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I'm sure a lot of you are boggled by the attempts by many of the left in government to try and tie Bush some way or another to the Enron Business Scandal.. read.. business. not political.. Whether it be the accusations that Bush was somehow 'In Bed With Enron' in some illegal way, and now just recently, 'Why Didn't Bush Do Anything to Warn Us of The Impending Enron Collapse'.. I've found an interesting article related to this topic... And I found a quote which does a great deal of Harm to the left Accusations that it is only the Republican Way to be in bed with Big business, while the democrats are out there for the regular guy..And girl.. sorry if I offend you Knanda).

Read On... It's not long.. So give it a read...


"When Big Business -Enron - Called the Bush Administration, NOTHING HAPPENED. But when Enron called the Clinton Administration, they were shown the door to the Lincoln Bedroom."

On Tuesday, I gave the Democrats a suggestion on how they should implement their plan to warn the American people whenever a company fails. They have said that Bush should've done this if he had an idea Enron was failing, even though for the president to do so would have set off a national panic, and killed the company even faster. Then the story would be that Bush had destroyed Enron, and thrown all those little people out of business. The president could also have faced charges for giving out inside trader information!
So when I heard this, I asked why the Democrats had to wait for the president to warn us. Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee took more Enron cash than anyone in the House, and the number two cash taker was also a Democrat. On the Senate side, Democrat Chuckie Schumer took more from Enron than all but three other Senators. Why didn't they warn us about Enron? Furthermore, why don't they warn us every time a company goes bust or has trouble and someone might get hurt?

"For example," I said. "You Democrats could warn us of the imminent decline of Kmart. I mean, they're in really bad shape. They're heading south as we speak."
Lo and behold, the big story is that shares of Kmart fell more than 30% early Wednesday as worries about the company's financial future mounted. So I'm wondering here, "Oh, jeez., Did I do that?" But it was already happening, wasn't it? Then there is a companion story saying that Martha Stewart could terminate her deal with Kmart as the discount retailer's board considers filing for bankruptcy.
You see, there were others that were ahead of the game even before the Democrats were on this, but this is what happens. Somebody needs to tell us when this is going to happen, so these companies can suffer even more. That's the point. "

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