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Old 03-28-2002, 01:05 PM   #61
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Originally posted by BEAL:
...I guess you could say I like to watch
You haven't changed one bit!

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Oliveu2cm, these people did NOT "throw a fit". They didn't do anything crazy, violent, or obnoxious. They expressed their disappointment to the band in the only practical and peaceful way possible at a rock
concert. We should appreciate their determination to get their message across WITHOUT doing anything crazy.
Sorry- you're right- they didn't throw a fit. But it's my opinion that sitting down at a u2 show is crazy. i guess we don't agree on that.

Stormy, yup I got to other shows. Even if that was my only show (back then no one expect leg3) i wouldn't have been pissed at being let in 50 pl "late." and I know it wasn't those pl's only shows. i just- yeah it just blows my mind to get upset and no one's gonna change my mind about that.

If you had been 40 feet back in Providence, you wouldn't have gotten to throw Larry the Harley sign, and see Bono pick it up and give it to him! You're lucky, you got more chances.
I didn't throw my sign to Larry or Bono. They just saw it. Anyway it ticks me off when pl take my good experiences and make me out to be spoiled or whatever. Fact is i wouldn't have sat down complained bitched or anything if nothing have happened.

i didn't engange in this stupid argument way back in june and the following months. don't know why i started now.

that's it..


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Old 03-28-2002, 01:25 PM   #63
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sv, I personally never said they didnt have the right to be disappointed. But to sit down during a U2 concert is beyond my comprehension. Also Stormy indicated that some of these people were balling at Bono about it. Give me a break, that seems pretty extreme to me.

I would have been disappointed at first as well in the situation. But once U2 hit the stage I would not have cared any longer.
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Originally posted by oliveu2cm:
But it's my opinion that sitting down at a u2 show is crazy.
Can you imagine not jumping up and down and not singing the lyrics at a U2 concert? I can't imagine being mad enough to not let it go once they started playing.
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I love on the DVD right before Desire when you see Larry shaking his head pissed off at the "protest" people. Classic
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Originally posted by Diamond The U2 Patriot:
so much?
Help me out w/this one..
I find this irritating..

Cool story...cool letter....cool pics...cool dude!!!
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I agree with sv. Very well said (both posts)

I'm finding these arguments of "well I wouldn't have done that" or "just being in the heart is good enough for me" or "I like this or that place in the heart better" to be rather curious. What's that got to do with the price of tea in China?! Another person shouldn't be upset about something because you wouldn't have been? That's not much of an argument.

As far as Bono snapping at the fan, it may be second or third hand but the operative words seem to be "prattling on and on incessantly". If that's the case Bono had every right to stop her. After the fact it's no use whining. If you want to make a statement with action, make your point and move on.

Anyhow, regardless of whether they were "wronged fans" or "spoiled brats" or what anyone thinks of their actions, U2 never interfered with the line again so take that for what it's worth.
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Wow. I had always been under the impression that the dvd production people had pulled more "film-worthy" people to look pretty for the camera. I just thought this was some shady incident that took place without the band's knowledge. I had no idea the band did it just to get some fresh people in front. I gotta tell ya....that..is..awesome! I think it's cool. And that Bono would actually talk to fans about it in the airport is great. The line about people who work being able to be in the heart...that is golden! He obviously believed in their reasons for doing it. I love it. It's really is too bad that those girls spent their chance to talk to Bono crying and feeling sorry for themselves.
This talk of broken contracts...come on. The only contract was: pay $45, get a general admission ticket, and you'll have a spot on the floor. You can hope for more, but that's it.
The people who sat down at the show, well you're right that they didn't owe anything to U2, and they're free to sit down if they want. But it doesn't seem like a very fun way to watch/listen to u2.

Maybe the boys got this idea from the bible. Jesus told a cool story about a guy who went out in the morning and hired some guys to work for him for the day. He told them he'd pay them like $100 each. Then the guy went out at noon and hired some more guys to work for the rest of the day. Then he went out at 4:00 in the afternoon and hired some more guys to work for the rest of the day. At 5:00 he paid them all...$100 each. The guys hired first complained that everybody else worked less, but got paid just as much. His response was, "hey, you agreed to work for $100 and you got it. Don't I have a right to do what I want with my money? Or are you jealous because I'm generous." Jesus finishes the story by saying "The first will be last and the last will be first."

