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America must lead the global fight against AIDS. From Wesley Clark

Hi folks , I received this at work today from Wesley Clarks campaign team.. I don't endorese any poltical party or canidate but thought some might to take a look.

Dear Friends,

I have received countless emails over the past week related to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, and I want to thank you for your continued activism and commitment.

I share your urgency and am running for president to restore America's leadership in this fight.

I need your help.

In this email - and on my website - are further details on my proposed strategy and plans announced this past Monday during Global AIDS Day --
Global AIDS Security Policy <>
and Plan to Fight AIDS in America
<>. My plans are more aggressive and holistic than any presented by my fellow Democratic candidates, and they include provisions to double the financial resources initially promised (and yet to be delivered) by the Bush Administration.
Your email said you would be "watching to find out if I adopt a
comprehensive plan to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic." Friends, I have a
plan and the commitment, and _I need you to do more than "watch." I need
you join me and help make put the plan to work_.

Please take time to visit my website <>, learn more about these plans, sign up to get involved with my campaign
<>, and continue to fight the global
battle against AIDS with your insight, your activism, and your money.

In his State of the Union address, President Bush called for $15 billion over 5 years for global AIDS relief. Along with leaders of both parties, I applauded his words. Unfortunately, as with so many of this
Administration's policy announcements, his pledge was more about politics then compassion. President Bush's most recent budget request cut nearly 30% of the pledge for 2004. Funds are being re-allocated from other essential programs, and not a single penny of the pledged funds has reached Africa. AIDS simply can't wait. AIDS can't be cured with
political promises, and it certainly can't be fought with four more
years of the Bush Administration.

Three million people died of AIDS last year; 5 million more became
infected. These numbers are heartbreaking and terrifying. This crisis is about the very future of our global community and about our children's future. Our country will be judged on whether we face this challenge
with commitment, humanity, humility, and compassion.

My Global AIDS Security Strategy
<> will:

* Double the U.S. commitment to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and
malaria worldwide - to $30 billion by 2008.

* Dedicate a large majority of U.S. funding to multilateral
approaches like the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and
Malaria while demanding results and additional commitments from
our allies.

* Ground our prevention and research efforts in the most current
scientific knowledge available - and overturn the global gag rule
to enable the free exchange of information.

* Unleash the power of the market to develop cost-effective vaccines
for AIDS and other infectious diseases.

My Plan to fight AIDS in America
<> focuses on medical care,
aggressive prevention services, and an increased commitment to research,
so that we can develop and share better treatments, vaccines, and drugs
to contain the epidemic at home. Only half of the estimated 900,000
people living with HIV are under expert medical care; and too many of
those face waiting lists for life-saving drugs. This is inexcusable. We
must do better.

Please take a few minutes to read my plans and their reception in the press.

I'm running to replace George Bush as your President. But this is not
about politics. Our country needs your continued dedication to this and
the many other issues we face in the upcoming election. I'm asking for
your support.

With great respect and appreciation for your advocacy and consideration,

Wesley K. Clark

PS: By signing up at <> you confirm your
interest in my candidacy. I'm asking you to stand with me, to learn
about my career of service and my plans for our country. It will take you, along with hundreds of thousands of volunteers, supporters and contributors to take on George Bush in 2004. I'm asking for your
support today.

** Paid for by Clark for President, Inc. **
** Contributions and gifts to Clark for President are not **
** deductible for federal income tax purposes. **

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Thanks Katey. I'm not committed to a candidate, but I do like Clark's position on AIDS funding. I read all of the Democratic sites and he was the first one to put an AIDS Day statement on his.

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Hey all! A bit of an update from Jubilee USA. One of our priorities for '04 will be to craft a pledge taht we'd like all running candidates, from whatever party, to sign. It says that AIDS funding will be a priority and that debt cancellation will be included in the fight against AIDS. 4 dems. signed it thus far, Dean and Kunenich being the only names I can remember. Sorry. I'll try to get the other 2 names if anyone's interested. Good to hear this is on Clark's radar screen.

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Sherry, who are the other two Democrats who've signed that?
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Hey Sherry

What a great idea by Jubilee 2000 .. we should take that cue and do the same in Canada ...
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