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Originally posted by anitram

I'm not sure if we've ever met in any of the GA lineups or U2 things in the GTA.

But you're right, we must be pretty close by.
Well do you know about the U2_GTA group and the various tribute band happenings?

There is pretty much something every weekend!!

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Parrish 'can't guarantee' she won't do it again
'Damn Americans' remark cheered MP

Toronto Star -

Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish pulled no punches on Mike Bullard's Open Mike talk show, saying while she apologized for her rude remarks about Americans, her comments reflected her feelings about U.S. policy on Iraq. Parrish poked fun at herself as she was interviewed last night by Bullard, saying she was in trouble with her mother for saying "bastards" on television.

But when it came down to recounting what happened last Wednesday when she remarked "Damn Americans, I hate those bastards," in the corridor of the Liberal caucus room, the Mississauga-Centre MP preferred to tell her side of the story with a straight face.

"Honest to God, I thought I was thinking it ... it just came out of my mouth.

``Obviously, it's something I believe in," she said, recalling just how she uttered the phrase after stepping out of a media scrum.

"I opened my mouth, I inserted my foot, I wiggled my toes," she said.

"I can't even guarantee I won't do it again," she added.

Reflecting on what has happened since her comments were made public, Parrish said she truly is not upset with Americans.

But she alluded to the Bush administration's policy on Iraq.

"I think, you know, the shenanigans that are going on with the United States I am not impressed with," Parrish said, noting she had only "apologized for the rudeness" of labelling all Americans with a "bad name."

The comment, the focus of talk radio shows across the country, drew criticism from opposition MPs as well as some of her own Liberal colleagues.

But Parrish noted Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has not reprimanded her. When the tape of Parrish's remarks was played, the audience showed approval with loud applause.

"You seem to have the support of these draft dodgers," joked Bullard, who said that he didn't appreciate the implication that Canadians are somehow cowards because they don't support military action in Iraq.

"History has shown that Canada during the 20th century has stood alone many times while other people were late to the game," Bullard said.

Parrish has already apologized to the House of Commons and U.S. Ambassador Paul Cellucci, saying she wasn't thinking when she made the off-the-cuff remark and that she really doesn't hate Americans.

Cellucci has said it hasn't hurt Canada-U.S. relations.

Parrish's remarks have resulted in more than 4,000 angry e-mails from Americans.

Chrétien has shrugged off the controversy, blaming it on the atmosphere around caucus meetings.

"You know with these (boom) mikes, sometimes people get out of caucus, they are frustrated and they talk," the Prime Minster said while in Mexico on a state visit last week

The uproar over Parrish's comments hasn't had quite the same impact as when the Prime Minister's former communications director, Francoise Ducros, sparked a controversy by referring to U.S. President George W. Bush as a "moron."

But in Washington, a U.S. state department official said the Bush administration saw the two incidents as part of a "disturbing pattern."

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I'll disturb the Administration's face.

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