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U2: 15 to 1 - What You Like and Why You Like It

Having been a lurker on here for a while, I thought I would start a thread with a semi-positive outlook, cos' it seems that a lot of time here is spent saying what people don't like about U2, how about talking about what you do like.

The point is that everyone who listens to U2 has a valid opinion, and I would like to hear people's explanations for their top 15 (I don't like Top 10s, so sue me) U2 songs in reverse order.

To start the ball rolling, here are my favourites:

15: A Sort of Homecoming - Celtic rock, lyrically inspired

14 - Pride - The one that made them big, the one that I can recall hearing standing on a hill a couple of miles from Croke Park during their 1985 homecoming concert

13 - Exit - U2 go to the dark side. Really. Darker than they normally go. Bad side of the law dark even.

12 - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock - Edge's guitar chiming, Bono wailing, the whole band rocking and driving

11 - Gone - A shimmering, passionate up yours to the world, a more upbeat version of "Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down".

10: COBL - Streets-like opening, a classic U2 builder, until...."I'm getting ready to leave the ground"

9 - The Ground Beneath Her Feet - A song that fits the book it was written for, a song that fits U2 and begs to be sung.

8 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (acoustic version) - I love this for the heartbreaking sadness rather than the original angry defiance. And as ever, the Edge shines.

7 - 40 - U2's closer that I've never heard live, but a song that never fails to stir me on album or video.

6 - Stay - Most days this is my favourite U2 song, possibly because it's the one I enjoy singing most. Today writing this list, however, it can only get this high on the ladder. Still a stunning piece of writing, singing, and overall performance.

5 - One - the universal U2 song. Wonderful, aching words, emotionally stirring, and the killer phrase: "Carry each other. Carry each other. One"

4 - Where the Streets Have No Name - U2's best live song, and possibly the best opening to a song. Ever.

3 - Miracle Drug - these last three are really interchangeable but ever since I first heard this sublime song it has never failed to give me a thrill. The sound, the lyrics, the last minute of the song....Wow.

2 - WOWY (Stars version) - An ecstatic moment, even in the vicious throes of love. As always the Edge's sound is supreme, Bono voices torment with the best of them, and the "stars" section just caps it off.


1 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - the most naked song U2 have done, it sums up why the band are still the best around in my view. Songs with heart, with emotion, that touch you and make you want to nod your head, pump your fist and cry at the same time. It has the most shattering couplet in the U2 catalogue: "SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING, you're the reason I sing / You're the reason why the opera's in me"

As you can see, I'm including the Million Dolllar Hotel soundtrack, so the lists are open to all comers. If you like Mission Impossible better than anything else the band has done, that's cool, say so. But say why as well, not why you can't stand every other song that's on everyone else's list.


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First let me say, that this really hurt my brain....and this list is subject to change based upon mood. But, here you go....

15. Drowning Man - love the poetry, the build up, very emotional (recurring theme throught my choices). simple song but w/ many layers and dimensions.

14. Exit - Heavy, haunting, U2 should explore this vibe more.

13. Staring at the Sun - same thoughts as Drowning Man, love it to pieces.

12. Numb - SOOO different, such a risk/gamble....cool as all heck !

11. Hawkmoon 269 - love the music and lyrics and lyric delivery - this song could be 20 minutes long and I'd still want more.

10. HMTMKMKM - heavy 1990s U2 - new direction sonically, one their best "unnoticed songs"

9. I Will Follow - this started it all. great for any mood. best when blasted at a party.

8. Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own - gut wrenching, epic balad not equaled by many other songs.

7. All I Want is You - same thoughts as # 8. pure genious in it's simplicity and amazing U2 build and climax. Edge wails at the end

6. God II - angry Bono, love it, Larry just bashing all over the place.

5. Acrobat - lyrical masterpiece, Larry doing what he does best.

4. Bad - there isn't much to be said about this one that hasn't been said before - TIMELESS

3. One - words can't describe the beauty that anyone on the globe can appreciate. also prevented the potential breakup of the band. Universal yet personal, in a John Lennon sort of way.

2. Elvis Presley and America - it gets bashed all the time. but there isn't any other song that just reaks of emotion. Love the accoustic guitar, love the final climax, love that he mumbles eerything - leaves the listener to interpret the meaning any way he/she wants. this song can be anything you want it to be.

