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David Brock is causing me to reevaluate..

my polictical thinking a bit.
He just wrote a book a while back entitled-"Blinded by the Right".
Basically saying he was drunk on the Republican/Conservitve movement, in the early-mid 90s and that he has left them now after some soul searching,infering that he was caught up in the hype ect
I found him interesting on a talk show on CSPAN
In the past, I was one always beating the drum for the Republicans, like a little monkey being Grand Marshall at a damn Amway Rally..
Let it be understood Iam not leaving the GOP Party, however listening to all sides like Bono would do.
We call this open-mindedness.
GW is a little bit open minded too.

Anyone read this book?
I will be visiting the library soon.


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this is a shocker....

hold the phone

there may be hope for diamond.

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Probably a good idea to read this book, Brock is being savaged by the right. They are doing a big character assignation on him now, it is picking up a some steam. Iím not sure what his arguments are.

I vote primarily for the Republican candidate but not always. My opinions have changed over time, based on my where I live, whom I associate with and what I am exposed to.

This forum has been very helpful to me in understanding different peopleís opinions and respecting their conclusions based upon their life experiences. I have not spent much time in the South (US) and had opinions based on stereotypes. It is good to hear what European members have to say. I learning things are not always what I assumed.

....Back to Republican Right. One of my problems is their scorched earth policy. Example: Bill Jones and Bob Smith.

California Sec of State Bill Jones ran in CA Governors primary. The Bush people (party machine) recruited L A Mayor Riordon (mod Rep., almost a Democrat ) because they hate Jones. Jones supported Bush and campaigned for him in general election. Jones is the only statewide elected Republican and with party support was the best chance to beat Gov. Davis. Why did the party machine do this? Because he exercised his RIGHT to support McCain in the primary.

Senator Bob Smith N. H., the party machine is trying to dump this incumbent. They are supporting a challenge by Snunu Jr. in Sept primary.
Why? Because he briefly left the GOP to become an independent to run in 2000 primary because he said GOP had loss its way. He is very conservative, ok, religious right. It probably helped W., by suggesting that he was a Moderate. Well he always voted with the GOP and came back to the fold.

What this tells me? Is that they are not compassionate conservatives, they are not uniters. They are petty and arrogant. These two prodigal sons have proven constituents. And their reward for returning to the reservation? Targeted political assignation.


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Re: David Brock is causing me to reevaluate..

Originally posted by diamond
Let it be understood Iam not leaving the GOP Party, however listening to all sides like Bono would do.
We call this open-mindedness.
GW is a little bit open minded too.

Anyone read this book?
I will be visiting the library soon.

There is a difference between listening to all sides, and holding true to your ideals.. where-ever they may lie, and whatever they may be...

And.. Listening to both sides.. and Just for the sake of open-mindedness, acquiescing (sp?) to the other side's beliefs.

I think a lot of listen to both sides.. at least attempt to be open minded.. But sadly... you only get credit if you 'act' on this invisible listening or reading of both sides of the issue and do what sometimes amounts to BS'ing yourself out of the true ideals you hold. Again, this goes back to the infection plauging our society... Sensitivity and Compassion for the sake of not stepping on anyone's toes.

I'm not so sure W is as open minded as we're seeing.. Frankly.. I don't know why he is doing some of the 'compromises' to the left on issues that he has bluntly championed against (notably CFR).. Politically savvy?.. Maybe.. Open Minded???.. I won't quite make that judgement yet.

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