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Old 06-04-2002, 09:03 PM   #1
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Amnesty International on the USA!Open

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Thanxs! I was wanting to join but I didn't know where to start.

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As an Australian, my nation is shamefully guilty of human rights abuses......still , right now, 2002AD.
I'm also out of time so hopefully a picture really is worth a thousand words

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Old 06-07-2002, 01:12 AM   #6
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Yep, you can always count on Amnesty International to defend the "rights" of criminals, rapists, murderers, drug dealers, car jackers, molesters, pedophiles, burglars, armed robbers, and terrorists instead of the VICTIMS of such unacceptable behavior. Completely ridiculous! U.S. citizens (and visitors with visas) have more rights than anywhere else on the entire planet. If you don't want your "rights" to be violated, then quit victimizing people, causing problems, and breaking the law. It's all very simple.

I know, I know... that makes me an ass-hole for saying that, simply because U2 thinks so highly of this organization, and it's unthinkable to disagree with anything U2 endorses. Sorry, but this is just completely ridiculous to feel sorry for criminals.

Oh! and btw, the citizens of Afghanistan can blame the Taliban and Al Qaeda for the unfortunate civilian casualties in this war. How can you blame the U.S. for actions that HAD to be executed. Yes, civilian casualties are unacceptable and deeply troubling, but how else would you liberate the Afghan people from these tyrants?

Just my $0.02

*Let the bashing begin
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1.) this is arguably the crappest report amnesty international has ever written

2.) I think it's wrong to criticize the US for actions post sept 11th when you are talking about the detention of some people. In a situation when lives are at stake I don't blame them for bending the rules a bit

Do you expect the US to be perfect????? Of course we're goign to have some human rights violations because every country does. Actually the number in that report is quite small.

3.) As much as this report is's important to know when rules are being bent, and when they are being broken.

just because u2 supports the organization doesn't mean they approve of ever single report they file. It's no secret that Amnest int'l has documented human rights violations in the US in the past.

I'd like you to compare the Us's record to some of the other nations that are known for human rights violations......just pasting a report with nothing to compare it a pretty screwy way of presenting something
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Ya know.. When I first went to college, we've got this activities night at the JACC and I signed up for Amnesty, just cuz I had heard Bono shitting in his pants over it all the time, and praising them, and so I go to the first few meetings, Well.. I think what took the cake for me and made me laugh in high ridicule was when they

1)Asked me to write a letter to Try and get a Serial Murder of I think Six people off of Death Row. I mean are you F*'n Kidding Me.


2)Sent out a Blinking Voice Mail Message, (And our Leader had a lisp to Die For), asking us all to go to Hayes Healy and protest in front of the President's office because the Catholic University wouldn't recognize Homosexuals in the Mission. And I think what did it for me was that the Amnesty Leader was actually really mad.

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Old 06-08-2002, 11:00 PM   #9
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This report surprises me and dosen't at the same time. It dosen'T because its Amnesty International and that is part of their job, to be very critical on human issues, regardless of the sides, wether the US likes it or don't.

It surprises me because since september eleventh, Amnesty International have given up a lot, if not all, of their credibility by getting pro-US and officially saying that they weren't anti-war anymore.

Is that a return to "objectivism"? I doubt it anyways. Amnesty International were something good, but in the recent years they've become completely obsolete in action-on-the-field terms.

Just my little 0.02$ like you like to say, but CAN$.
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I would just like to post my objectivity and unbiased notion that Amnesty International is, and always was, a joke. It was a joke because it believes in a fool-hardy system and school of thought, it was a joke because it defended, and still does, the criminals instead of the victims... and it was a joke because they helped General Augusto Pinochet go free.

I have no respect for an organization that does that. I am sorry, but U2 is after all, human. As good as their intentions may be, they are terribly mistaken.

As George Bernard Shaw always said," the road to hell is paved with good intentions; everyone 'means' well."

Amnesty International is a joke who's humour has turned into something bitter.

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oh well
I started to read that but almost fell asleep
I don't have time to bother with it really
I am sure judging from some responses that it gets scathing somewhere
but as I said, I have really no time or intrest in it

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