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Not really eliminating, simply not having any.

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Originally posted by COBL_04
Wow! So it is quite literally 'nothing', yet it is huge and is actually eliminating nearby galaxies. How interesting!
The "void" is merely defined by its lack of substance. It is a side-effect of the gravity of filaments, which are, essentially, making structures out of superclusters of galaxies. As these superclusters are being made into a larger, more compact structures, the empty space being left behind by the gravitational pull is the "void." Nothing is being eliminated; the superclusters are just clumping together.

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One much-discussed design for a time machine involves a "wormhole": two black holes linked together by a tunnel or "spacewarp". The tunnel could exist only if it were made of a substance that has very large negative pressure (or tension). Theorists speculate that exotic stuff of this kind did exist in the early universe, but even if such material still existed, the mass needed in order to make a wormhole wide enough to be comfortably traversed by a human would be 10,000 times that of the Sun!
Love this stuff!
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Originally posted by unico
One of my goals in life is to see Aurora Borealis
Oooh me too.

Also I'm a huge nerd and I religiously read the NYTimes Science section, while we're on the topic of the universe and science...
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Originally posted by Zootlesque

Love this stuff!
That's what I was referring to. It's so damn interesting! Imagine if a human could go thru one, come back and tell stories...
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I'd rather go time travelling than universe exploring.

"Where we're going we dont need roads"
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Originally posted by joyfulgirl

i've seen that face ...

i assume it's your "Conchords" face as well, which i totally love, btw.

and, yeah, the universe:

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