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Coffee with Hitler in 1946

*fiction and not nazi-sympathetic in any way.


It is July 15, 1946 when I enter the estate of Adolf Hitler. Only 1 year and two months had passed since the cease-fire was cordially arranged by none other than the future Fuhrer himself - Hienrich Himmler, and the Allies, I wasn't the only one surprised to have been allowed access to interview the current leader of a divided Germany.

As is now well documented, at the moment the Nazi stronghold only consists of a battered city of Berlin, while the Soviets and Allies divided the remains of Germany between themselves. Though Hitler was incenced with with being betrayed by all of his top aides, the commander in chief appeared to be more subdued than one might expect when I entered his lair for a lunch engagement.

His residence is somewhat modest with the exception of stunning drapes and the rather ironic but beautiful Turkish rugs that covered his wooden floor.

An assistant of his, Murdoch, leads me to the smoking room, where Hitler awaits my company.

Several SS officers are lounging, but when the Fuhrer notices my presence he stands up and greets me. He invites me to sit down.

Though I had in fact, somewhat I suppose, prepared for this interview since learning of this daunting task last week Wednesday, being in this room made my mind go black with emtiness. Here, in front of me, was the man whom the entire world hates, and now I must conduct an interview.

After terse greetings, I notice the frailty of Adolf. Never moving his left hand, his whole body seemed to be a puzzle put together wrong, with certain pieces put together by force rather than fashion. There was little doubt in my mind now, that Hitler had in fact suffered through a minor stroke.

Fortunately, I suppose, Hitler begins interviewing me, through a translater and with it, breaks the ice.

"I understand you are from New Hampshire?"

I nod, not saying anything at first before realizing how odd this question truly is. How, or perhaps more importantly - why would he know where I was from?

I didnt have time to think it over any further before the Fuhrer asked me what I thought about the Allies showing "patience" with he and his party, by allowing them, for the meantime, to hold on to Berlin.

Wasting no time in making me feel uncomfortable, particularly with Gestapo members eyeing my every move, I spoke for the first time.

"Well," I began, in a quiet and nervous tone, "I cannot understand why they havent obliterated the remains of your power."

After the translater relayed the message, Hitler picked up his tea and took a few sips and looked out one of the two large windows in the room.

"Do you not know, where this country was, before the 1930's," he asked.

I did. In fact, this was a country who had just been humiliated in WW1 and was experiencing its worst economic outlook in its history. The country had no pride, and was hungry for answers, and someone - something they could blame their misfortunes on. This is what made the Nazi party so damn sexy in the eyes of many Germans. Adolf and his entorage brought forth "reasons" for the problems of the country and provided sensible answers to a country who saw the Jews as holding many key positions in the work force, the banks in particular. So when the party goes bad, blame the host.

"In fact, I believe I have a pretty good idea of where this country was at," I respond.

"There was never any question as to what must be done," Hitler began. "For the good of the country we needed to reform into the beauty that was already possesed, but not fully - not nearly utilized.

"By setting our country into a war factory we got people working, everyone was doing their part in the construction of the finest machines of all time," Hitler continued. "Ofcourse this would have been fantastic had we not had incompetant (what followed was indecipherable for the english language)... commanders running the Luftwaffe and Army. There was a time when I beleived the entire Air Force had abandoned me, but I soon saw the truth in the fact that Goerring had in fact let us down."

I ask about Himmler's ceasefire agreement with the Allies.

"This was the biggest blow to me, my part and to the people of Germany who deserved so much more, that has ever happend," Hitler said while his face turned a deep purple. "We should still be at war, and we would be if he hadn't gone against my orders."

"Well then, your the Fuhrer, why ARENT you at war? Your their supreme leader, do you not have complete control of the remaining fabric left in your empire?"

"As I was saying earlier, I have been betrayed by everyone. I set out the plan for victory, and the people below me failed to see my vision," said Hitler. "Noone will fight for me at the moment, except some remaing SS who are on the perimeter of the city guarding this great heaven."

"Goerring was executed after you felt he had betrayed you, correct?"

"Not exactly. We did in fact have a surgeon perform an autopsy on him while he was stil alive in custody at the Reichschancellory the same day Himmler betrayed me and this great nation," Hitler said, clearing enraged at this point. "He had come into the bunker where I was in the final days of the war, and given me word of what Himmler had done. This was the final straw, the final letdown, either I killed myself or I stood up to whats right and killed he messenger. I gave orders to have him arrested and placed on an operating table upstairs. The surgeon had strict orders to perform his surgery slowly and to drag out the operation as long as possible to keep Goerring in a supreme ammount of pain for as long as possible."

As horrid as this scene must have been, Hitler showed no emotion regarding his former right hand man's horrible punishment. I could barely go on, as Hitler then presented evidence of his story.

We both got out of our chairs and went to a little room just outside the smoke room. Inside was bare, clean and sterile, all empty with the exception of an open casket in the middle.

No words were exchanged, but the sight was enough. Goerrings mutilated body, what was left of it, was barely recognizable inside.

We went back to the smoke room and carried on for a while longer, difficult as it was for myself at this point.

Much talk was then brought out regarding tactics and his thoughts on war crimes. After losing my nerve compeltely I began my final statement of the night.

"The concentration camps are no longer under your control and all of the remaining prisoners are realeased," I said.

"Yes, that they are," Hitler said. "We simply ran out of time to execute every Jewish member of the human race," he said with a face of disappointment. "Just you watch now, those pigs will parade claiming victory. They didnt win anything. They escaped, those foolish cowards will get whats coming to them one day, I can say."

Though the Allies knew I was to have this meeting, they did not know I was Jewish.

"I am a jew, but you wouldnt know it if I didnt tell you first hand," I said in extremem uneasyness, knowing if anything happened to me the opposition would use this as a breaking point in the peace process. "Both of my parents, two of my brothers, and over a dozen friends and distant relatives were killed in your camps. You are viewed as a disgrace to the human race and someone who will have forever tarnished the image of Germany."

"Then you should know deep inside how inferior you are. You were allowed in, and now you will be escorted out. I have no reason to talk to you further."

With that, I was brushed outside and sent on my way to the outerlimits of the city outside of Nazi control.


I would go on to tell many people about this story, and though many key parts are missing in this short storied version of my encounter with the Fuhrer, it was greatly described in several magazine articles and a front page editorial in the New York Times.


alrights it me now. i just felt like writing this as i have been completely engulfed yet again with world war 2 history. ofcourse most of what i said above was all fiction, i was reminded today by the escalated violence in the middle east how close we are to another world war. i believe it is necessary to constantly bring back and remind us of the lunacy in wars, particulary hitler himself when we think of future wars. we do not need war again, that was supposed to be in the past.

i should say that before im even going to post this, and as i write, im dissapointed in this piece. it has no punch, but i just wanted to bring another scenario to the table if in fact himmler had been successful in his bid to make an immediate surrender. its all a twist. and finally, to make it clear, this is not nazi sympathetic in any way. i wrote this now, for the past hour just to release my mind of thoughts. its nothing, but maybe groundwork for future writing some place else.

again the story has many holes, so let me remind you that i just wrote it off the top of my head tonite.

and for this, please make easters relevance a priority to you. if we ask for forgiveness when we wrong each other, we might be able to make intolerance a smaller issue than it is today.

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you just said nazi
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so did you.
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