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The Fly
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There is a machine that is preprogramed with samples and keyboards and synths and other sounds, and there isnt anything wrong with that because unless you want 3 Edges on stage (we know there is only 1), then there is no other way to do it. Many other bands do the same thing it is common practice.

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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LOL ...4
and 15000 on air guitar, 10000 drumming on their knees and 30000 backing vocalists (rough estimation only)

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The Fly
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Tackleberry, Bono has admitted to strumming the guitar to give his hands something to do (kind of an energy release) while singing - in the past he has used this method (according to the band) to prevent himself from embarking upon his more dangerous in-the-crowd exploits. You could say this is like a 10-year old - but, well, Bono does sometimes behave like a little kid.

Of course, certainly he is playing the guitar much of the time when he appears to be - but by no means all the time.
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Why do most of you care more about watching EDGE walk around, rather then have him just play? That is the biggest problem with U2, putting true musicianship to the side, so he can gallop around the stage, while his guitar is falsified by the "UNDERWORLD" as they call it.

Also I believe this is the reason for stagnant setlists. Dallas has to have the timing perfect to hit the WAH, and a standard setlist is a must for them to be on time. This does not allow EDGE to offer any spontanaity in his solos, due to this pre-fabricated guitar playing.
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Originally posted by bu2iful:
It has always made me a little sad that EDGE is not totally in charge of his sound. Not using pedals himself, to be able to walk around is kind of lazy from a musicianship standpoint. It is almost a "lip synching" guitar,trading sound for image is a faux pas. Let Bono run around the stage, that is his job. Guitarists should do their job PLAY GUITAR!! (pedals included)
I'm not trying to rip Edge, but let's think about this. Edge is considered one of the best by many critics. Do you really think some of the best ever like Page,Hendrix,Gilmore,Anastasio,Clapton,Houser
the list goes on and on obviously, would ever consider a guitar tech having control over their live guitar? Absolutely not!! Using the pedals is as much a part of the guitar as the strings.
So in conclusion, and I have always thought this, U2 are great perfomers, but are average musicians or have become starstrucken lazy. When U2 is live, is it really live at all? I know I will get flamed for this, but please think about this before totally ripping me... Thanks for your time...

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i agree man. i play guitar, and id feel pretty dependant and limited to have a guitar "partnership" of that sort.
still, edge is the best in my eyes. hes good at guitar but he doesnt get in the way of the music. hes more like a background but u can stil notice his guitar. hes great.
i still think he should leave the running around to bono.

see u guys


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