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Old 12-22-2004, 06:22 PM   #1
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U2, their fans and Bono's quest to save the world

Anyone else think it's ironic(or even hypocritical) that Many U2 fans are upset(or at least frustrated) at the Bono's time put into the debt relief/Africa campaign the past few years? I even heard Eno got pissed when a session was interupted for Bono to take a phonecall from the pope.
Go back 20 years. U2 begins to change from being one of a few "good new bands with potential" ,to "Greatness."
The reason? Bono sings "that line" from the band aid single, and then defining Live aid in twenty minutes. All because Bono's hearts into a concern. After liveaid noone here's peep from them in 6 months-during that time their fanbase probably doubles.
Now ,in 2004 ,Bonos still doing what he can for the same concern that drove him in the 80s, but now people say he should forget that stuff and just pump out records like elvis.
That dis' just kind of bugs me.

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The Fly
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good point, but I (personally) have not heard very much about fans being "upset". of course, yeah we wanted the new album, but I dont think there was THAT much anger over it.
overall I think CPTLCTYGOOFBALL makes a very good point!

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Personally, I admire what Bono does to save the world in his spare time from U2, but it is still a side project.
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I personally find it impressive that Bono can manage to juggle his work with Africa, making records, touring, and his family. He always manages to make time for every one of those things-I don't know if I could do that.

I imagine his bandmates and the other people involved in making records sometimes probably do wish he were around more during recording sessions and stuff, but they've also said that they know if they really need him for something, he won't let them down, he'll be there if necessary. And they manage to get on fine when he's not there, too. And they do respect the work he does, have even donated a little of their own time to some of his work as well as their own little charity things, so...it all manages to work out. As long as both the Africans are getting help and the band is working well and getting everything done that they need to do, I personally have no complaints either way.

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I've been looking over articles and newsclips and whatnot about Bono's 'other' work from just the last four years (GWB's first four years). With the new album, huge world tour (well, it looks to be longer than the Elevation tour anyways), and him talking about putting out another record (which I am not holding my breath for) - with all that, I'm just hoping he DOES take time out from being a member of U2 to continue his 'quest to save the world.'

Maybe it's just because I notice it all more because it's what he's doing, but it seems to me that he keeps the dialogue going, keeps pressure on people - just lending his name or a personal appearance to many good causes makes people sit up and take notice. Over the last four years, it seems Bono has been everyDAMNwhere speaking to everyDAMNbody... in some circles, people know his speech-making voice far better than his singing voice. (He does need to vary his speeches a bit more though!)

I love U2, and I am ecstatic about the new album and can't wait to see them in concert next year. Yes, his first job is his music. But he doesn't owe his fans anything except his best effort - and if it takes him a bit longer to make his musical best effort because he's making his world-changing best effort, then that's fine with me.

just my thoughts...

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Originally posted by rivergoat
But he doesn't owe his fans anything except his best effort - and if it takes him a bit longer to make his musical best effort because he's making his world-changing best effort, then that's fine with me.
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Great to see a thread which unequivocably supports BONO'S RIGHT TO BE HIMSELF and to do those things in life that brings him satisfaction and peace of mind.

Bono has always said his first love is music, but that he will continue the rest of his life to advocate for justice for the world's poorest people as a private citizen.

That is his right and no one really has the right to try to tell him what he should or should not do in his private time.

Everyone in U2, including Paul McGuinness, has said that Bono creates better music when he has the space to devote the time necessary to his humanitarian endeavors. They all support Bono in what he does for the world's poorest people - so why shouldn't we?

Thanks SO MUCH for this thread - it has a beautiful purpose and feeling to it.

And THANK YOU, BONO, for all that you are and for all that you give the world. Please - DON'T EVER CHANGE! We love and respect you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

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