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CENSORSHIP ALERT: Petraeus Says He WIll Annouce In Sept That Surge Is Working...

..and that US Troops will stay in Iraq past 2009. In addition, he quoted Bush as telling him that "he is setting up Iraq so that his successor will not be able to change our destiny."

This is not conspiracy theory. I, and thousands of others, saw this report on ABC news Friday night (last night.) there was a corresponding article on ABC.com. It was put up yesterday evening, after the story aired on TV apparently, and REMOVED SATURDAY--yes, THIS morning. Less than 12 hrs later.

Apparently General Petraues "leaked" the truth of Bush's game plan to extend the surge. Left-wingers would conspiracy theorize that this was the plan all along, but what makes this damning is that, by compelling ABC to pull the story from the Net less than 12 hrs after it went up (and overnight Fri/Sat at that!), it shows that it really IS true.

Petraeus went on record, "leaked" Bush's plans to ABC, and by deleting the story, ABC is inadvetantly proving how true it is.

I douby Petraues will still be In Iraq until the end of this year. Watch for Bush to remove him by September now.

Now, I will admit that I found this on Dailykos, a leftist blog if ever there was one. Hey, I read both Drudge and Kos, I make it a point to be well-informed! But this habit of having damning information harmful to the Bushies "removed"--this began with the attermpt to whitewash the Global Climate Change report in 2005 so....

Anyway, here is the direct link to the story of the deletion--type it in if it doesn't work.


If that doesn't work, go to the Kos homepage, scroll down, look at the ABC story link, then check the list of articles on the righthand side of the homepage. You'll find it there. Quick, b/c they update daily, and it might be gone tomorrow.

This is no liberal conspiracy theory bunk. I know what I saw last night on ABC with my own eyes. Luckily I was home and turned on the TV! Hopefully someone has TiVo'd it. People in the blogoshere who also saw the story are spreading the word, and there are already people writing Congress.

I know I will be.

We do NOT want this story to die. Doubtless, ABC will in addition be forced to issue an "apology" by Monday morning. If enough people get steamed up over it, count on one, and soon.

Is it any coincidence that Saturday afternoon, (only hours after the ABC story about Iraq was removed) there is now "breaking news" abouy a "plot to blow up JFK airport"? And one of the suspects, a Guyanese politicans, was going to travel to Venezuela and ...(wait for it) IRAN. Is this being manufactured to take away impending public attention from such a potentially explosive story?

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We (the public, 'the sheeple') need to realise that intelligence professionals put out stories for multiple reasons, sometimes to influence public opinion one way, sometimes another.
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