1. The Fly - for a zillion different reasons. Dirty, metallic, sexxxy, dark, dancable, lyrically brilliant, the whole band at their peak. a risk for U2, 1990s u2, a big F@ck you to the old U2. Basically "this is how we sound now, you don't like it, screw off". Live, it takes on a whole new persona and life. During Zoo Tv, the shades, the tvs, the leather jacket, the "hamming it up by Bono", poking fun at themselves and us.....i can't think of another song, that gets me going.....

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Thanks, Numb, for joining in the experiment....

You have some really cool songs on there. From your post the emotions of the songs seem to grab you. Do you differentiate between live and album versions as far as the emotions go?

In my list, for example, SBS I think has a much different emotional feel to it when it's just an acoustic guitar and a lone, pure voice in a stadium, or the martial sound of Larry's drum and the Edge's guitar on the original.

I suppose the variety of U2's work and the numbers of fans around the traps means there is an infinite number of combinations of favourite songs out there - which is why I was interested in hearing what pushed different people's buttons.
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Do I differentiate between live and album versions as far as emotions go? Probably....some songs take on a new life when you hear them live such as Please, Streets, Until the End of the World, One.....

However, I think U2 do a fantastic job at capturing emotional vibes on CD. It's pretty amazing.
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Wow, Streets, that's an amazing list. Love the inclusion of the 3 HTDAAB classics, Exit and The Ground Beneath Her Feet. Here's mine:

15. Running To Stand Still - Best Bono lyrics ever. The atmosphere and the build-up of the song is incredible. A timeless classic I can always return to. Notable mention: live version in Rotterdam, January 5th 1990. A 5:30 version with added lyrics.

14. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock(live) - Sums up everything U2 was in the early 80's. Young band full of energy, excitement and chemistry, with a VERY talented guitarist. Amazing riff and solo, Edge.

13. Tomorrow - I love Celtic sounds. Love the build-up and performances of everybody, but especially Bono. Along with Sometimes and Mofo, his most personal song ever. You can feel the pain in his beautiful vocals.

12. The Unforgettable Fire - Unique, brilliant. Maybe the best intro of any song I ever heard.

11. New Year's Day - Catchy and deep at the same time. Very intriguing vocals, excellent bassline(duh) and I love the exchange between piano and guitar. Best song from the pre-Eno/Lanois era.

10. Ultra Violet(Light My Way) - Everything is amazing here and you can see here how Bono and Edge complete themselves in the beautiful "Ultravioleeeeet" part.

9. Mysterious Ways(live) - Forget the studio version. This is a live masterpiece. Larry's drumming is extraordinary and I don't have to mention the amazing slide solo at the end. Bono's often improvisations at the end are also great.

8. Love is Blindness(live) - I can't believe this is so low on my list. It kinda proves just how good this band is. The live version from Birmingham, June 1st 1992 contains my favorite solo ever. A chilling piece of guitarplaying. I've never heard something so dark, haunting and beautiful at the same time.

7. Acrobat - Larry's best drumbeat ever, Edge's incredible solo and one of the best chorus riffs ever, combined with Bono's sincere and emotional vocals. Breathtaking.

6. Lemon - The epic, experimental masterpiece. "Midnight is where the day begins" - the piano melody is timeless, the cellos are chilling and it contains best Bono performance ever.

5. Miracle Drug - Since I heard that shitty Spanish clip a few months ago, I knew this will be a classic. That slide solo in the middle is one of the best Edge's work ever. Not to mention the verse after that; U2 at their creative peak. A beautiful story put into 4 minutes of musical bliss.

4. One - Do I have to explain this? Lyrics with universal theme, but at the same time very personal. Edge's riff at the end...unable to put into words.

3. The Fly - For me, best studio U2 ever. Everything is assembled here. This song showed the new U2, U2 with balls, U2 who ROCK! One of my favorite pieces of music ever when Edge's amazing solo returns to the chorus.

2. Bullet the Blue Sky(live) - No, U2, don't you ever throw this song away from the setlist. One of my favorite rock songs ever. The live versions from 1992 are perfect. Bono's anger is so truthful, Edge has never been so powerful with his solo which summons all the big guitarists into one and Adam and Larry prove with this track they are the coolest rhythm segment in the last 20 years or so.

