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Old 12-16-2004, 11:19 PM   #61
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I am sitting with my Ipod listening to Tomorrow, this is a great song lyrically. I believe the song is about the day of his mother's funeral. How he felt that day that he is sitting in his room and he sings ' Won't you come back tomorrow". "Can I sleep tonight"? "Outside , somebody's outside". 'Somebody's looking at the door, there's a black car parked on the side of the road". There is more there but it is about the funeral car. This is just a very emotional song and sad, but very powerful.

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Until The End Of The World.

Hands down. No contest.


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Old 12-17-2004, 02:24 AM   #63
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I want to run, I want to hide...

Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief, all kill their inspiration and sing about their grief

an intellectual tortoise, racing with your bullet train

In the howling wind comes a stinging rain
See it driving nails
Into the souls on the tree of pain
From the firefly, a red orange glow
See the face of fear
Running scared in the valley below

all your daughters of Zion, all your Abraham's sons

I can't believe the news today

Dressing like your sister
Living like a tart
They don't know what you're doing
Babe, it must be art
You're a headache
In a suitcase
You're a star

In my dream I was drowning my sorrows
But my sorrows, they learned to swim
Surrounding me, going down on me
Spilling over the brim
Waves of regret and waves of joy
I reached out for the one I tried to destroy
You...you said you'd wait
'til the end of the world

A star, lit up like a cigar
Strung out like a guitar
Maybe you can educate my mind
Explain all these controls
I can't sing but I've got soul
The goal is elevation

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Old 12-17-2004, 05:15 AM   #64
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Boomerang I or Bass Trap or 60 Seconds in Kingdom Come
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Old 12-17-2004, 05:55 AM   #65
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Originally posted by Axver
Oh, I actually agree with you (though I prefer NYD as a song); I was just providing a completely random example.
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Originally posted by 80sU2isBest
Boomerang I or Bass Trap or 60 Seconds in Kingdom Come
And Things To Make And Do! INCREDIBLE lyrics right there!
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Two choices which may not be as popular as others: Please and Walk On.

Actually, how can you pick only one? There are so many excellent lyrics over the years that Bono has written.

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Id vote for So Cruel here the most under rated song in U2s musical genious
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Old 12-17-2004, 04:51 PM   #69
love, blood, life
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You ask me to enter
but then you make me crawl
and I can't be holding on
to what you got
when all you got is hurt

one love
one blood
one life
you got to do what you should

one life
with each other

one life
but we're not the same
we get to carry each other
carry each other

Some of the greatest lyrics ever written.

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