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Old 07-06-2004, 12:37 PM   #1
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What was the best U2 show that you have attended and why?

elevation in vancouver

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You didn't say why.

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I have 3 special U2 shows and I can't choose between the three as they're all best in a certain aspect.

The first one is 9 May 1993, Rotterdam (the Zooropa Tour). It was my very first U2 concert. I was on the field, right in front of the B-stage. You know the spot where Bono jumps into the audience during UTEOTW? Well, I was just out of reach. As a first U2 live experience, nothing can top that of course (even though a lot has faded in my memory, must be the sensory overload).

My second pick is 13 July 2001, Cologne (Elevation Tour). I had GA tickets (again) and this time my sister also came with me. It was her very first U2 show. We were at the venue early, hanged around all day and chatted with other very nice U2 fans. The doors opened, the rush was there and we ended up totally at the front right before Adam's glasses! Needless to say this was my best Elevation Tour experience. And what a first show for my sister (not to mention that U2 were ON those two days in Cologne!)! It's almost three years later and she still talks about it sometimes, saying how great that concert was. Suus

My third pick is the 5 August 2001 concert in Antwerp (again Elevation Tour). I'd gotten tickets through Propaganda. They were seats on the left side, halfway between the tip of the heart and the main stage. I choose this one because I thought this was musically the best Elevation concert I attended. Bono also sang some snippets of Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad before and after Stay. Sunday Bloody Sunday was also very emotional (with references to a car bombing in Ireland) and New Year's Day was also really sweet as Bono picked two small girls from the audience and ran around the heart with them.

Gee, writing about this makes me again all excited about the new tour!

C ya!

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elevation charlotte. wasn' t their best performance, but best for me personally because i was in the front row right in front of bono. no one in front of me, and could see the whole bands expressions and interactions -the pained looked on edge's face as he looked over bono's shoulder as bono struggled to play guitar, or larry sitting crouched by his drum set singing along to the ground beneath her feet. i'll never forget that experience.

close second is popmart in san antonio. also in front row.
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There are two.

#1, Chicago, 10/15/01. I was in the heart and the closest I had ever been to U2, and at the end of the show Larry sauntered his sexy way to the front of the stage, leaned over, and gave me and ~LadyLemon~ his drumsticks!

#2 Detroit, 9/9/92. My first ever U2 show, and it just happened to fall on my first day of high school. Two very important things happening on the same day. It was also the show where they broadcasted live to the Mtv Video Music Awards, and they did EBTTRT with Garth drumming along, hehe.
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isabelle_guns - alot of your questions in this forum sound like you're writing a book.

But to answer your question - the best U2 show I've ever been to was during Elevation in Las Vegas. Why? Because we were against the wall inside the Heart with a whole gaggle of beloved Interferencers.
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Old 07-06-2004, 05:04 PM   #7
The Fly
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St. Louis -- '97 POPmart

Something in the air that night (besides weed).
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Old 07-06-2004, 05:13 PM   #8
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Dublin RDS 1993 -- We had tickets to the second show and my friend's parents knew the Edge's parents-in-laws (whew!) and got us tickets to the first night's show so we had really great General Admision spots and were so close. To see U2 on their own turf was pretty amazing.

Oakland 1997 - Oasis (my 2nd favorite band) opening up for U2 (my 1st) was something that I don't think will ever happen again. So I flew to L.A. to meet up with friends and we flew up to Oakland for the show. It was amazing. Oasis were like young Elvis, all about the songs and basics, U2 were like Fat Elvis, all about the Vegas glitz and giant Lemon and they both equally rocked. And we were right next to the b-stage which was even better.

NY, October 2001 - What NY needed. My friend got us box seats, which were great (cos it was free and we got free food and shirts and shit) but I would've rather been down in the trenches. A cathartic show that left not one eye dry at the end of it. After everything this city had endured at that time, U2 were the breath of fresh air.
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20.11.93 'Zoomerang' show at Brisbane. This show was awesome, it was my first time seeing U2 and I had been counting down the days for this gig for about two months, it was so good, my friend and I were in the standing section of the stadium and when the acoustic set was happening we were about two metres from the stage, I will never forget how blown away I was when I finally walked into the stadium at about 5 in the afternoon and saw the whole ZOOTV stage setup- those screens, the trabants- it was wicked!!! It is in my top three concerts of all time, it equally ties with Michael Franti and David Bowie
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Originally posted by martha
You didn't say why.
Silly me....it was 'cause it was my first U2 show and I got to meet Bono.
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1) zoo tv, munich, olympiahalle, 23 may 1992
my first u2 concert ever! great setlist and a place just 1m away of the catwalk
2) popmart, belfast, botanic gardens, 26 august 1997
the crowd was at the highest possible emotional level. i was dizzy the day after because for my ears it was the loudest concert ever
3) zooropa, berlin, olympic stadium, 15 june 1993
really great night at the old olympic stadium. the historical background very tense and some part of the intro was originally filmed by leni riefenstahl for the 1936 olympics at this historic place. (there is a chapter in the flanagans book "u2 at the end of the world)
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1. Dortmund June 1992. Indoor ZooTV.

Basically, cos it was a road trip from Manchester in the UK. Took a coach trip with Propaganda and the coach took 24hrs to get to the venue (many, many problems). Arrived just 2 hours before the show, so had time to eat and then get in to watch a mind-blowing show stood near the b-stage and then back on the coach to get home next day.