1. With or Without You(live: 1987-1992) - Performances of this song from 87-92 are sacred. Shine Like Stars verse is the most emotional and brilliant verse never heard. Edge's simple riff at the end in the R&H movie shows he is a unique musician, with the ability to turn the two notes in something heavenly. Bono's improvisations and vocals in general had never been better. Not to mention Adam's immortal bassline and Larry's powerful drumming. Listen to the Croke Park 1987(June 27th) 8-minute version. Bono CAN play guitar, believe me.

Tunes that barely didn't make the list: Bad(live), The Ground Beneath Her Feet, City of Blinding Lights, Where the Streets Have No Name, Exit. Damn. Why didn't I make top 20 list?
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How hard is it to squeeze the songs you really love into a list like this?? I really like a lot of songs from AB, but I only have One in the top 15. Obviously I like JT a lot, but I think there's nine albums represented in my top 15.

Its a bugger of a job!!!

Stop making great records U2, so I can at least start to consolidate my favourites list!! I don't like having to add 3 songs to my top 10 a quarter of a century into the life of the band....

j/k :-)
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15. Ultraviolet - When Bono whispers "All right now" I was hooked. One of many favorites on Achtung Baby.

14. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Just a classic track. I would probably have it higher but I can't shake that awful video.

13. The Fly - The first time I heard this song I was like WTF? but ended up loving it in no time. This was the song that changed everything.

12. Bad - Bono's best vocals, and some of the Edge's sweetest guitar work.

11. Mysterious Ways - Listen to this song on some good headphones sometime and really take it all in. Such an awesome mix. (And it rocks).

10. Elevation - Great intro, great verses, great chorus, great bridge. All the boys are tearing it up on this track.

9. New Year's Day - The oldest song on my list

8. Do You Feel Loved - DAMN this song is cool! Other than UTEOTW, this is my favorite U2 song of the 1990s.

7. All I Want Is You - A very beautiful and simple song. I really became a huge fan after seeing R&H in the theater, and being in eighth grade at the time I was a sucker for the ballads.

6. Where The Streets Have No Name - First song on the first U2 albuym I ever bought. I remember listening to this song as my plane lifted off from Honolulu in the summer of 1989, and that's what I think of every time Streets begins. If I were to make a mix of the quintessential U2 songs, this would be Track No. 1.

5. City Of Blinding Lights - Such an amazing blend of old and new. I love the epic buildup. It's as if it was sired by The Unforgettable Fire and carried by The Joshua Tree. Best U2 song since UTEOW.

4. Pride - his is the first U2 song I can remember hearing, because I had just gotten MTV and they never played U2 on the radio where I lived. Over the years I realized what a classic it is. The guitar intro is so awesome. If I were a baseball player, this would be the song they play for all of my at-bats.

3. Running To Stand Still - What can I say, I like their 'slow' songs. And this song really drove my first girlfriend crazy. I think we had it on repeat until about 5 a.m. the night of that lock-in.

2. Until The End Of The World - While it took a while for the rest of Achtung Baby to grow on me, this one was instant. It might have also had to do with the fact that it was cool at my HS to have loud bass on your car stereo, and this song made my crappy factory stereo speakers BUMP!!

1. With Or Without You - Everything about this track is spot-on perfect. I had heard U2 songs before this one but this was the first to actually compel me to go get a U2 album. Still the best after all these years
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Damn this is an interesting topic. But to be honest I really can't pick my top 15 tunes. I could start putting it together but I could not finish it for sure.
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15. One tree hill- Amazing bridge, great synth and ambiance
14. In a little while- Great underrated and trully stripped U2 song
13. 11 Oclock tick tock- One of their first true epic songs
12. Where the streets have no name-Has maintained its greatness amidst all of U2's changes
11. Lemon- Six minutes and 50 minutes of pure bliss
10. Gone- It simply rocks
9. Do you feel loved-Great dance groove and great lyrics
8. Gloria-Makes me wanna jump
7. Even better than the real thing-Amazing drums and bass
6. Love comes tumbling-A true gem lost among the other great ones
5. Until the end of the world-Made to be played live 4 ever
4. The fly-Crunchy guitar and caustic lyrics
3. Sunday bloody sunday-Amazing and has aged well
2. New Years day-Ditto
1. In gods country-For me it shows the true essence of U2. Guitar lyrics, Adams bass solo. A short song, but I think it truly represents the "sound" of U2 from A to Z.