Draw what parallels you will.
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Ummm, Stormy well you see- Iam not the type of fan that just hugs one spot in General Admission. I like the freedom to roam a little bit and visit w/fellow fans. The girl fans I was standing next to before I leaped I was chatting w/them ,told them I needed to 'trade spots' w/them for a second that I was about to leap. They didnt believe I was serious. I gently but firmly grazed them going up and one was knocked over inadverdently inwhiched I have since apologized for. I sort of felt like Harrison Ford going up..( I know get over YOURSELF diamond, many are muttering right now). So anyway I like GA cuz there is NO assign seats or spots only common courtesy that is expected.

Dr Who please email me at diamondbruno9@aol.com so I can mail you your latest "DiamondNewsletter"
Thank You
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Originally posted by Diamond The U2 Patriot:
...I sort of felt like Harrison Ford going up...

Never a dull moment with you around. lol
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Personally, I'd prefer a seat in the lower balcony, so I could actually see what was going on. I'm 5 ft 4 and it is very hard for me to see over people. Plus, I get tired of standing up all day surrounded by sweaty people screaming in my ears.
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Originally posted by u2loopy:

...I never noticed any fans pulling a "sit-in" on the DVD!!! Am I blind or something?? Where can you see this, I think it would be funny to see!

Take a look at the back of the heart during "Elevation."
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DB9- I always 'hugged one spot' because I had no choice- I was compressed so tightly among other fans and/or the railing. Being in the center of the heart was the most comfortable, but I couldn't get near the band from there. I don't know how far back you came from, but when I was against the rail I couldn't have gotten out if I wanted to.
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bottom line u2 is a generous band and sometimes as fans we should be careful to not take advantage of that generosity. honestly I think u2 fans are great but sometimes we just ask for too much.

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Blue Room, I think you've made a lot of great points in this thread.I have a lot to say, so scroll, kiddies if you must!

Here's my experience, I went to 2 shows in London and both mornings arrived very early to find the same large group of Americans in the first positions to take the front row of the heart. Some had been to shows that equalled 'teens' in numbers each that tour.
Now the first day it didn't bother me as I figured they knew the drill, they knew what time to get there, fair enough. What bothered me was that after their numbering system had been honoured by the security that day, I walked past them after the show that night to find them all numbering themselves numbers 1 through to whatever for the next night's show.
I stood watching them and got the courage to go over and ask them exactly what they thought they were doing. I was ignored.
I asked again and was still ignored. I tell you, I wasn't too impressed.
I shook my head and walked away. I figured if that were that intent on experiencing the same thing they had had at many other shows that was their problem.

It wasn't for me to argue with them as I wasn't a Londoner, but if I had been I don't think I would have let it slide as easily.
I'm pretty sure that the next morning they came to their senses and re numbered themselves at the right time.I heard that they did anyway, I hope that was true.

I think its fair enough that they arrived there at 4am or whatever, they felt the best experience they could get was to be front row in the heart. I actually think its a real shame for them that they:
1. Couldn't look past themselves and realise that it would have been fair for the people from London to have a chance at being front row
2. Didn't take into account they might have had an even better experience from a different vantage point somewhere else in the heart.

You can argue that its first come, first served and that people knew the drill, so therefore should have gotten there earlier. But these were a group of Americans turning up at crazy hours because yes, they had been to many shows in the States and knew the drill, but the average Londoner that was going to probably their first gig that tour, surely wouldn't have known they had to be there at 4am for a 6pm door opening to get close to the band. The other local fans were basically not even given a chance.

To me, I find those fans to be taking more than their share, but I'm not bitching about it, more power to them if thats the way they want to experience their shows.I think they are the ones who are actually missing out.

Personally I had a horrible day on the Wed night show. My tickets were at the box office and I was in line all day from 8am(being told by security I would be allowed to have my wristband in time) and it was a draining, tiring, emotional and just crappy day. Things worked out about only 2 minutes before they opened the doors, but I was still feeling a little frazzled and worn out.

