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An Indios chief's letter to the European governments

(Source: electronic magazine of the Humanist Movement )
So, here I am, me, Guaicaipuro Cuautemoc, I came to meet the participants of this meeting. So here I am, me, a descendent of those who populated America forty thousand years ago, I came to visit those who found it five hundred years ago.
So here we all are: we know who we are, and that is already enough. We don't need anything else.
The European brother passport officer as me for paper written with a visa in order to discover those who discovered me. The European brother usurer asks me to pay a debt made by traitors who I never authorized to sell me. The European brother pettifogger explains to me that every debt is paid with interest, even if it were selling human beings and entire countries without asking their permission. This is what I'm discovering.
I too can claim payments. I too can claim interest. The Archive of the Indies swears to this. Page after page, receipt after receipt, signature after signature, it shows that between 1503 and 1660 alone 185 thousand kilos of gold and 16 million kilos of silver from America arrived at San Lucar de Barrameda. Sack? Certainly not! Why think that Christian brothers disobey their seventh commandment. Pillage? Tanatzin keep me from imagining that the Europeans, like Cain, kill and then deny the blood of their brother! Genocide? That would mean giving credit to slanderers such as Bartholomew della Casa who considered that discovery to be the destruction of the Indies, or to outrages such as that of Dr. Arturo Pietri who maintains that the development of capitalism and the current European civilization is due to the inundation of precious metals!
No! These 185 thousand kilos of gold and 16 million kilos of silver must be considered to be the first of various friendly loans by America for European development. To think the contrary would mean to suppose war crimes, which would give us the right not only to ask for the immediate restitution, but also to make claims for damages and fraud. I, Guaicaipuro Cuautemoc, prefer to believe the least offensive of the hypotheses. Such a fabulous exportation of capital was nothing other than the beginning of the Marshalltezuma plan to guarantee the reconstruction of barbaric Europe, ruined by its deplorable wars against Muslim cults, defenders of algebra, polygamy, daily hygiene and other superior accomplishments of the civilization. For this, as we near the Fifth Centennial of the Loan, we may ask ourselves: have our European brothers made reasonable, responsible, or at least productive use of the resources that were so generously advanced by the International Indo-American Fund?
It pains us to have to say "no". From a strategic point of view, they squandered the resources in the battle of Lepanto, in invincible armies, in the third Reichs, and in other forms of reciprocal extermination, to end up then occupied by NATO Yankee troops, just like Panama (but without the canal).
From a financial point of view they have been unable -- after a 500-year moratorium -- both to return the capital and the interest as well as to become independent from liquid monies, raw materials and low-cost energy that the Third World exports to them. This pathetic picture confirms Milton Friedman's affirmation that an economy that is aided will never be able to function, and it forces us to ask -- for their own good -- for the restitution of the capital and interest that we have so generously waited to ask for for all these centuries.
Having said this, we would point out that we will not lower ourselves to ask our European brothers those vile and blood-thirsty interest rates that vary between 20 and 30 % that our European brothers ask from Third World countries. We will limit ourselves to demanding the return of the precious materials loaned, in addition to the modest annual fixed interest rate of 10% accumulated over the past three-hundred years. On this basis, by applying the European compound interest formula, we inform the discoverers that they owe us, as a first installment on their debt, only 185 thousand kilos of gold and 16 million kilos of silver, both raised to the 300th power. That is to say, a number, that in order to be expressed, would need three-hundred figures, and whose weight easily surpasses that of the Earth.
How much this mountain of gold and silver weighs! How much would it weigh calculated in blood? To find that Europe has not been able to generate sufficient wealth over half a millennium to cancel this modest interest would be like admitting its absolute financial disaster and/or the demented irrationality of capitalism's bases.
Nonetheless these metaphysical questions don't afflict us Indian-Americans. But we do ask for the immediate signing of a letter of intent that governs the debtor peoples of the old continent and that forces them to maintain their commitment by immediately privatizing or re-converting Europe so that it is entirely delivered to us as the first payment of this historical debt.
Pessimists say that the civilization of the Old World verges on such a state of bankruptcy that it prevents them from maintaining their financial or moral obligations. In this case, we will accept that they pay us with the bullet that they used to kill the poet.
But they won't be able to do that. Because that bullet is the heart of Europe.
Guaicaipuro Cuautemoc
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