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Originally Posted by PhilsFan View Post
My problem with Kaine is his economic views, but the Democratic Party long since resigned itself being the Wall Street Party Who Happen to Have the Right Social Views, so I really can't be surprised.
Not all of us Dems.

I have heard (radio) in the last year or so that millennials, and the gen behind them ( called Gen Z [and are we going to go back to the letter "A" after this upcoming gen] ) are more liberal, thus potentially moving the Democrats back ton a more overall liberal stance aka FDR, Ted Kennedy, Paul Wellstone, etc.

BIG :fingerscrossed:

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when I start posting I should remember to alert you with the caveat that I ....
have NO Multi-Quote
feature on my tablet. ( I do not have a working computer at this time)


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2016 US Presidential Election Thread Part X

Originally Posted by anitram View Post
I don't think that anyone has ever shown that VPs actually bring out the vote or change things materially. In fact I think research has shown they have no impact on voting.

I think he was picked because:

1. He is safe and the Clintons are nothing if not risk averse.

2. A calculation was made that those on the far left would not be disaffected because Trump is reason enough to show up to the polls.

3. A Hispanic candidate wasn't needed in an election where the GOP has alienated that entire group.

4. He is boring and a lot of people don't know who he is but who cares when the top of the ticket is the most famous woman in America.

As I said, I'm not particularly concerned about his policy positions, such as they are, I just don't want him to be the person that the Democrats look to for leadership in 2024. If the world only spins forward then he should be slipping off that spinning wheel before that election rolls around. My husband incidentally doesn't believe Hillary would get re-elected (he thinks the current roaring economy will be due for a recession in 4 years and the Republicans may start to come to their senses after this debacle and nominate somebody respectable that the centre can get comfortable with). In which case obviously it would not matter.

Well, no, no one ever votes for a VP. What a VP does is clarify a ticket, it's not so much that they could win votes, but as we saw with Palin and potentially Quayle in '92, they can cost you votes. A VP is evidence of a presidential decision.

Kaine makes plenty of sense. And Hillary as a one-termer is certainly a real possibility, so long as the GOP can find someone other than Cruz.

Why are you so averse to Kaine being the leader of the Democrats by 2024? Why can he not spin forward along with the rest of the world? (Incrementally, of course).
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Time for the next thread, gang.

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