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Tampa: Wow!

Wow! I can't say much more than that. This was only my second U2 show, so I don't exactly have much to compare it to, but this show was phonomenal to say the least. And trust me, I have very high expectations of U2 shows. I'm really no good at giving "reviews", at least not as well as most you are able to, so I'm not even going to make an attempt. One thing that stood out however--that i found quite funny--was when Bono accepted an "I Love NY" t-shirt from a fan. The following song he went to put it on over top his own t-shirt, and my God, this "I Love NY" t-shirt must have been an extra extra small...yet, Bono still wore it with pride...lol. Needless to say, he looked like a stuffed marshmellow . The crowd got a kick out of it. Anyway, I think I got some nice pictures from no more than ten feet away from the stage..so i'll be sure to share them tomorrow. BTW, I had some very nice audience interaction with Bono throughout the show...made my heart flutter (and to think, i never thought i would be vulnerable to Bono's charm ). Plus, I coaxed one of the stage crew to give me Bono's set list at the end of the concert, which was nice.

Were there any other Interferencers there?


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Originally posted by TripThruUreWires:
BTW, I had some very nice audience interaction with Bono throughout the show...made my heart flutter (and to think, i never thought i would be vulnerable to Bono's charm ). ~Brooke
Dooooo tell!


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Yes, explain! Did you put a twinkle in his cute little eye??
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btw, that's cool that you got a setlist! I wish I could have gone to Tampa... my chances were slim (obviously, since I wasn't there), but I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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I was there!!

It was beyond words and comprehension.. very passionate and emotional thrill ride in the form of a U2 concert. Was even more saddening knowing that I won't see them again for another 2 years But the 4 times I was blessed enough to ride the Elevation train, I was changed for the better and I remain elevated.
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Yeah, Tampa was great. My company has a branch office in the area and I have been on assignment since after Thanksgiving. I didn't think I could get to the show. But some co-workers hooked me up with a ticket. They have a corporate account with the Ice Palace. I can tell you, it was NOISY! Lots of crowd noise and LOUD singing. Bono even commented on it saying "You're all noisy!" or something similar. It's funny, because where I was sitting, there were a lot of older fans, very dressed and chic and I didn't hold much hope for them being into it, but once U2 hit the stage, these people rocked. I don't think I saw anyone sitting down.
Bono looked funny in that tiny T-shirt, making a joke about it's size as he put it on. I was very near one of the big screens and during "One" he looked like he had tears in his eyes. Also, I think he was quite surprised by the flag with the Stars and Stripes on one side and the Irish Tricolour on the other. He held it up so everyone could see both sides. And Elvis Costello was in the house. They dedicated "Please" to him. Bono did a quick version of "My Sweet Lord" for George, but didn't comment further. I also noticed Edge had a sequined guitar strap with a PopMart Lemon on it! Bono seemed very mischievious all night and Adam's bass kept shaking the floor of the section I was in above the side stage. All in all a glorious night!
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I was there...and with the exception of annoying people in front of me, all I can say, too, is WOW! This was my first U2 concert since June...and the whole exprience has changed..it was just wonderful...I knew a person, who died on September 11th, up until now, I haven't been much to talk about it, I have kept it bottled up inside of me...and last night...I finally wept openingly about it when I saw his name. I would just like to thank them for that.


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Tampa was sweet for sure. This was my 5th on the tour. I was right under the mic about 3 people deep. Like every other show it is the 2 best hours of my week. Bono was wiping away tears at the end of the show when he was talking about what a great tour this has been for them. Every song was great. It seemed like they were having a lot of fun on Saturday night. When Bono went from Kite into a little Beetles tribute - well it was awesome. I should have some really good pictures posted shortly and I have some with Bono wearing the I love NY t-shirt on. Oh, it was also nice and warm down there compared to DC.
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The hits just kept on coming; I didn't have time to recover! I loved "I Will Follow" and "Bad." Everyone went nuts when they pulled out New Year's Day and Angel of Harlem (full band). No Fly or WOWY though.

Great setlist, great (and apparently very noisy) crowd, great show.

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