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Old 10-19-2001, 07:04 AM   #1
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Spanish Eyes from Barcelona, the funniest performance ever?

Okay, after having gone thru some somber days (and nights) I decided that I should amuse myself a little.
This morning while listening to Spanish Eyes, from Barcelona, I realised how funny that specific performance is. I bet the Spanish were eager to hear the song and sing along with Bono, but poor Bono, he forgot the lyrics, completely, LOL, but oh well, at least he warned the audience first.
I don’t know what is the funniest bit on this funniest performance. Is it when he sings “hey, hey, hey, I don’t remember this tune”? Or is it when he “desperatedly claims” for help, asking for Edge’s “guitar solo”?
What do you think? Do you know about some other funny performances like that one?


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I could mention WLCTT again á la ZOO TV tour Bono was standing on an amp, moaning and groaning like Elvis, da King. Then, he pulled half way off his jacket, wearing a tank top under it was really boyband-ish LOL Then he went to Edge, he wanted him to sing the last verse. So he held the mic for him and started shouting the lyrics now w/o!! his mic, but you could still hear him...Really funny!

The other one is Elevation Boston. I rewinded the part like 1000 times when Edge tossed his guitar. His face was like rrrrreally angry! So he tossed it down... walked away, but changed his mind, ran back and kicked it really hard again!! ROTF!!! That's classic!!

Great thread, BTW!!

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Cat Dubh,

Although I was thinking more about "the sound" and not about "the image", I bet those were funny ones (of course I didn't see the first you referred to and I still haven't had the opportunity to see the Boston show as well).

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Sometimes I don't know how Bono can forget the lyrics, but I guess he doesn't listen to U2 songs 24/7 the way I do!
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That song sounds familiar Maria?

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Actually, I think the funniest U2 performance ever was as The Dalton Brothers on the Joshua Tree tour.
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well, i've never personally seen this performance, but a friend of mine said it was hilarious. apparently, back in the early days, the boys were performing at a concert and during the Electric Co, Bono literally split his pants. (there's a tape of this concert floating around somewhere.) he apparently tried many ways to cover it up- hiding behind edge during the guitar solo, taking off his belt and putting it on really low in order to try to cover up the rip.... but basically it was all in vain.

it's supposed to be really funny, but i wouldn't know since i've never seen it! can anyone out there who's seen the video confirm or deny this???

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Yeah.. Blue Room gets points for the whole Dalton Brother's thing.

Some of their really really really early performances are really hilarious, too.. like for example the original I Will Follow video!

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