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"Bloody Sunday"

"Bloody Sunday" is a new movie about the events of January 30, 1972 in the town of Derry in Northern Ireland. 13 Catholics were killed by British troops in a civil rights march. The Commander claimed they were fired on first, but there has been no evidence found to prove this. This event is seen by many as a pivital event in the conflict in Northern Ireland and this film attempts to accurately document what happened on that day. It is written and produced by both Irish and British people. I was wondering if anyone here had seen it? It is from what I have read, a powerful movie and may be the best picture of the year according to some who have seen it. Its a low budget film though (4.3 million) and is not yet in wide release but should be within a month. Unfortunately there is still not a date yet to show the movie where I live. If its as good as everything I have read, I may need to travel to see it.

Although this is about a movie, it is a movie about a major event in the history of the Northern Ireland conflict, so I thought it might be appropriate to post it here. If this is not the place, please move it to the proper forum.

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I havent seen it but I want to see it bc my gram is from Belfast and all tho she came over in 1944 and wasnt there during that. Its very interesting for me to listen to her tell me all of the stories that she has heard and some of the terrible things she had seen her self. I have always tried to keep myself up to date with all that is happening bc I still have family that live in N. and S. Ireland!

Let me know when it comes out bc I havent heard anything yet.

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I saw a preview for it Saturday night, when I saw “Bowling for Columbine”. It looks like a great movie. It has a documentary feel to it. U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday was playing over the preview. I picked up some post cards advertising it in the lobby.

Post card reads “A triumph! Look for Bloody Sunday to take on the Giants in the race for best picture.! James Nesbitt may be the actor of the year.! Opens in New York on Oct 4th , additional cities this October.
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This is where the movie will be playing soon. It is already playing in Philadelphia although it is not on this list. My city is still not on the list though yet. ARGH

OPENING DATE: October 4th
New York NY Union Square
New York NY Lincoln Square

OPENING DATE: October 11th
Boston MA Copley
West Newton MA Newton
Cambridge MA Kendall
Vorhees NJ Ritz 16
Berkeley CA Act
Pleasant Hill CA Century
Saulsalito CA Marin
San Francisco CA Embarcadero
San Jose CA Camera III
Palo Alto CA Moutain View

OPENING DATE: October 18th
GA Tara
Vancouver BC Fith Avenue
Detroit MI Maple
Houston TX Greenway
Houston TX City Cinema's Angelika
Los Angeles CA Sunset 5
West Los Angeles CA Pavillion
Encino CA Town Center
Pasadena CA Nickelodeon
Irvine CA University
Pleasantville NY Jacob Burns
Santa Cruz CA Nickelodeon
CT Bethel
NJ Chatham
NY Roslyn
NJ Montclair
Washington Township
NJ Washington Triplex
NY Larchmont
Red Bank
NJ Red Bank Twin
West Hollywood
CA Sunset
NY Cobble Hill
NJ Garden
NY Bantam
Rocky Hill
NY Montgomery Center
CT Garden
NY Movie House
NY Tinker St
NY Malvern
Kew Gardens
NY Kew

OPENING DATE: October 25th
Canada Forum
BC Fifth Avenue
BC Vic
ON Varsity
Chapel Hill
NC Varsity
IL Pipers
IL Cine Arts
Highland Park
IL Renaissance
OH Esquire
OH Drexel
CT Cinema City
CT Showcase
NC Carolina
WI Oriental
Palm Springs CA Courtyard
PA Dennis
RI Avon
NC Colony
CA Tower
San Francisco
CA Lakeside
San Luis Obispo
CA Palm
Santa Barbara
CA Paseo
AZ Camelview
WA Uptown
St. Louis MO Tivoli
DC Dupont
VA Shirlington
Westlake CA Westlake Twin

OPENING DATE: November 1st
Ann Arbor
MI Michigan
NJ Tilton
Burlington VT Nickelodeon
Cleveland OH Cedar Lee
Dallas TX Angelika
Denver CO Mayan
Falmouth MA Nickelodeon
Florence SC Swamp Fox
Jacksonville TN Pablo
Tallahassee FL Miracle
Tampa FL Channelside
Ft. Lauderdale FL Gateway
Miami FL South Beach
Delray Beach FL Delray 18
Palm Beach Garden FL PGA
Boca Raton FL Mizner
Ft. Worth TX Hulen
Kansas City MO Tivoli
Louisville KY Baxter
Madison WI Hilldale
Memphis TN Studio on the Square
Minneapolis MN Lagoon
Portland OR Fox
Richmond VA Westhampton
San Diego CA Hillcrest
Monterrey CA Osio
Tucson AZ Catalina
Baltimore MD Charles