I cant really describe these songs, but this is my list
Most of these songs have great ambience and atmospherics.

Pre UF- 4 songs
UF to JT-4 songs
AB to POP-6 songs
ATYCLB to Now- 1 song
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haha, nobody's list is even going to be close to mine. if i had to make a top 25, you'd see new years day, sunday bloody sunday, bad for sure... but since it's top 15, some cuts have to be made.

15- please- some people say they tried to make sunday bloody sunday version 2, well if they did, they did it one better. love every second of this song, and even more so live (per usual), with bono wailing at the end, and the sunday bloody sunday drum beat in the middle verse.

14- sometimes you can't make it on your own- u2's most emotional song,kicks you in the ass when the song switches gears around 3 minute mark and then bono belts out sinnnnnnng? musical bliss.

13- beautiful day- awesome song, deserving of the recognition and (over)play that it got. can't really get enough of it, or any of these songs for that matter.

12- mofo- pop and how to dismantle an atomic bomb are my two favorite U2 albums (can't pick between them). just an extrodinary song, in my opinion, bono's best lyrics.

11- dirty day- these days, days, days run away like horses over the hill... best song from zooropa, just a great song, really hoping they bring it back for this tour (yeah, right.)

10- last night on earth- especially the single version and live. its not the last night on earth... pop life in (insert city u2 are playing at here)... just love the song.

9- pride - i personally think the studio version of this song is the best bono vocal ever, and really can't be topped. this is as good as his voice ever sounded, the beat is great, the guitar is classic.

8- do you feel loved- one of my favorite beats by u2, love the bass, love the lyrics, love everything about the song.

7- gone- probably pop's "best" song, although not my "favorite" from pop, if that makes sense. fantastic song, even better live.

6- all because of you- i don't get why people have such animosity to this song on these boards, for the past year + people have been bitching for a "rawk!!!!!" album, and here they finally make a great rock song with a freaking awesome solo in it. love all 3 guitars, love the melody, love the hook.

5- vertigo- u2 couldn't have picked a better first single. probably my favorite riff by the edge, love the bass, melody, everything about it. one of u2's rockiest songs, and it's awesome. no matter how many times i see the ipod commercial or hear it on the radio, i can't tire from it.

4- with or without you- i remember being like 2 or 3 years old in 1989-1990 and trying to sing this song in the car when i heard it on the radio when we were driving to massachusetts. loved it then (see i was a smart baby), love it now.

3- until the end of the world- kick ass song , love the lyrics about jesus and judas, so much energy in this song, once you listen to the live versions you just can't listen to anything else of this song.

2- where the streets have no name - i think this is u2's best song, but it's not my favorite, if that makes any sense. really boils down this being a perfect song in a live realm. listening to this song live is musical perfection.

1- discotheque- haha, i just love this song. my favorite song, ever. be the song that you hear in your head... this is the song i hear in my head.
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15: The Fly - "every artist is a cannibal every poet is a thief now kill there inspiration and sing about their grief" enough said.
14: Acrobat - one of edges finest momnets
13: A sort of homecoming - great lyrics
12: Unforgetable Fire - U2 at their atmospheric best
11: Gone (new mix) - Great lyrics, drums and bass
10: Discotheque - Guitar riff WOW
9: Please - Really underrated. Great everthing
8: Stay - Timeless classic, not acoustic though drums needed
7: Sunday bloody sunday - As I'm Irish lyrics and emotions run high in this song. Rattle & Hum version is unbeliviable
6: One - Dark lyrics and great guitar
5: Orignal of the species - Great lyrics and piano hopefully it get the recognition it deseves
4: Until the end of the world: Rocks live
3: Running to stand still: Drums and lyrics are brill
2: Streets- Timeless classic
1: Bad - U2 at their most passionate and atmospheric

phew that was hard
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15) Walk On
14) Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
13) Lemon
12) Beautiful Day
11) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
10) Until the End of the World
9) Stay
8) Pride
7) New Year's Day
6) Mysterious Ways
5) Bad
4) One
3) With or Without You
2) Where the Streets Have No Name
1) Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own

I don't have time to post why I like it now, so much 2 say, not enuf time
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Damn, this is hard. OK, let's go:

Honorable mention: Please (Single Version)
A great lyric, and one of Edge's best guitar solos, hands down. I love this song so much.

