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The Fly
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Week 48 US Chart News

ATYCLB is at number 50 this week, up from 53 last week. Still got that double platinum certification as well.

No sign of Stuck in the top 50, and it only rose one spot on the adult top 40 chart from 19 to 18 - however it did indicate increased airplay which is still a good sign. This is consistent with the Gavin.com charts as well that the song is getting more airplay.

Best Of is number 8 on the charts - last week number 6.

Perhaps the album will rise as high up the charts as Stuck will - be interesting to watch the correlation in the weeks that follow


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I serve MacPhisto
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looks like we are back in business then-dont' forget-what the return of 'elevation' tour will do for sales

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Great to see the album rise to #50 this week. I'd put sales at 27,000 copies for this week. That brings ATYCLB USA total to 2,885,000 copies! The album will cross the 2.9 million mark next week. I predict triple platinum certification within the next two weeks.
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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not sure where to post this since we have two threads going but,

My prediction was correct, I said U2 would come in at number 49 or 50 this week. Way to go womanfish

I too would say about 27,000 copies.

Other chart news.
JayZ is still at number one, but barely
Alicia Keys at number 2 and certified 3 million.
Totally hits debuts at number 3
Enya is the greatest gainer yet again and moves to number 4.
another big move up came from Usher who went from #23 to #9!

There were also some VERY big drops this week on the chart. Most from debuts of the last couple weeks.
Martina McBride 5 to 16
Diana Krall - 9 to 17
Macy Gray - 11 to 19
Gerald Levert - 6 to 23!
Tori Amos - 4 to 27!!
Live - 22 to 36!

There were 4 debuts in the top 50 and there will be about 4 or 5 next week.

I predict U2 will slide to number 55 next week on the Billboard charts
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what's with america's obsession with enya? i know it's been the musical backdrop to events in certain areas, but... does that mean people should buy it?
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The Fly
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Womanfish- You are the MAN! you were right, and thats why I trust your theories more than anyone elses...even docwho! However, you think u2 will fall to 55. You maybe right but im gonna go out on a limb and say they will rise to 48!!!!! Im fellin a little crazy but I have my reasons. I see 7 albums on billboard that i think they will pass and about 5 new albums to enter. I think that Stuck will continue to get airplay and video play, which may boost or level sales. I have one goal!!!!! U2 in the top 50-75 when Thanx giving sales and xmass sales start to kick in!!!!! If they could pick up that huge wave of sales we MIGHT see 4x platinum. What do ya think!!!!
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It will take all that plus total success at the Grammy's to get close to 4 times platinum. But it is possible.
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Well, I may have been a little rash saying next week they will be at 55, but I think that will be close. I am hoping for closer to 52 or 53, but it will be tough. There will most likely be 5 debuts in the top 50: Ja Rule, Garbage, Elton John, Oysterhead and
Gary Allen.

I say I may have been rash because there aren't a lot of strong albums right around U2 on the charts right now. I do think they will be passed up by the Training Day soundtrack though, which is rising fast underneath them.

I do think that U2's sales have definitely slid slightly this week. It was boud to happen sometime, they have had substantial increases for the past 6 weeks. (58 spots in 6 weeks!)

So I am hoping for 52 or 53, and I don't think they will be much lower than 55.

I will be gone on vacation this next week so I won't see what happens until the 15th, but I'm sure everyone here will keep it all updated

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Originally posted by vox626:
Womanfish- You are the MAN! you were right, and thats why I trust your theories more than anyone elses...even docwho!


To my defense, I rarely make predictions. Womanfish, to his credit, is wonderful at them. I don't make predictions because I'm terrible at them. For example, early this year, I thought "Elevation" would be the song to rejuvenate the album; whereas, "Stuck..." would bomb. Just the opposite has happened. "Elevation" made only a little noise on the charts while "Stuck..." has gone on to become U2's second biggest hit (so far) from ATYCLB and has rejuvenated the album, rising it over 58 spots to date.

All I do is report actual figures and present trends. For example, the sales trends I posted a few weeks back (prior to my trip to Spain - click here) were based on sales at the beginning of September. However, due to the tragedies of Sep. 11th, clearly those trends no longer hold true. I would estimate that one could still use those trends but just subtract approximately 10% from the sales figures to obtain fairly accurate sales numbers for these past few weeks.

If I have to predict, I think ATYCLB will go up just a few more spots this coming week - to #48 or so. Much of this depends, of course, on how big "Stuck..." will become. If the song can crack the Top 40 in the U.S., we may see ATYCLB return to the Top 40 as well.

One thing that is good is that with ATYCLB now in the Top 50, it should hold fairly steady with the tour re-starting in a few days. As we observed with the first leg of the tour, the album should hold steady on this third leg and the success of "Stuck..." may push it higher (on the charts). 3x Platinum is now assured (may come very close to this number in actual sales by the one-year anniversary) with the goal now being 4x Platinum.
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The Fly
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Yeees Sir!!!

"Hey, pardon me for askin', but who's that little ol' man?..."

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