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The Three Sunrises
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Boomerang 2
A Sort Of Homecoming
The Unforgettable Fire
Sixty Seconds In Kingdom Come
Indian Summer Sky
Elvis Presley And America
Love Comes Tumbling
Bass Trap
Silver & Gold ('85 Bono Version)

I've never been fond of 4th of July, so I replaced it with 60 Seconds... I also can't see the purpose of having both Boomerangs so I went with the vocal version. It comes after Pride since it follows on the single. I also added Silver & Gold since it came out in '85, the same as Sunrises/Tumbling and it makes a good album closer.

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The Fly
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I have one!!!

1) A Sort of Homecoming
2) Pride
3) Wire
4) The Unforgettable Fire
5) Promenade
6) 4th July
7) Bad
8) Indian Summer Sky
9) Elvis Presley and America
10) MLK

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I don't think Three Sunrises is anymore upbeat than say, Pride, so it could definitely fit, especially as its production is very UF in sound..I'm still amazed its not on that album.
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Old 02-03-2005, 03:15 PM   #24
love, blood, life
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Originally posted by Axver

Alright, here's one ...

1. A Sort Of Homecoming
2. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
3. Wire
4. Indian Summer Sky
5. Boomerang I
6. Boomerang II
7. Love Comes Tumbling
8. Sixty Seconds In Kingdom Come
9. Elvis Presley And America
10. Bass Trap
11. Promenade
12. The Unforgettable Fire
13. Promenade
14. 4th Of July
15. Bad
16. MLK
17. The Three Sunrises

I have never put The Three Sunrises so late (I usually open with it), but I feel it works really well with MLK and allows the album to loop nicely back to ASOH in a continuous circuit. I'm unsure of a few transitions, but after all, this is the UF era we're talking about here and you can create all kinds of beautiful combinations. I love listening to this stuff in any order - though preferably with the preservation of Promenade --> 4th Of July --> Bad (hence why I use Promenade twice, as I also love Promenade --> The Unforgettable Fire AND The Unforgettable Fire --> Promenade).
Very interesting, thanks for the input. I think this is what I've settled on, I'm extremely happy with the flow on this:

1.The Three Sunrises
3.Sixty Seconds In Kingdom Come
4.Bass Trap(the long 5:20 minute version)
5.The Unforgettable Fire
7.4th Of July
10.A Sort Of Homecoming
11.Pride(In The Name Of Love)
12.Indian Summer Sky
13.Boomerang 1
14.Boomerang 2
15.Love Comes Tumbling
16.Elvis Presley And America
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1.Three Sunrises
2.Indian Summer Sky
3.Love comes tumbling (my fifth favorite U2 song would fit nice here nicely, would have been a hit if it was included in the album)
4.The unforgettable fire
7.Pride (in the name of love)
8.Boomerang (instrumental)
9.Sixty Seconds in Kingdom come
10.A sort of homecoming
12.4th of July
13.Boomerang (vocals)
14. Elvis Presley and America
15. MLK

I would not include Bass Trap because it is my least favorite track off all time (it sounds like cheap porn music)

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