15. I Will Follow
An energetic, yet emotionally moving song about Bono's mom - it somehow manages to get me pumped up and also a little sad at the exact same time. It's difficult even thinking about a young, 19 year old Bono writing this touching lyric.

14. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Rattle and Hum Movie version)
An already fantastic song in its own right, this performance is simply the best version that exists today. The entire speech in the middle, though obviously rehearsed beforehand, is still so moving: "...and the glory of the revolution, and the glory of DYING for the revolution. FUCK THE REVOLUTION!" It's representative of everything Bono feels and sings about, and it's filled with such rage you can't help but be moved.

13. Running To Stand Still (Zoo TV performance)
This one was a grower for me. When I first bought The Joshua Tree, I only listened to the first 3 tracks, over and over again. Now #5 on the album is one of my most played. The last verse is some of the strongest songwriting on the entire album. Great stuff. The Zoo TV performances take this song to another place, and the Hallelujahs at the end make this song a classic for the ages.

12. Miracle Drug
A great song all the way through, but once it hits the 2:45 mark, it becomes one of the best songs U2 has ever recorded, period. Amazing.

11. All I Want Is You
The studio version is great, and the climax towards the end is emotionally gripping stuff, with Bono's wails and Edge's great guitar work. But this song is even better when performed live, with Bono and the crowd singing back and forth to each other. It's a symbolic representation of the relationship Bono has with his fans. He lives for us, and we live for him.

10. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Lyrically, this is one of U2's best. It was really tough figuring out the placement for this song, because it's such a great one, and also so different, lyrically, from anything else Bono has ever done. This is one of the few songs that can't really be interpreted two ways (as both religious and romantic). It's very straightforward, in that its specifically about a woman who is in the middle of an abusive relationship, and the chorus is more powerful because of it. Listening to the song, I could imagine myself there, wishing I could help the girl as well. The live versions are great too - it was pratcically makde for an acoustic rendition.

9. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Cumbersome title, great song. I remember the first time I listened to it: I had just burned the CD after it was leaked, and I was driving through a very rural part of Davis. The sun was just beginning to set, casting a golden hue over the farmland and grapevines. As I drove down the empty road, with nothing but valleys and the dimming light of the sun in the distance, Bono hit his "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing" line and I completely lost myself in the emotion of the song. My eyes began to well up as I thought about my own father, and how painful it would be to lose him. Thankfully I snapped out of it before I could get in an accident!

8. The Fly
The sound of four men chopping down the Joshua Tree. I hate how great that line is! Bono really hit the nail on the head with that sound bite. This is really a great song, and the sound of the band giving a big 'F You' to all of the critics who thought they were limited to a particular style of music. A bloody great beat, too.

7. Love Is Blindness (Live from Sydney)
A dark, painful song. I think everyone of us can relate to this tune at some point in our lives. But the live Zoo TV version blows the studio version out of the water. The solo Edge rips into about 3/4s of the way in just...there are no words to describe it. A complete emotional release.

6. Beautiful Day
The anthem I played roughly two dozen times after hearing from my mom over the phone that I had been accepted into my dream university. I just drove around in my car for a good couple of hours and kept blaring this tune, singing along with a huge smile on my face the entire time.

5. Pride
Amazing. If you ever want to give someone an example of what Bono was capable of at the peak of his vocal ability, play them this song. I can't even come close to hitting the note he hits when he sings, "In the naaaaaaaame...". It blows me away.

4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Probably the U2 song I can most personally relate to. Born and raised a Christian, I have been going through some dark times in my faith the last few years. I can sing along the chorus with a conviction that I don't think many others can. This song hits me deep inside my innermost character. It will always be the story of my life, as I will continue to try and reconcile my intellectualism with my deeply-rooted faith.

3. Until The End Of The World
For me, this is the perfect companion to ISHFWILF. It has my favorite U2 lyric of all time: "Waves of regret, waves of joy - I reached out for the one I tried to destroy." I mean, holy shit. Can a lyric ever get better than that? I'd chop off my left arm to write something that brilliant. An amazing, amazing, amazing song. Moves me very deeply, for the same reasons #4 does.

