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U2 songs and the Gospel

If you were going to burn a cd that told the Gospel story, how would it look?

Future Glory

I'll add mine later

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Great post idea...

Creation - Where The Streets Have No Name (if it they were just created, they ain't got names yet)
Love - A toss up between When Love Comes To Town (a celebration of the power of love) or All I Want Is You (stripping away the material items of the world and breaking it down to the core)
Sin - Acrobat (the sneakiness and duality of sin has never been verbalized better than, "I must be an acrobat to talk like this and act like that...")
Christ/Redemption - One Tree Hill (there's something glorious about the lyric in that song that makes me think of a Higher Power of some kind)
Forgiveness/Grace - Ah, Grace would be too easy a choice, so I'm going to go with Please (the harsh realities of this world waking one up to get up off their knees and live their life)
Future Glory - Walk On/Beautiful Day (leave it all behind and walk on...sounds pretty good to me)

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hmm...that was pretty good Rafiennes
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Old 09-18-2003, 03:40 PM   #4
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Thanks Browneyed...This is a really cool idea for a post, more people should respond...or else!!!
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Creation: Beautiful Day

"see the world in green and blue/ see china right in front of you
see the canyons broken by cloud/ see the tuna fleet clearing the sea out
see the bedouin fires at night/ see the oil fields at first light
see the bird with a leaf in her mouth, after the flood all the colors came out"

Ok, even though the last line is a reference to Noahs Ark, the rest is easily viewed as creation, at least to me.

Love- Discotheque

"you can reach/but you can't grab it/ you can hold it control it
you cant bag it/ you can push/ you cant direct it....."

while it might not be liked by many (i happen to love it), it IS a riddle about love, and I think the first verse captures it well.

Sin: So Cruel

"love- like a screamin' flower/love - dying every hour...love
you dont know if its fear or desire/ danger the drug that takes you higher..."

to me, especially you dont know if its fear or desire, captures sin. you dont know why youre sinning- whether youre scared or pressrued or tempted, or if you really WANT to do whatever you are doing. I may be reaching, but whatever.

Christ/Redemption- A Sort of Homecoming

"i'll be there tonight.../oh come away....
no spoken words/ just a scream....
tonight, we'll build a bridge across the sea and land...
ill be there..."

Christ said he would rise again when he said he'd tear down and rebuild the temple and rebuild it in three days. figureative of course of what would eventually happen. when Christ rose again, he didn't "say" anything , but his actions were like a scream... and the bridge could easily be the bridge across the sea and land that was built to heaven when he conquered death.

Forgiveness- Walk On

"leave it behind/ all that you fashion, all that you make... etc"

Leave everything you've done behind, all the sins, everything... Walk on and leave it behind... fits well I think.

Future Glory- New Years Day

"i will be with you again"

jesus will be with us again eventually, whether it be by the second coming or when we get to heaven...

Beautiful Day
So Cruel
A Sort of Homecoming
Walk On
New Years Day
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Great post StlElevation

Here are some of my thoughts...

4th of July - just feels like it could be the soundtrack to God creating the heavens and the earth
Scarlet - And on the 7th day, God rested - and rejoiced at what he'd made

(still thinking about it)

Acrobat - pretty obvious reasons
The Fly - the lead-in to redemption

One - can be seen as an interpretation of Christ being the One love we all share - sums up a lot of what he spoke about

Until the End of the World - all about Christ's last days thru the eyes of Judas

With a Shout - Christ is gone, where is the hope?

October - what starts in hopelessness ends in total hope - "you go on and on". Makes me think of when Jesus cooked breakfast for the disciples after the resurrection.

Gloria - Christ is alive!

Grace - sums up the idea pretty nicely

Walk On - letting go of the chains that bind

Mysterious Ways - Christ ascends but leaves us the Holy Spirit

Future Glory
Where the Streets Have No Name



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