2. Wembley Stadium. JT June 1987.

Chaotic. Sweaty. Crowded. At the front barrier and riding on the emotional tidal wave that was U2 in 87. Barely remember any songs past the first 10 minutes.
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April 9th, 2001 - Calgary - my first U2 show. About 10 feet from the stage with my good friend - I was blown away. It was such a FUN show - there was a real electricity between the band and audience. I got shivers down my spine when I turned around to see the entire arena going crazy at the beginning of Where The Streets Have No Name, and awed at the beauty of the lighting to With Or Without You, and rocked out to Edge blazing through the Fly and Mysterious Ways. It was entirely worth the 4 hour wait in 40 degree weather.

November 11 (I think), 2001 - Los Angeles - my 2nd U2 show, about 10 feet from the stage with my (at the time) girlfriend. This show had a very different feel than the Calgary show thanks to 9/11. There were moments of pure joy (Streets, Beautiful Day) and incredible catharsis in songs like Sunday Bloody Sunday, One and Walk On (although I don't think the changed New York worked that well). We walked out in a daze at the end of the concert, and Grace floating over the PA never seemed more appropriate.
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Zoo TV Outside Broadcast Saratoga, New York. It was the first U2 show I ever saw and little did we know at the time we were right at the tip of the b stage It was mind blowing, never had seen anything like it. The begining of my U2 touring addiction.

Popmart ,Toronto, Ontario third leg. Met Bono in a bar need I say more!

Elevation , Two opeing shows in Miami . it had been a long wait in between tours. It led to 8 more road trips.

I can feel the roar of the tires under my butt right now, how long is it till March?
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Elevation, Portland. My youngest son gave me tickets for my birthday. He said he was sorry because all he could afford were the cheaper tickets. At the time we didn't know those were the floor tickets. So, I ended up closer to the stage than I had been at any of the other concerts.
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10-30-87 Chicago, sentimental choice really as it was my first U2 show. I had terrible nosebleed seats but there is just something about that first U2 concert experience. They also celebrated Larry's birthday that night and showered him and his drum kit with champagne. Also got to hear Spanish Eyes (although I admit at the time I wasnt super familiar with it).

9-9-92 Detroit, I was 3rd row right in front of Adam's mic stand (I'am actually on the video footage during EBTTRT but dont blink or you will miss it). Just a great show, full acoustic version of So Cruel was done (the only time Bono sang the whole thing) and the Garth MTV thing was unique.

6-28 and 6-29-97 Chicago. This weekend was one of the greatest I have ever experienced personally. U2 played three great shows in Chicago, these two were the best. I got to meet Bono and Edge several times that weekend, the Taste of Chicago festival was going on. U2 added some songs during these shows (NY Day and AIWIY) which for Popmart was drastic. Just a great vibe overall with all that was going on and the fact that Chicago loves U2 so much. Also didnt hurt that I hade 10th row Edge side for 6-28 and 2nd row dead center in front of Bono for the 6-29-97 show (thanks to Prop).

5-15-01 Chicago, setlist shake up with Out Of Control and 11 O Clock for the first time on Elevation. Just a great show. The setlist shake up the following night was more drastic but I thought this one was a better performance from the band.

Those are what stand out to me. Honorable mentions would be 3-27-92 Detroit (pizza night), 9-18-92 Chicago, great show, had bad seats though. 10-10-01 Notre Dame, first show post 911, setlist shake up, tiny venue.
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Old 07-08-2004, 01:19 PM   #17
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Originally posted by isabelle_guns

Silly me....it was 'cause it was my first U2 show and I got to meet Bono.
On your first try? Please tell me the secret. I've been trying for 21 years
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october 31, 2001 - providence- larrys birthday

great show, great setlist, getting to hear a full band version of party girl, then hearing please acoustic and wild honey and slow dancing

and larry talked
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Originally posted by U2Kitten

On your first try? Please tell me the secret. I've been trying for 21 years

aww there secret, just beginners luck, actually they drove up in a beated mini van to soundcheck and saw some fans and signed autographs. there weren't that many people since most were lined up in line for the GA inside the heart so they just signed for the few that were out there. I have no secrets honest otherwise i would share.
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I'll pick my faveorites from each tour that I've seen.

Oct. 4th 1989: My last concert of three in a row in Brisbane. Got close enough to give Bono roses and a note. All three nights were brilliant but being able to say a thank you, made night three the most memorable.

ZOOTV (date?) Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe AZ: 6th row right in front of Edge!!! After missing out on the JT tour and watching R&H about a dozen times in the theater, I was thrilled beyond words to be at this concert!

Popmart June 6th/9th(?) Los Angeles: Bono has said that he felt like people were out getting popcorn at this concert, but it was not like that I assure you. The performance of PLEASE this night was so moving that I will never ever forget it!

It is harder for me to pick an Elevation concert because I loved them all, but I have to put June 9th, 2001 Boston in the #1 spot. It was just the most electric, exciting and rocking U2 show that I think I have ever seen! April 3rd, 2001 Dallas will be in 2nd place. The crowd was unbelievably LOUD and no one in the arena was sitting down. After the concert about 150 to 200 fans waited and Bono and Edge both made their ways down the line shaking hands with almost every person there! I shook Bono's hand and said "Thank You" and he said "It was amazing!" He said that over and over down the line.

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