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Old 02-15-2006, 01:32 PM   #1
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Songs That Took Awhile To Get Used To

When I first heard Stuck In A Moment a couple years ago, I didn't much care for it. However just in the last year or so, I've really grown to love this song. Especially the acoustic version.

What song did you not care for at first and then later on find yourself liking?

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Miracle Drug didn't do it for me the first several listens...but now I definitely appreciate the power in the song.

I can probably list a half dozen more, but I'm lazy. A few on Boy, a few on Pop, and much of October. All of which, now, I love!

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Love And Peace Or Else
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If You Wear That Velvet Dress
Running To Stand Still
Love is Blindness
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I think Miami was the big one for me.
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New Years Day. Heard the Slane version, thought "this is crap", it's now pretty much my favorite version of the song...heh.
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In a Little While and Original of the Species. Hated them when I first heard them, now I've grown to love them (though OOTS less so). Even Better Than the Real Thing took a long time to grow on me, I only liked it after hearing Popmart versions. Same with Ultraviolet and Zoo Station, and Until the End of the World. A lot of Achtung Baby, really. The Wanderer, Do You Feel Loved, Discotheque, When I Look at the World... I could go on forever!
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Love and Peace or Else. For the first month or so, I didn't particularly like it, now it's one of my favourites.
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Well I'm a picky cow so I hate pretty much 30% of all U2 stuff on first listen (Is this really the right place to admit that? ) before falling in love with about 95% of the stuff that I hated before. However, the major ones would be:

Stay (Hated it till I saw the video)
Out of Control (Slane converted me)
Love Is Blindness
Zoo Station (^Both of these were due to my impatience and my trigger happy skip finger. As soon as I bothered to listen to them fully I liked them)
Mofo (Come on, it was pretty on first listen)
The Unforgettable Fire (I think the eightiesness of it put me off at first but now I consider its 80sness 'quaint' )
Seconds (I dunno what I was thinking either)
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Well, I'd say most of Pop. There was an adjustment period for me, and then I realized how brilliant it was.
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Originally posted by TheQuiet1
Well I'm a picky cow so I hate pretty much 30% of all U2 stuff on first listen...

Stay (Hated it till I saw the video)

I was the same with SYCMIOYO - till I saw the video with Bono walking the streets of Dublin (isn't it?) in his hoodie (Pop-era style) looking mean and troubled - and cool.

That video gives the song real feeling.
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God Part 2
An Cat Dubh
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The final 3 on Achtung Baby
Running To Stand Still
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Zoo Station - It's taken me 14 years to finally warm to this strange transition from The Joshua Tree!

Please - Disliked it (along with the rest of Pop) until I heard first the live performance from the MTV video awards, and then the single version. Now I can't live without it; in any version.

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - I always liked the Temple Bar version, but very recently I've come around to the album version lead to it by rediscovering Zoo Station.

When I Look At The World & New York - Pretty much left buried in ATYCLB's B-Side until last year. It took relistening to New York live to make me come around to it.

Stateless - Never even gave this one much of a chance as I considered it too boring. But now with the A Side of ATYCLB and HTDAAB as a whole, I've gotten rock songs to keep me happy so I can go back and enjoy the slower stuff.

The Unforgettable Fire & Bad - The former I never game much of a chance until I heard it on the 80's best of. Bad I never cared for until I bought Wide Awake In America.

The B Side of War. Surrender, Like A Song, 2 Hearts... I bought War, Boy and October together after becoming a rabid fan during The Joshua Tree's height and never gave them much of a listen because they were too different from the Eno/Lanios releases. Now going back, I appreciate War's second half as much as anything they've ever done.
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The first time I heard With or Without You, I was like what is that? But, now I love it.

On a whole Zooropa...It is the album I listen to the least...but still like it.
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Most definently hated LAPOE untill I heard it live

And I definently didn't like Promenade or Heartland the first time I heard both of them, but now theyre two of my favorites
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Perhaps I should be ashamed to admit this, but I guess I might as will get it off my chest!

HTDAAB: I initially disliked all songs but Vertigo, Miracle Drug, COBL, and ABOY

ATYCLB: I only liked Beautiful Day at first

Pop: Liked most of it right away (except for Miami and the Playboy Mansion)

Zooropa: I liked pretty well all of this album after just a couple listens

Achtung Baby: Only liked One at first... took me about a month to love the whole album!

80s: I only liked With or Without You after the first few listens, and there weren't really any other 80s songs I was into.

But now I love most albums, though I'm still not into October, War, or Rattle and Hum. But just as I grew to love all the others, I'm sure I'll be into them soon enough!
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The Unforgettable Fire, believe it or not. When I first got the Best Of 1980-1990 at age eleven, I loved all the tracks up to I Will Follow, then I'd usually just stop the CD and start again.

It wasn't for another 4-5 years or so that it suddenly dawned on me how brilliant UF is. I now rank it as the third best song of all time.

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