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Originally posted by elevated_u2_fan

Thank you, that is seriously one of the best responses I have ever got to that question…

…and heaven forbid we actually go against what was decided upon by some "ooga booga caveman"...
dog isn't horrible, but really isn't that great either, wouldn't order it if it was up against our traditional Pork/Beef/Chicken/Lamb or even most Fish. Strictly a novelty thing I had to do to be polite to my hosts on a business trip

The caveman in other cultures decided Fido WAS good enough to eat and still do

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Originally posted by toscano

dog isn't horrible, but really isn't that great either, wouldn't order it if it was up against our traditional Pork/Beef/Chicken/Lamb or even most Fish. Strictly a novelty thing I had to do to be polite to my hosts on a business trip

The caveman in other cultures decided Fido WAS good enough to eat and still do
Technically ANY meat can be "tasty" if prepared correctly including human...

I always find it amazing that societal norms dictate as to what is acceptable and what isn't and no one ever questions this...

Dennis Leary said it best when he said we only spare the cute animals… And his summation of one of the causes was the best:

“Don’t eat tuna fish!”
“Because Dolphins are getting caught in the nets.”
“What about the tuna fish?”
“Fuck them, they taste good!”

I’ve taken this thread on a bizarre tangent though and I apologize for that, I am certainly not in any way trying to lessen the issue of dog fighting or anything…

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PETA has killed far more dogs than Michael Vick.

It made me sick to see them protesting for the dogs knowing this.
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I hate PETA
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My dog was attacked by a rottweiler recently, thankfully all that happened physically was an eye issue that went away and some ear cuts and nicks. It was terrifying and traumatizing, and made me even more angry and incredulous and disgusted that anyone can make dogs fight for "sport". Vick got 23 months today.

RICHMOND, Virginia (CNN) -- Michael Vick, once one of the highest paid players in the National Football League, was sentenced to 23 months in prison for financing a dogfighting ring and helping to kill pit bulls that did not fight aggressively.

Vick's stunning downfall from NFL superstar to disgraced dogfighting defendant culminated Monday in a 90-minutesentencing hearing in federal court in Richmond, Virginia.

Vick was dressed in a black-and-white striped prison suit and apologized to the court and his family, The Associated Press reported.

"You need to apologize to the millions of young people who looked up to you," responded U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson, according to the AP.

Vick acknowledged he used "poor judgment" and added, "I'm willing to deal with the consequences and accept responsibility for my actions," the AP reported.

Vick, 27, faced a maximum of five years in prison. Federal sentencing guidelines recommended a sentence of 12 to 18 months.

Animal rights protesters lined up outside the courthouse. Some carried signs with photographs of dogs, while others read "Dogs deserve justice," and "Report dog fighters."

Vick and three co-defendants still face trial on state dogfighting charges in Virginia. They are accused of torturing and killing dogs and promoting dogfights -- all felonies that carry five-year maximum sentences.

In his August plea agreement, Vick admitted bankrolling the "Bad Newz Kennels" dogfighting operation on his 15-acre property in rural Surry County in southeastern Virginia.

Vick also admitted providing money for bets on the fights but said he never shared in any winnings.

According to court documents, dogs that failed to show enough fighting spirit or lost matches were executed. Some dogs died by electrocution and others by hanging or drowning.

Co-defendants told prosecutors that Vick assisted in executing the dogs, and that they "executed approximately eight dogs."

After initially denying any involvement, Vick acknowledged participating in killing to dogs in his plea agreement with prosecutors.

The suspended Atlanta Falcons star quarterback publicly apologized for his role in the dogfighting operation and unexpectedly turned himself in on November 19 to begin serving his prison term early. He has been held in a state jail in Warsaw, Virginia.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson sentenced Purnell Peace, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, to 18 months in prison. Quanis Phillips, of Atlanta, Georgia, was sentenced to 21 months.

A third co-defendant, Tony Taylor of Hampton, Virginia will be sentenced Friday. He was the first to plead guilty.

Peace, Phillips and Taylor entered plea agreements last summer under which they agreed to testify against Vick, prompting the suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback to enter his own plea agreement a few days later.

Vick agreed to pay more than $928,000 for the care of some 54 pit bulls seized from his property.

Prosecutors also have disclosed the extent of Vick's financial ruin. According to court documents, the Atlanta Falcons are attempting to recoup bonus money from his 10-year, $130 million football contract, Vick is in default on a $1.3 million bank loan for a wine store, and two other banks have filed suits seeking repayment of a $4.5 million in loans and lines of credit.

Vick's home in the Atlanta area is on the market for $4.5 million, prosecutors said in court papers. The Virginia home where the dogfighting operation was based, assessed at nearly $750,000, is on the auction block, according to reports published over the weekend.

Vick's attorneys last month requested a jury trial on the state charges. It is set to begin in April.

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