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The lads' Tribute performance (late review)

I kinda expect two types of responses. Those of the variety of "Duh ... it's OBvious!" and "Are you outta your freakin mind Christian scum?!" Whatever ... “Gotta leave it all behind.”

Although “old” in years but not in “heart” -and having seen close to everyone perform over my long life- I’ve never EVER seen such a performance as the lads gave in the Tribute Telethon.

From the respect of a minimalist black & white set … to Bono knowing it to be the time to show his eyes from behind self-parodying sunglasses for all their tired recent grief, loss, and yes … age, to come out of their Christian closet in an Alleluia chorus that I’d only previously thought the perview of angels, to call out to the bereaved, the survivors, and yes … the dead, with his unmistakable shout of faith, “I’ll see you when I get Home.” Tell me I’m not the only one who saw his reference to not only his home in New York, but his home in Heaven?

I don’t care about the flames this post may bring. “Alleluia” means “Praise the Lord.” Bono knows it … and I think he hopes we know it as well.

Seeing isn’t believing, but as he puts it, “You’ve got to believe to see!”
“You can’t take it with you” being NOTHING compared to his rephrasing of what is most important …
“What you can’t leave behind” … meaning our souls IMHO!

I witnessed performances that were –for lack of words- inspired; surpassed only by the stories of the heroes of a great tragedy.

U2 on Friday was –however briefly- the voice of grief, hope, love, and comfort to me in this troubled world. God Bless Them!
See you when I get home!
Alle … Alleluia!

Let the flames commence.
"I'm not afraid of anything in this world. There's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heard." –Bono

Cheers to you and yours,


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You'll get no flames from me. I agree with you!

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Always better late than never Deep Water, IMHO
Welcome to the forum.
I am so tempted to go into a rave about your beatifuuly chosen handle and Richard Clapton and Emmy Lou Harris, but I do tend to go on and on and I haven't paid Elvis yet. So Ill be uncharacteristically brief.
Woops the origainal topic. Bono, U2, biut particularly Bono (i'm biased) can manifest and express something so many of us carry. That performance was very poignant indeed.
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Feel the same way here. That performance was truly inspired, Bono really baring his soul. The band has been onto that a lot through this tour, asking for and giving "soul" at every concert. He is simply walking with the Lord, and bringing His love to his fans and to the world through the Tribute song. I'm so glad U2 are there to reach out to people who are in pain and confusion.

I'm Christian too, can't get enough of the hallelujahs! Peace!

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Visit my U2 webpage! <A HREF="

"Walk" TARGET=_blank>

"Walk</A> On, stay safe tonight"
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