2. Tied: Where The Streets Have No Name/With Or Without You
I have to give them both the #2 slot, simply because they don't belong anywhere else. They are both such great songs, and they become something spiritual and magical when performed live. Each song takes me out of my body and floats me to the ceiling of the arena when performed. Every fan out there understands what I'm talking about.

1. One
I know it's cliched, but this really is U2's best song, in my opinion. Universal while simultansouely incredibly personal, this song can be applied to a broken love, a fractured relationship, a wayward friendship, or anything else that was once dear that has since gone awry. The live version from 1995 with the violins is amazing, and the added live verse "You hear me comin' love, you hear me call, hear me scratchin', will you make me crawl..." is even better than the real thing, if you get my drift.
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15. One
14. Red Hill Mining Town
13. Stay
12. Where the Streets Have No Name
11. An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart
10. Rejoice
9. Electric Co.
7. *tie*City of Blinding Lights/Original of the Species
5. *tie* The Three Sunrises/Love Comes tumbling
4. Lemon
3. Acrobat
2. The Fly (Live from Boston- [Elevation DVD])
1. Zooropa
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I just looked over and realized I forgot to include "Bad". It would place pretty high on the list, at least within the Top 10, if not Top 5. The Live Aid version is amazing. It's just far too difficult to pick 15 songs that are my favorite, since the list changes depending on my mood, where I am in my life, etc. I don't want people thinking I have no love for Bad! Such a classic tune.

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Originally posted by Miggy D
Damn, this is hard.
My thoughts exactly. But I'll give it a go anyway. Let's see here...

Overall, my list is subject to change, too. There's a few constants, but...

So, top 15 songs...

15. The Sweetest Thing: Adorable song, love the video for it and the story behind it. One song I remember hearing a lot back before I became a big U2 fan. I loved it then and I love it now.
14. Sunday Bloody Sunday: Used this song as part of an anti-war thing I participated in. It's a fantastic song that I can relate so well to-I understand the frustration and sadness Bono's feeling in it, I love the marching drum beat that Larry gives, and then there's the infamous rant that was given during a live version of this song, and it, along with this song, just sums up perfectly all my feelings regarding war and violence and everything.
13. Staring At The Sun: Things I particularly love about this song-Edge's guitar, I think it just sounds awesome throughout, the lyrics, and the way Bono sings the song. It's another song I remember hearing a lot before I became a big U2 fan, and another one that I liked a lot.
12. City Of Blinding Lights: I love the way this song starts out. I love the chorus lines. I love how it's reminiscent of The Unforgettable Fire, one of my favorite U2 albums. It just works so well, and builds up into an amazing climax at the end.
11. Love Is Blindness: Haunting, dark song, but it puts me in a trance when I hear it. It's another one that has great lyrics with it, you can hear the sorrow in it, and it's just a great, great song all around. And Edge's guitar is all funky and weird.
10. Shadows And Tall Trees: Another song in which I love how it's sung. I love the way Bono's voice and the backing vocals come together at the end. And the music's neat, too. It's a song that doesn't get a lot of attention when people talk about U2's music, but it's definitely one of my all-time favorites.
9. 40: If I'm going to listen to a religious hymn, I'd like to hear this one. It's a beautiful, short little song that just says what it needs to say and nothing more. The music's just gorgeous.
8. MLK: The perfect lullaby. I have a good memory of hearing this song one night right as I was about to drift off to sleep, and it just worked like a charm. And I like that it's about a great civil rights leader, too .
7. Discotheque: A fun, danceable song with an awesome bass in it. Who knows what in the world the song's about-if it ever got played at some dance I went to or something, I'd be out on the floor going crazy.
6. A Sort Of Homecoming: Love the lyrics, love the title, and the reassuring lines at the end are an excellent way to finish the song: "Oh, don't sorrow, no, don't weep, for tonight, at last, I am coming home." It's one that I could see listening to while driving down a road on a late winter afternoon, so the imagery it evokes for me also helps make it cool. Another one of my all-time favorites.
5. In A Little While: Sweet little love song (at least, that's how I see it) that never fails to put a smile on my face when I hear it. The music is gentle and pretty, and it's one that I would pick to slow dance with someone to. I particularly love the "Slow down my beating heart" line-there's just something about that line that makes me go "Awwww".
4. Tomorrow: The best song that had a tribute to Bono's mom, imho (although the others were great, too). I love the music in it-it definitely sounds Irish to me, and it's so beautiful and sorrowful and makes me think of dreary late afternoons in the Irish countryside, which is the perfect image, I feel, for a song of this nature. The lyrics are bittersweet, and also a little scary, 'cause of how deeply he misses her and wants to see her again. It's another one of my all-time favorites.
3. Stay (Faraway, So Close): The music in this one seems so simple, which to me works 'cause it helps you focus more on the story the lyrics are telling. I just find the idea of a man telling a woman that he will rescue her from the problems she's facing to make for an interesting, sweet, sad story. And the ending, if you think about it, is kind of one that makes you wonder what happened or what will happen next. And this is another song in which I love the way it's sung, particularly in the chorus. Also an all-time favorite, will always be in my top 10.
2. With Or Without You: Classic song, beautiful music, love the opening guitar Edge plays. The lyrics are great, too. And this is a song that I could listen to a zillion times over and never, ever get sick of. I don't know what it is about this song that makes me never tire of it, but that's the truth.
1. Angel Of Harlem: This song holds a special place in my heart because it's the one that persuaded me to check out more from these guys, and that subsequently led to me becoming the U2 fan I am now. It's a fun, happy song to sing along to (more like belt out the words to, actually), it's another one that has great lyrics, and I love the horns being thrown in there, too. And it doesn't hurt that the word "Angel" is in the title, or that I've been to Harlem before . I just love this song so much.

