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I believe in A God, just not sure how it all works... 17 19.10%
I believe in a specific God 51 57.30%
I believe in many Gods 1 1.12%
I believe God is inside us 2 2.25%
I don't believe in any God 13 14.61%
Other 5 5.62%
Voters: 89. You may not vote on this poll

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Achtung Bubba, I agree with you partially on that. (that makes like what, 1.5 times we have actually agreed on anything? )

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DISCLAIMER: The author of the preceding is known
for engaing in very long discussions.
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This is starting to scare me.
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Originally posted by U2girl

No, i meant law is the additional protection against immoral deals (with the morals), and a powerful tool to help prevent (or repair at the least) various injustices. It also stops people from "taking justice in their own hands" (ok, most of them).

Of course, there will always be people going against morality - but that doesn't mean that others (and humans in general) shouldn't strive for goodness, moral life.
But why? Why should we strive for goodness if there is no higher reason?

With no higher reason to be good then I would look out only for myself. This includes coveting all my money, not waste my time helping others, and do everything and anything I can to get ahead in the world. This is an individualistic society we live in- if there is no God then the only person we have to look out for is ourself, and good luck to anyone who gets in our way.

If being moral kept me happy then I would be being moral for purely selfish reasons. If being immoral kept me happy I would also be acting for selfish reasons. Without God, you act only in your own selfish interests.


As for telling people out of Western Civilization to apply to our morality - do we have a right to tell others how to live their lives? Do we have a right to claim that our Civilization and our morals are right because we use them? Other people could use the same argument against us.
I am not claiming our civilization is right just because I choose them or this is where I live. I claim the laws of God are right and are what needs to be followed. Why I believe that could constitute another thread (there are a few out there right now discussing this.)


I don't know ... i guess i'd take a lot of education to prevent for example the way women are treated in certain areas of the world. How do you break the tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years?
You break it by empowering these women. You break it from the inside, not the outside, which is why organizations like RAWA work with the women who are living this tragedy. You break it with prayer. It is not an easy road for sure, but just because things look difficult does not mean they should not be attempted to conquer. We have Bono and his work in debt relief and the aids crisis to look at as a role model.

Because i choose to be.
And if there is no God then there is nothing wrong with chosing Not to be moral. Why do I have to follow the state imposed laws? If I thought there was nothing wrong with stealing, and I was able to do it without getting caught, then there is nothing wrong with that. So without a God people can choose to be immoral and there would be no reason not to be.

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