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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
I think that it is postmodernisms contribution to the world of social engineering. Not saying things in public doesn't make those hatreds go away - only open and frank debate does. I would just like to seperate the concept of political correctness with politeness, different speech for different situations; it is a form of social engineering but one of mutual reciognition and not one that risks overt condemnation.

but political correctness should -- in it's pure form -- stimulate debate. i'd say politeness does more to stifle open dialogue. i went to a very small liberal arts school, and professors there complained of a culture of "stifling politeness." it was very small, and you didn't want to offend anyone lest you have to see them at the dining hall, soccer field, or drunk at a party and be in for an awkward situation.

it is right, however, to point out the fact that political correctness evolved (or devolved) from empowering people to exmine their lexicon to empowering people to play more-enlightened-than-thou, which is always the liberal's downfall.

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Originally posted by indra
Is this really an example of political correctness, or just f**ked up facts? I understand your point, but isn't political correctness (in it's most basic form) supposed to eliminate racial, gender, social, etc., biases and references? The case you cite doesn't eliminate biases, it makes them (as well as being most likely being quite false). I just wonder if the term is being bastardized, much the way liberal has been.

This stuff was *part* of a political correctness mentality that hit the universities in the '90's. Admittedly, the proponents of the fd up "facts" never called their philosophy "politically correct", it was mainly their detractors, including many embattled professors. One of these wrote a book called (something like) "The Myth of Political Correctness", I forget the exact name of the book. It analyzed the whole controversy over Cleopatra's background. Of course this made biases. These people were an extreme example of PC, but I was exposed to them every day. I took my required class "Historian's Craft" from that conservative African American prof who didn't support an African studies department and argued with these idiots about Cleopatra's heritage. He was excellent. I hated it that they were trying to screw this guy. There were other kinds of "politically correct" that weren't quite this aggressive and unforgiving, but this was part of my life for two years. I had to graduate to get away from it.

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Originally posted by Do Miss America

I'm not sure if I'd really find those two links about political correctness more than I would of how both sides spin language. Completely different.
Good point, although I think that it would cause a stir if I referred to my opponents in ways that are not respectful, even if I believe it's true.

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