So yeah, there's my list at this point and time. Man, was that hard...there's so many other songs that I know belong here, too....

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15-Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses-Sentimental favorite..the first "new" U2 song I heard on the radio after buying Achtung Baby.

14-A Sort Of Homecoming-This one makes you feel like you're floating-some of Bono's best lyrics.

13-Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own-so emotive, so powerful, an instant classic for the reasons already mentioned.

12-With Or Without You-dark, moody, with lots of Adam in the mix. The Rattle and Hum version is THE version.

11-Running To Stand Still-as powerful as the live versions from Zoo TV are, the album version is a spark of studio magic.

10-The Fly-the lyrics alone make this song, plus it rocks.

9-Beautiful Day-just a good, uplifting song to listen to when you're down. You can't have too many of these.

8-Miracle Drug-So good, you're disappointed it's not two minutes longer.

7-Stateless-lots of personal memories tied up in this one..."I've got no home in this world, just you, and you are not mine".One of the most underrated U2 songs ever.

6-Stay-one of the peaks of 90's U2. A classic ballad about an abused lover...and one of the best U2 videos ever.

5-Kite-timeless, and powerful. I hope this makes the cut on the next tour. It's just too good not to be played live.

4-Where The Streets Have No Name-U2's signature live song. A masterpiece.

3-Bad-I can't say anything that hasn't been said about this song. Perfect. Studio, live, whatever....

2-Until The End Of The World-great lyrics, and suberb guitar from the Edge. I never appreciated this song fully until seeing it live during Popmart. This is just one of the reasons Achtung Baby will always be my favorite CD of all time....

1-One-...and this is another.Will always be open to interpretation on many levels. Kind of a hymn to mankind and our differences. This song is about our generation. We are one, but we are not the same....Never gets old.
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too hard

15. Endless Deep: this song is like a big bass solo, and is beautiful
14. New Year's Day: a classic U2 song, with amazing bass lines, I like listen to this song in January 1, is my little tradition
13. I Will Follow: pure adolescence energy
12. Like A Song: same as IWF, but this song is deeper, talking about punk attitude
11. Where The Streets Have No Name: this is U2, kickin' asses, doing an universal song
10. Love Is Blindness: sad song and for that reason I love it, is dark, U2 should do mores songs like this
9. Walk On: basically, with this song I convert myself in a fan
8. Tomorrow: because is sad too, there is desperation in this song
7. Please: love Bono's voice in this song, love the lyrics, love the "progressive" tune... this song is almost perfect
6. The Ground Beneath Her Feet: this song is theatrical and I like that
5. Exit: dark, haunting... a non-conventional U2
4. Acrobat: because Bono sings here with desperation, like a maniac, the lyrics are great, I love that Edge solo...
3. Wire: this lyrics describes me, in my normal mood... hostile and a little anti-social
2. Gone: guitar, it's all about Edge's guitar and the powerful but almost psychodelic lyrics
1. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own: because its meaning, because I cried when I heard it for first time, because Bono sings with sadness, an unique sadness

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Only 15?? I have like 140 top reasons to like U2!

