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Old 04-03-2003, 04:57 PM   #21
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sulawesigirl4: to make things worse i was in switzerland 2 weeks ago - we might have seen each other on the Airport without notifying

right - i completely agree with your statement.
I know that Rumsfeld said that Munich is dangerous for Americans, but sorry that's just *** .. not true. I can't look into the future but i can't believe that this will change the next years.


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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
Surely there must be SOME obnoxious people in Canada?

Of course there are. I know many!

I think genrally Canadians get a better reputation as we're generally not in the news as much, not in the war, etc. We're more 'low profile' than the States, which has both its advantages and disadvantages.

I can honestly say that Americans DO get a bad rep though, most of the time. I know so many Americans who are wonderful, educated people--definietly NOT deserving of the stigma placed on them. Unfortunately, many people often DO judge based on the country that someone is from, as opposed to the indivdual. I guess, when you meet a tourist for the first time, and won't be spending much time with them, all you really have to go on to form an opinion is your previously based conception of what they might be like, based on the people they associate with (the people in their counrty).

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I'm British, and I personally doubt you'll face any problems as an American visiting Europe. As has already been said, the vast majority of Europeans, while they may disagree with the war, will recognise that it's a policy of the US government and not necessarily something supported by the people of the US.

And while everyone's advising you on where to visit, I want to put in a plug for Wales: it's beautiful, peaceful and friendly here so add it to your schedule now.
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Old 04-05-2003, 03:46 AM   #24
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Originally posted by Ramu
well, i've heard of at least one instance where it helped to be canadian:
I'm ashamed to say I'm not surprised by this
there is a rather umpleasant change in mentality in Europe lately

I hope things will turn back to normal once this war is over
the sense of moral supriority is getting a bit too much
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I must begin by thanking everyone who has responded. I'm almost positive that I won't have any problems (aside from my broken German ) but it's good to hear that from people who know better than I do.

Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen

And if I were travelling in Europe right now, I would refuse to deny that I am an American. If people would deny me service, accomodations, or whatever because of that-well, that's their problem. If you're going to be that narrow minded to judge all Americans by their govt..sorry, I do feel that is narrow minded. If I thought I'd have to deny that I'm American in order to insure my safety somewhere, I wouldn't go.
Normally, I would agree completely with this statement. In the last few months, however, I'm finding it increasingly hard to reconcile my pride as an American with the conduct I have seen from both my government and my fellow Americans. I'm not proud of my government right now, not at all. I'm also not proud of people who brush off foreign opinions, and who re-name french fries. It's petty shit like that that gives Americans a bad name.

In addition, judging people just by their government is what most Americans are doing right now. I've heard countless cheers of "France sucks" and "Fuck the French." I guess that's what passes for American diplomacy these days...

In short, I'd usually wear the stars & stripes with pride. But with all the bridges we've burned in the last year, it's not worth it to be that forward anymore. I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut, and keep a story ready. If someone seems friendly, then I'm an American. If they don't, then I'm from a little town on P.E.I., eh.
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Mike :

almost every german can speak english too but if you try to speak German i'm sure the vast majority will be happy to help you.
Imho there's no need to hide. but we could talk about that again shortly before you arive in europe again

p.s. if you want to hide i guess a "peace" t-shirt is more effective than the canadian flag

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