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War Child
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Ari.. Ari.. Ari.. The Truth Slips Out
March 14, 2003
12:35 P.M. EST
White House Press Briefing

Q Will you ask -- Ari, will you ask the President for me and for many, many others, has he really weighed the human cost on both sides, starting a war to go after one man?

MR. FLEISCHER: Helen, this is not a war to go after one man. This is a war, if there is a war, to go after one regime led by Saddam Hussein that possesses weapons of mass destruction that can take the lives of millions. That's why the United Nations called on Saddam Hussein to disarm. It is because Iran

[As was seen live on MSNBC, Ari Fleischer realizes his slip, pauses for nearly 2 seconds to compose himself, and then continues]

-- Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and that is the core of the issue. They have not disarmed.
The Bush administration repeatedly keeps revealing that IraN is the "Axis of Evil" and "posseses weapons of mass destruction". There has been little distinction from the White House between IraN and IraQ when speaking about WMD.

Next up, and the ultimate prize, is Iran, and the return of Iran's oil and other natural resources back into the hands of the former Shah's business partners - a list that includes Bush family "trusts" and companies. The $$$ greases the skids, and the ideological (zionist) agenda is served. The Iraqi Theatre War will serve it's purpose and the entire mid-east will be reformed according to plans laid out by Israel decades ago.
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