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ALABAMA's Theocrats, Whackos and Corrupt Candidates DEFEATED

Today's Primary races were pledged to be "referendums" by various opposition candidates, and it appears their referendums failed.

Within the Republican Primary, Roy "Granite Idol" Moore (aka "Judge" Roy Moore, "The Ten Commandments Judge," etc.) was part of a slate of candidates based on him, his granite Ten Commandments monument, his previous removal from office, anti-taxation, anti-constitution reform, and defiance of the Federal Courts. With 2,972 of 3,240 precincts reporting, incumbent Governor Bob Riley is defeating Roy Rock 65 % to 35%. Moore's Ten Commandments attorney Tom Parker, who was the only Moore-ite to win a Supreme Court seat in 2004, was defeated in his attempt to unseat Chief Justice Drayton Nabers. Their three other candidates for associate justices also failed to unseat sitting justices.

The issue in the Supreme Court races has been the decision of the other members of the Supreme Court to remove the granite monument (copyrighted with Roy Moore and his attorneys' names) from the Courthouse Rotunda in accordance with the ruling of Federal Judge Myron Thompson, a decision which Roy refused to accept. He and his interests fielded candidates to run against all of the justices up for re-election who didn't go along with his rebellion. Some of them, including Parker, pledged to ignore any future U.S. Supreme Court decisions which they disagreed with. Parker said he would do this to send the U.S. Supreme Court a message until they came around to his opinion. If they didn't subvert to him, I guess he and Ol' Roy would attempt to seced from the Union.

Another race they had interest in was for Lieutenant Governor, where newcomer Luther Strange (Gov. Riley ally) faced opponents George Wallace Jr. (yes, I know) and Mo Brooks and a candidate whose platform is that he once lived in Israel. The Moore camp actually split, with the "Conservative Christians of Alabama" endorsing Wallace and the "Alabama Republican Assembly" endorsing anti-tax Mo Brooks. Unfortunately, Strange will likely have to face Wallace in a runoff.

All of the candidates also screamed an anti-tax platform. When Governor Bob Riley (yes, a Republican) proposed a reform plan in 2003 that included tax reform, constitutional reform, and governmental accoutability, these Moore idealists zeroed in on the tax and constitution components. They accused the tax portion of being a socialistic redistribution of the wealth (raising the state income tax for Alabama's poorest working families to $20,000 for a family of 4), and they accused the constitutional reform part of being an attack on a "godly" document. The tax plan would have resulted in higher taxes for many Alabamans, nominal for some, slightly more for others, but, as a business-minded conservative in this state, I will admit that it was an overdue need and a more equitable plan than what we have now. It failed in a referndum and Riley has not attempted to raise taxes since then, but he has pushed legislation to raise the threshhold for the lowest wage earners. A compromise reached this year was $12,500 (but it's still pathetic that a family of 4 making $14,000 a year has to pay state income taxes).

Much of the unofficial campaigning was that if you're a real Christian concerned about your rights, then you will support Moore and his candidates. What's funny is that all of the other candidates are Christian as well; they just have a different view on state vs. federal power and state religion. The pre-election polls constantly showed Riley with a huge lead, but the Moore-ites kept saying they were going to show up and bring traditional Democrats over to vote for him. Oh well.

It is a good thing that these Republican candidates won as it shows that reform-minded, dare I say "progressive" ideals were selected over a platform that wanted to take us back to "the good ole days."

In the Democratic Primary, incumbent Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley defeated former Governor and lottery proponent Don Siegelman while he sat as a defendant in his second federal corruption trial. He still refers to himself in the third person as "The Governor." A nuisance candidate for Democratic governor said that illegal aliens should be shot. Baxley has steered clear of corruption and has been effective in previous offices held and was clearly the best choice in this primary.

In the Democratic primary for Attorney General, Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson ran against atheist activist Larry Darby. You could always expect to hear Darby being interviewed during hte past ten years whenever some issue of separation of church and state came up. He was obviously a character in many of the "Judge Roy Moore" events back when Moore actually held office. Darby threw everyone for a twist recently when he was revealed as a neo-nazi sympathizing, holocaust-denier who also advocated killing illegal immigrants. I am embarassed to say that Larry Darby received 160,144 votes in my state, or 44% of the Democratic Primary vote. His opponent is a very effective prosecutor with a proven record against crime, but he did not campaign. The most shocking fact is that the state's oldest African-American political group, the Alabama Democratic Caucus, did not endorse either candidate. Why they would not endorse Tyson as an endorsement against a neo-nazi is beyond me.

Overall, the good news is that we should not hear from the Moore-ites for at least a couple of years. Or so I hope.


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(welcome back)

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I see voters in Alabama passed a ban on gay marriage by a 4 to 1 margin.

That is some margin and quite disheartening, in my opinion.
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Originally posted by Irvine511

(welcome back)
I double that.
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Oh, no, I started another thread on this. I'm not surprised about the gay marriage thing. This is a conservative state. I'm just glad we're not going to have to fool with Roy Moore in the statehouse.
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You mean that there were no Diebold voting machine irregularities, and we had an HONEST election? It's a friggin' miracle. Let's hope there's a repeat of this in November nationwide, though sadly I doubt it will be so. Rolling Stone seems to be the only publication out there trying to wake up the nation to the danger to our democracy that this threat poses--a problem so far unresolved.

This is why I have to laugh bitterly at Democrats feeling cocky about November. There could be a repeat of the Great Depression in this country, and they'd still lose at this point. Not because of a lack of votes, or public opinion, but because of voting fraud from electronic voting machines that do not give paper reciepts. And you know damned well that the more desperate Bush is feeling at the polls, the more he's going to make sure that the machines don't work right. He's counting on a lack of media attention alerting the voting public to the problem, and thus there is no outrage or sense or urgency for voting reform. So far the media are behaving perfectly. With the ensuing total silence, his cronies can go to work on this, and when the Dems lose in November (esp in the swing states) the media will again be clueless that they were partly to blame for not alerting the public. I'm trying not to read stories about November b/c I know how it will turn out.....don't want have my heart broken in advance. We are no longer a democracy. Sorry if I sound too cynical, but we all know that the Fourth Estate no longer exists in this country.....
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Does this mean that Bama's back?
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Holy Shite...

Bama lives!!!!
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Here today, gone tomorrow, who knows...

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