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Old 12-16-2004, 08:14 PM   #1
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The review I sent to amazon

I've had the album for close to a month now and have finally felt ready to give a review. Here is the review I sent to Amazon.

Realistically, this is a four and half star album for me. However, since amazon doesn't allow half rankings(a frustrating aspect) and because I feel this tops standard four star albums in my collection, I've assigned it five.

I've done analytic album reviews in the past, but something about this album doesn't seem to work well with this format. If I were to break down and analyze it part by part- it would be a factual but not truthful assessment of the albums worth to me. Admittedly this isn't u2's most innovative album, but where it lacks in innovation or technical excellence, it makes up in emotional impact and synergy.

Put simply, this album touches my heart. When I listen to songs like Miracle Drug and Sometimes, I find myself pounding the station wheel and singing madly along with them. Though the lyrics for this album seem simple, their deeper biblical contexts give the lyrics a deeper and somewhat sharper shade. For instance, when I hear Edge sing "beneath the noise, beneath the din, I was a stranger, you took me in" in response to Bono's "God won't you help me tonight" and the thunderous Edge solo that follows, it literally brings me to my knees. Also, when Bono cries I need release during love and peace, the pure passion and feeling in his voice brings me to a place where I too can release my fears and hope to "depart with a brand new heart." The new heart theme is a strong one on this album, and when Yahweh concludes with a wall of guitars serenading pleas for God to "take this heart and make it break", I too find myself broken.

In addition to their emotion, I've also always valued the band's synergy- the way they seem to come together to express an agreed emotional message. Their music matches their message on this album; Edge's guitar gives context and oomph to Bono's intimate lyrics. Sure, there are a few moments when Bono's rhymes fall a bit flat or Adam's bass drags a bit, but in line with synergy, the other members sense this and often seem to step up their game in service to the songs. Nowhere can this be better seen than "Sometimes you can't.." Without Edge's bridge and second half change up, Bono's dramatic and slightly hoarse "Can you hear me when I sing" would lack the pathos needed for this heartbreaking tune.

Pathos and synergy are two things I love about U2 and this album of elegies and psalms delivers it in a thousand tears and smiles. Highly recommended.

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i give the review a

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I'm not too crazy over overly gushing reviews, but yours manages to avoid that with the second to last paragraph.

Good job
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Old 12-17-2004, 01:31 AM   #4
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Nice read
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I wholeheartedly disagree with a five-star rating for this album, but I think that your review itself deserves five stars....easily. Well-written, well-thought, and well-executed. And, as has already been said, you avoid the "gushiness" of SOOOOOOO many other positive reviews. It's clear that you know the album isn't perfect, so to speak, but that you love it all the same. It's a simple notion which few others are ever able to articulate, it seems. A very nice read, this was. Thanks for posting 'er up, over here.
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Good job!
"My feeling is that it is cool for people to share our music -- as long as no one is making money from the process. We tell people who come to our concerts that they can tape the shows if they want. I think it is cool that people are so passionate about our music" -- Bono
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Nice job popsadie. Articulate and interesting.
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Into the heart of a child...
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shame it got deleted by amazon
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Originally posted by KUEFC09U2
shame it got deleted by amazon
Action must be took

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