.

Besides, a recent Sports Illustrated poll found that, even on reservations, most Indians did not think school or professional sports teams should change their Indian names, despite the near-unanimity of activists and other busybodies--like me--who think a name like "Redskins" goes way over the top.

But it is not always easy to get non-Indians to walk a few miles in the shoes of Native Americans on this issue. Some tend to become defensive, as if they suddenly are being blamed for all of history's atrocities against the original Americans.

So I give the Fightin' Whities credit for keeping their wit about them. Humor often opens doors that battering rams fail to budge.

If nothing else, the Fightin' Whities stumbled across an unusual way to raise scholarship money. It's like the old saying goes: If you can't beat 'em, make a few bucks off of 'em.




Now, Allow me to repeat a Quote from this Article, Something that the majority of the nay-sayers have failed to miss.. What I tried to point out...

"So I give the Fightin' Whities credit for keeping their wit about them. Humor often opens doors that battering rams fail to budge."


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I'm a chauvinist leprechaun
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The guy who came up with the Fightin' Whitie slogan out there in Greeley, Colorado, Simon Little Owl, really thought he was going to make people mad. He thought he was going to teach everyone a lesson about what it's like to be humiliated and offended each and every damn day. Yet the whole thing has done a total 180 on him.
The Fightin' Whitie slogan has taken off like wildfire. People from all over the place are demanding t-shirts and Simon Little Owl doesn't understand why. He doesn't understand why so many people are proud to be a member, and want to be members, of the Fightin' Whities.

My friends, what was his miscalculation? What did Simon Little Owl not factor correctly? You're close if you think it's people being sick of everything PC, but it's even more specific than that, and let me be fair with the question. You have to consider something that doesn't directly get mentioned in this story very much, and that is Redskins, Braves, or whatever other Indian names, nicknames, and mascots that are used. These names factor in the answer.
Simon Little Owl is out there thinking that all he had to do was come up with this name, the Fightin' Whities, and everyone would react the way he does to the Indian nicknames. The miscalculation is that the people who name their football teams the Redskins, or their baseball teams the Braves, don't do it with malice. They do it out of a sense of honor and pride. Do you think the Washington Redskins team and fans are actually trying to humiliate people by calling them the Redskins? They do it because they think it fits the tenor and tone of the team. And it's the same thing with the Braves.
This is what all of these people miscalculate. Those are names that connote a positive image. People like Simon Little Owl think that all they've got to do is come up with a name that would offend others as they are offended and they miss the whole point, because everybody looks at these nicknames positively. The only people who aren't looking at them positively are these people who have their noses out of joint and there's only a few of them.

So, supposedly, this guy has gone back to the drawing board because he wants to come up with something else that will get his point across. What he doesn't understand is that the point has come across, and it's not the point that he wanted to make.

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Originally posted by z edge:
Frankly, I am scared of of Steve Spurrier
You shouldn't be; he is beatable.

For the record, dream wanderer is the only one with whom I agree 100% on this topic.


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After all's said and done, it ironically appears that everyone here basically has the same view. That it is wrong to use such team names when there are folks getting offended. It doesn't matter who starts it, who finishes it, whether it is retaliatory, intentional, sarcastic, whatever. Its never right to make people feel like that and its not ridiculous to want it changed. If the Celtic folks decide they want Boston to change their name, so be it. It is always a good time to start breaking stereotypes.
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I think this is absolutely hiliarious. I love the idea of "Fighting Whiteys"!

And I think it is GREAT that a group of people are showing that they can take pride in a team name rather than getting all pissy about it.

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