OPENING DATE: November 7th
NY Paramount

OPENING DATE: November 8th
NC Fine Arts
Austin TX Dobie
Baton Rouge LA Seigen
Birmingham AL Galleria
Boulder CO Magnolia
Edmonton Canada Princess
Dayton OH New Neon
Ft. Myers FL Belltower
Gainesville FL Butler Plaza
Bonita Springs FL Bonita Springs
Orlando FL Winerpark
Knoxville TN Downtown
Las Vegas NV Village Square
Nashville TN Green Hills
Rochester NY Little
Salt Lake City UT Tower
San Antonio TX Fiesta
Johnstown PA Westwood Plaza

OPENING DATE: November 10th
WV Charelston Film

OPENING DATE: November 15th
Albuquerque NM Rio
Albuquerque NM Highridge
Aspen CO Isis
Boise ID Flicks
Northampton MA Academy
Charlotte NC Manor
Calgary BC Globe
Colorado Springs CO Twin Peaks
Eugene OR Bijou
Great Barrington MA Mahaiwe
Honolulu HI Restaurant Row
Indianapolis IN Castleton Square
Lexington KY Kentucky
Santa Fe NM DeVargas
Toledo OH Franklin
Williamburg VA Kimball
Williamstown MA Images
Provincetown MA New Art

OPENING DATE: November 20th
Portland ME Exchange Street

OPENING DATE: November 22nd
Winnipeg Canada Globe
Sarasota FL Burns Court

OPENING DATE: November 29th
Otowa ON Bytowne
Keene NH Colonial
New Orleans LA Canal Place

OPENING DATE: December 4th
Taos NM Talking Pictures

OPENING DATE: December 6th
Missoula MT Wilma
Wilton NH Town Hall

OPENING DATE: December 15th
Nevada City CA Nevada

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This is an E-mail from the person who wrote the book which the movie is partly based on.

Dear Friends,

This is a general email to everyone on my mailing list. I'd be grateful if you would read this email and then send it to everyone on your own mailing list with a request that they do likewise and so on. I am hoping that from my PC in Dublin the word will go out to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide regarding the award winning movie 'Bloody Sunday' which is about to open in the United States and Canada and many other countries around the world.

'Bloody Sunday' is a critically acclaimed low budget movie with a big impact. It truthfully recounts the events ofSunday, January 30, 1972, a traumatic afternoon for my community inDerry, when British Paratroopers shot 27 people, 13 of whom died that day.

Since 1996 I have worked closely with the Bloody Sunday families as part of their campaign for justice and truth. With their support, I published 'Eyewitness Bloody Sunday' (Wolfhound Press 1997) a book which became an important catalyst in their campaign for the establishment of a new Bloody Sunday Inquiry.

The book was also the inspiration for two British filmmakers, Mark Redhead and Paul Greengrass, to make the movie. They invited me to be co-producer and, with the support and cooperation of the Bloody Sunday families and wounded, we set about making the first full length feature film, simply called 'Bloody Sunday'.

ByHollywoodstandards our budget was small. However, despite the low budget our cast involved over 10,000 people. InDerry, upwards of 7,000 people volunteered in freezing cold and wet weather in February 2001 to help us recreate the original march for the purpose of the film.

When the film was shown to the Bloody Sunday families and wounded in Derry earlier this year, it was, at its conclusion, given a standing ovation. For the filmmakers, it was both a humbling and encouraging endorsement. Since then, the film has astounded us by the impact it has made and the awards it has received worldwide. InItaly, for example, the demand was such that four copies of the film soon spiralled to over 60 showing across the nation, netting over $1 million in box office sales! To date, the film has won six international awards (Australia,Croatia,Germany,Israel, Portugual and theUSA) including 'Best Picture Awards' at the prestigious 'Sundance Film Festival 2002' and the 'Berlin Film Festival 2002'. It has now been selected for the New York Film Festival from which it will begin a tour of theUnited States,Canadaand other worldwide territories, promoted by Paramount Classics.

