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Old 09-06-2017, 07:05 AM   #1021
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The song is up on Spotify.

Also, .

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Guys, you're going to scare the band to not release the album

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Old 09-06-2017, 07:06 AM   #1023
War Child
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Well at the risk of people thinking I made up my mind before hearing it, I'd say my prediction was spot on unfortunately. No idea what they were thinking by having that the lead single over The Blackout. It makes zero sense. On one hand you've got a fresh, up tempo rock, dance hybrid song that doesn't sound anything like what you'd expect U2 to sound like in 2016 and on the other hand you have this safe, almost uninspired, paint by numbers, meh adult contemporary type song. Is it a bad song? No. Is it a good song? Ummm.... no. It's just a song. It's absolutely B-side material compared to The Blackout and The Little Things, which would have also made a much better first single. I don't get them.
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:07 AM   #1025
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This is classic butchering and overcooking of what could be a super fun song. Dj's on Q 104.3 were less than enthusiastic after the song played. Bummer.
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:09 AM   #1026
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Blackout wins
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:10 AM   #1027
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Originally Posted by Northside View Post
There's a good song in there. I wonder why they wouldn't let it come out.
Perhaps they ran out of time. I mean three years these days is not really enough time to come up with 12 songs.

Not a good song but it's not like it's unexpected. The clips were hinting at this being weak. Never thought I would say this but Boots is no longer the worst single u2 have released.
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I think that could have been a huge summer hit if it had been released along with the remix version(s) back in May.

First listen... I quite liked it and the mix in places is much more raw than SOI which is good.

Repeated listens... It has a few of the recent U2 tropes in song structure and the mix is a bit all over the place - you can almost hear the 23 different ideas stitched together and coming up and down in the mix presumably because they've been tinkering with it for the last 2 years and don't want to leave anything out.
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:11 AM   #1029
The Fly
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Yeah way too messy
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:12 AM   #1030
The Fly
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I'd like to hear what it sounded like before they had Lillywhite and that other sleep-deprived producer whip something up in a single night.
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:15 AM   #1031
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It sounded fine last year. If what we get for their false-starting, needing a rawer/live sound and Edge tinkering away is this, then they need to grow some balls and release their music as soon as they can.
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:17 AM   #1032
The Fly
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It's clear they didn't know what they wanted this song to be
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Old 09-06-2017, 07:17 AM   #1033
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Well, after a listen or three, clearly enough of that 2016 remix was out there to get a sense of the song way before today and for me, it's just confirms it's a decent album track at best. Alas, I continue to be a tad underwhelmed by the new 2017 choons so far.

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