15. Running to Stand Still: the piano is so underused in their work, it makes this one stand out. And the lyrics are some of bono's best..."cry without weeping, talk without speaking, scream without raising your voice."

14. Kite: one of the most emotional songs i have ever heard, especially from Bono. Fascinating live, best new song on the elevation tour.

13. Zooropa: definitely their most underrated song on their most underrated album. The second best intro in their cataloge behind streets.

12. One: I'm not as crazy about this song as others, but the falsettos at the end always give me the chills.

11. Sunday Bloody Sunday: I've grown new appreciation for this song as of late, and they always do it wonderfully live.

10. One Tree Hill: Gorgeous. Lyrically, best in their cataloge. I wish I lived in New Zealand.

9. Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own: Best on A-bomb, and best thing they have done since Stay.

8. Pride: Emotionally uplifting, musically refined, and spectacular live. If it wasn't for bad, it would be the best thing they did before joshua.

7. Ultraviolet: Starts off a violent ending on Achtung, and is the most unsung from the album. Huge emotions, and I am forced to imitate Bono every time I listen to it.

6. A Sort of Homecoming: Brilliant song, some of their best lyrics, and it always makes me very emotional.

5. With or Without You: Rattle and Hum. Period.

4. All I Want is You: This and WOWY is kinda a toss up, but i've liked the former more recently...easier for me to sing

3. The Fly: Best from Achtung, I love the guitar riff and the two different voices that Bono does on the studio version. Not to mention possibly Edge's best guitar solo.

2. Where the Streets Have No Name: I know this is clicheish, but I piss my pants every time I hear this song live.

1. Bad: Bad was their first masterpeice and remains their epic. Lyrically fascinating, it can leave you with a large variety of emotions and thoughts. the echo in it is classic, and the desperation verse is genius. Live the medleys are awesome.."...I hope you guess my name..." And it is a faboulous segue into streets
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This is like trying to name your favorite child.

15. Gloria - sentimental reasons, one of the first U2 songs I ever heard, rough around the edges U2 with bass, guitar, drums, voice, yeah baby

14. Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World - I just love they lyrics and the tempo of the song

13. Wake Up Dead Man - simple guitar, screwy voice effects, soft and hard at same time

12. Luminous Times (Hold on to Love) - love the lyrics, piano, heartache song

11. God Part II - grrr, kickin U2, big drums, slamming guitar riff,

10. Original of the Species - beginning of song is beautiful, message behind the music is inspiring, just a lovely song

9. Running to Stand Still - I just like singing along with this song even though I can't sing especially the woohoo part, love those lyrics '"cry without weeping, talk without speaking, scream without raising your voice" "white golden pearls stolen from the sea"

8. All I Want is You - simple elegant love song, nuff said

7. Sunday Bloody Sunday - as stated before, classic powerful thematic U2 song which evokes emotion, Rattle and Hum DVD version is classic

6. Exit - Evil U2 from Tomb Raider video, I love the buildup to the climax of the song, great power in the tune

5. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - for me, it evokes a reflection on my relationship with my father

4. Bad - classic classic classic U2, Live Aid performance blew my mind in '85 as a 16 yr old, still gives me chills today

3. Where the Streets Have No Name - signature live song for the band, pumps you up and doesn't let you get back down

2. With or Without You - the song I never ever get sick of hearing, I sing along every single time, sentimental connection to senior high school year, etc.

1. One - one of the greatest songs ever, I have never heard a bad version of this song, this song has such a deep vision of humanity, relationships, society, family, etc. , my favorite version is with the symphony- the strings soung like angels when they hit the high note

Honorable mention : Trevor , not a great song but when I was growing up I could never find anything with my name on it, like a mug, keychain, sign for my door,etc. I even hated the Romper Room lady because she would never say my name at the end of the show. I was so pleased to find this old old U2 song with my name as the title. It gives me peace.

Peace out

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