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WEEK 56 - Chart News

In the UK Charts:

Walk On makes a debut at #5! It's the lowest debut from the ATYCLB album but still it's a pretty good chart debut and the fourth top5 single from this album! If you consider the fact that ATYCLB has been out for more than a year, this is a pretty good chart position for Walk On.

On the contrary, Walk On doesn't seem to be boosting album sales in the UK since it slips 14 places down to #83. It seems that we're closing to the end of the album run in the UK charts. Still, we're happy the album was a success after all!


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Week 55/56 is a thin one. There are now only 6 charts around the world where ATYCLB is charted. Still its well over a year now since the album was released. In 11 months it will officially be a catalog album. Here is how ATYCLB did this week:

Canada #55
Netherlands #69
United States #80
United Kingdom #83
Denmark #97
France #114

Sales in the USA this week are estimated at 20,000 copies. This brings the total to 3,054,000 soundscaned(sold to consumers) 3,154,000 shipped in the USA. Worldwide sales this week were about 36,900. Total Global sales are now 10,500,400 for ATYCLB!
I think 3.5 million sold in the USA will happen now, there is a possibility for 4 million depending how the Christmas/Awards season goes.

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Just a quickie from me. I the album charts will be updated later today/this week, but here is some news from the singles section.
In its second week Walk On rises from #31 to #8. I'm very happy for it, because although the single might have had an asterisk last week (as the #31 debut was based on 2 to 3 days of sales only) who knows this some time later (this also happened to ATYCLB last year but I think many have forgotten/do not know this. Fortunately those 2 to 3 days of sales did put the album at #1). But now Walk On also had a very good second week, making it the 3rd single from ATYCLB to reach the top 10.

C ya!

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At this is already week 56 it means that ATYCLB is out for more than one year. And, unfortunately, it shows. That is one conclusion from this week's charts, courtesy of the Mega Top 100 (http://web.planet.nl/music/charts/megatop100/).
In its 56th week on the charts ATYCLB drops another 11 positions to #80. When it continues to drop with this rate I fear it may not be on the charts anymore at the end of the year. The release of Walk On hasn't helped the album (yet), but who knows, the single is only out for 1 1/2 weeks. And hopefully the release of the Elevation DVD this Monday (26 November) will also increase demand for the album.
The total run of ATYCLB so far is:
(all information prior to week 40 with many thanks to Flying Padre Jr.)

The Best Of 1980-190 has also dropped a lot, as it falls 17 places to #62. Still, for an album that is in the charts for 102 weeks this isn't that bad.
The Best Of 1980-1990's (4th?) chart run is:

The #1 album in the Netherlands is Teleromeo by K3. This is child-pop (so aimed at even younger audiences than teenpop) and that's all I have to say about it. At least they openly admit that children are their target audience.
Speaking of teenpop, Britney drops to #20, after peaking at #11 last week. Her male substitutes, the Backstreet Boys, fall to #18 with their Greatest Hits CD. Oh, and also Westlife slips one position to end out of the top ten (#11). Regarding NSUCK: who?
K3's single is at #12 on the charts.

In its second week Walk On rockets to #8 (from #31). As I already said in my other post, I'm happy this single reaches a high position after it debuted early in the charts last week. Having a high debut after only 2 days of sales is very nice, but when it isn't followed by a high position everybody will regard the single as having failed. By breaking the top 10 U2 have another big hit. In fact, it is their 21st top 10 hit, out of 32 charted releases. Not a bad record, in my book. But I don't think this single will have the longlevity Elevation had. It's only a feeling, so time will tell if I'm wrong again
Anyway, here is the chart run of Walk On:

As I said last week, the charity single What's Going On? is turning out not to be a huge hit. It drops one position this week to #27. It's a pity not that many care about charity singles anymore.
What's Going On?'s run on the charts is:

There is another new #1 in the Dutch singles charts. Dutch teen popper Sita scores a #1 with Happy. Last week's #1 De Poema's are at #2 and Enrique Iglesias complements the top 3 with his single Hero.
J-Lo? Drops to #5 and she's even beaten by Kylie Minogue.
Britney? Drops to #23.
BSB? Drops to #20.
Sometimes I think part of the Dutch population does have a good taste in music.
Sita does not have an album out (yet?) so she doesn't chart on that list.

C ya!


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Week 56 - US Chart News

In the albums: ATYCLB rises 3 spots to #77. It shows increased sales, however like we've pointed out before in this forum we expected a general increase in sales due to the season.

In the singles: Stuck In A Moment seems to have reached the end of it course since it drops 13 places down to #67. In the Adult chart it loses one spot to #10.

Mixed news for U2 this week. The album is doing a bit better, the single is dropping. I just wished U2 had released their singles in the US in the same order as in Europe. If Walk On was the single out now it would have been a huge hit after the tragic events. Instead U2 found themselves performing Walk On on TV and having Stuck played on the radio. We're talking about some bad timing!!

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They've released 4 songs in Europe, and 2 in the U.S. Makes no sense. The organization surrounding the U.S. singles has been terrible. Beautiful Day was released Sept 2000. Stuck was released 10 months later.

Who handles U2's U.S. marketing plans? They haven't done such a great job. Elevation and Walk On should have been released in the U.S.

Stuck and BD were promoted nicely. But why so far apart? Once an artist gets song of the year, you dont wait another 6 months to release a follow up single. You release it immediatly. Whoever handles U2's U.S. promotions couldn't think of this obvious fact.

Let's hope U2's promotions don't mess up the best of, their next album, or any other new singles like they have the singles, or lack of, off ATYCLB.
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Originally posted by POPMUZZZIK:

Elevation and Walk On should have been released in the U.S.
"Elevation" and "Walk On" WERE released in the US. Where were you these past months? No cd-singles were released for any of the singles of ATYCLB though. Only in Canada (yay for me!)... Either I'm right or I've been asleep for a year!

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