Eventually 'Bloody Sunday' will be available inNorth Americaand elsewhere on video and DVD. However, it was made primarily as a theatrical piece and, as such, its full impact can best be experienced in that medium. Together with the families who lost loved ones on that day, we are hopeful that the film will be supported initially inNew Yorkand in other cities and towns throughoutNorth America. I am writing especially to encourage as many people as possible in theNew Yorkarea to come and see the movie. Paramount Classics have predicted that ifNew Yorkin particular leads, the rest of the country will follow. So, we appeal to those in theNew Yorkarea, and the east coast in general, to come and see it and encourage your families, relatives, friends and associates to see it also.

I genuinely believe that 'Bloody Sunday' is one of the most important films to be made about the 'Troubles' in the last 30 years. It contextualises the destruction of the non-violent Civil Rights Movement and the accendency of the armed struggle. One critic described our movie as "a pain-filled masterpiece". What is most important is that it was made by Irish and British people together. Those participating included families of the victims, the wounded, eyewitnesses to the massacre in 1972 and former British soldiers who had served inNorthern Ireland. The making of the film was, in reality, a mini peace process. It has a very authentic feel about it. Everyone on its production worked with integrity to tell the truth about the horror and consequences of that terrible day.

With the Bloody Sunday families support, I was co-producer of the movie, consultant and march organiser. I worked alongside English director, Paul Greengrass and English Producer, Mark Redhead, two of the most honourable people I have ever encountered in my professional career. The movie was a co-production between Granda Films and Jim Sheridan's 'Hell's Kitchen'.

The movie has been critically acclaimed throughout the world. For example, the following is a quote from Peter Traver's review in the September 2002 edition of 'Rolling Stone' magazine:

"Look for Paul Greengrass' volcanic re-creation of the massacre inNorthern IrelandonJanuary 30th, 1972- immortalized in the song by U2 - to take on the giants in the race for best picture of 2002. The film is also a triumph for actor James Nesbitt, who plays civil-rights leader Ivan Cooper with an intensity of feeling that will leave you shaken. And to think this stunner of a film cost less ($4.3 million) than it takes to keep Harry Potter in wands."

Travers went on to predict: "Bloody Sunday star James Nesbitt may be the actor of the year."

The movie will open at the New York Film Festival on October 4th at theLincolnCenter.

Below is a Paramount Classics link which gives more details about the movie including access to a trailer:


Just a couple of days after Bloody Sunday the bereaved families had to endure another wound when, through their New York Consulate, the Government of Prime Minister Edward Heath disseminated lies to the world media about the dead and wounded, suggesting that many were gunmen, bombers. They also alleged some were on the Army's wanted list. At the time the families did not understand the power of the first sound bite. However, their epic struggle for justice has reached historic proportions and they are an inspiration to people around the world who are fighting against powerful forces for Human Rights and Justice. This movie is dedicated by Paul Greengrass, Mark Redhead and myself to the Bloody Sunday families and all who seek Truth, Justice and accountability for Human Rights abuses throughout the world.

Please forward this message to everyone on your email list with a request that they to forward to everyone on theirs. Most importantly, please come to see this remarkable movie and encourage your families, relatives, friends and associates to see it also. Remember, 'Bloody Sunday' opens inNew Yorkon October 2 and thereafter, will be in all the majorUScities during October and November 2002.

I would be grateful if everyone who does forward this email would include the following email address so that I can tract the success of this letter


With thanks for your kindness and consideration,

Yours Sincerely,

Don Mullan.
Read more review excerpts and praise for Bloody Sunday
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funny, I guess it became a film, because sooooo many pple were keen to see how it happened......British Army............

its controversial because it was British Army

Im afraid Im more into why 28 or so pple had to die in a bomb by the IRA in Omagh.........ya know?
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Big Grin

Originally posted by STING2

OPENING DATE: October 25th
DC Dupont
Yay!!! Thanks for the info, Sting2!
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Originally posted by deep
I saw a preview for it Saturday night, when I saw “Bowling for Columbine”. It looks like a great movie. It has a documentary feel to it. U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday was playing over the preview. I picked up some post cards advertising it in the lobby.

Post card reads “A triumph! Look for Bloody Sunday to take on the Giants in the race for best picture.! James Nesbitt may be the actor of the year.! Opens in New York on Oct 4th , additional cities this October.

I look forward to seeing Bloody Sunday, but how was Bowling for Columbine???

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