However,once I got inside that arena, and walked into the heart, it all just fell away. I was beaming for the rest of the night. I had a ball and it turned out being the best concert I've ever seen in my life. Maybe even one of the best nights of my life.
You get what you give
Those fans in Boston perhaps wouldn't have had such a bad time, if they'd got up off their backsides and enjoyed what was, lets face it, just a rock concert!!!
They had every right to be upset, but did they have the right to sit down and ruin other people's experience?
Hell, no.
Lets hope they have come to their senses since that night.

I am a cowgirl of funk*

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Nice sig Zoomanda

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um.... zoomanda. You don't have access anymore. how are you still posting?
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I have to agree with Blue Room and others who say that the people who sat down were acting like spoiled brats. To cry over such a huge injustice like being moved 10 feet back from the stage and then have the audacity to stage a sit down protest because of it is nearly delusional in my book. What is the point of going to a concert? To enjoy the music and the spectacle and the connectivity, or to get the absolute best spot you can?

By responding the way they did, these people were essentially saying "where we stand is more important than the music; how close we are to the band is more important than the connection between band and collective audience; feet and inches determine whether we have a good time, not the band's performance and the shared emotion in the room."

To me those fans acted extremely petty and selfish by actually staging a sit-down protest. In that moment they completely lost sight of what a U2 concert is about. It's not about where you're sitting, it's not about getting some sort of justice for the time you've been waiting in line. It's about the music. It's about the connection. It's not about traveling to as many cities as possible so you can say "I was in the front row for 8 different shows!" - it's about the people who are in the nosebleeds who come away saying "that was the best show I've ever seen." Seating position is irrelevant. Music and emotion rules at U2 concerts.

I saw the show twice from the heart and once from behind the stage. All 3 shows were incredible and there were moments in each where I got chills up my spine. I stood in line for 9 hours for the LA1 show, and yes, I got pissed off when I saw people cutting in line. Did that thought even enter my mind ONCE when I got into the heart and the show started? NO. Because I was there for the music, and I couldn't care less if 100 people cut in front of me - I was in the same building as U2 and I was elevated! Had I not gotten in the heart, of course I would've been disappointed, but I definitely wouldn't have done anything as ridiculous and selfish as stage a sit-down protest because my self-centered view of justice wasn't carried out. U2 did not owe me a position in the heart. If anything, these sit-down fans owed U2 a huge debt of gratitude for giving them the opportunity to see so many shows and be so close to the band in all of them. And how did they show their gratitude? Crying over one unfortunate incident as if it was the greatest injustice they had ever endured.

Spoiled brats indeed.

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I saw the show from the heart, from the point, from the nosebleed, from the floor by the mix desk. Up a slope behind 40,000 people. It was a great show and I appreciated each experience - I appreciate everything U2 gives me!!

Honestly, I doubt they see much more than a sea of faces if I am right up front anyway, unless you're lucky enough to get pulled up. I never understood the Boston protest.

Some people will never be satisfied no matter what. Some people will always be satisfied no matter what. That's just the nature of people.


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Originally posted by zooropamanda:
To me, I find those fans to be taking more than their share, but I'm not bitching about it, more power to them if thats the way they want to experience their shows.I think they are the ones who are actually missing out.
Yeah I know what you mean. On one hand I understand that yes it is first come first serve so TECHNICALLY I could have gotten to the venue like 2 days ahead of time. On the other hand, I hated how most of the beginning of the line was filled with people who had been to 20 or so concerts. I got in line at 11 pm the night before and i was #46. I am not complaining about that. I got closer to the band than I ever imagined (that was my only GA show for all legs). Anyway, so these people were holding places for people who arrived the next morning, their friends. It was very aggravating to someone who had been sleeping on the pavement all night. There were only about 20 people in front of me sleeping that night. And THAT is not fair. I didn't let them actually ruin my time but in general the GA experience kind of sucked for me. I had been looking forward to being in line with other fans and I just sort of wanted to feel part of that "community" that previous GAers had spoken of. Well for me it just wasn't there. I had a sour taste in my mouth about U2 fans after that which is horrible. But then I remembered that there is only a small percentage of those people who follow the band around, feel as if they have a 'right' to certain things, and who cry when something doesn't go their way. Certainly the most annoying part of the night (again I really tried not to let it bug me) was when U2 took the stage and I almost died from happiness and the 'usuals' in front of me seemed almost bored or indifferent. It was almost sad.

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