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Originally posted by Roland of Gilead
I am going to be very happy no matter what the track list is. I like the idea that All That... should be excluded from this Best Of. I also like the idea of a remixed Gone. I always thought that song was going to be a single when Pop came out. I think a remixed version of it will definetly spark the possibility of a 3rd single off this Best Of. I also look forward to 2 new tracks (pretty much a fact now) in this collection.

I am a huge fan of the first Best Of/B-Sides collection. I think U2 are really going out of their way more so on this next Best Of to give us fans (the long time geeks) something "new" in a package that is designed to introduce newer fans to their 90's sound. I like that. It seems that there will truely be something "new" for everyone here. They did this the first time around with the Sweetest Thing remix. This time around we are getting 2 new tracks and a new remix (or 2?). There is definetly a "please" everyone philosophy going into this Best Of.
I am happy that the 2 new tracks are going to be on as well, whether they fit or not. I don't know if I would buy it without them. I didn't buy the 1st Best of right away because I had all the tunes except the Sweetest Thing remix. That & B-sides disc eventually won me over. I had the B-sides on a cdr but some tunes were from vinyl so the Best of quality was better. With the 90's I bought the singles as they came out so the B-side disc is less important to me, but I'm still glad they are doing it. It will be nice to have. It shows U2 really does care for all of their fans. 2 new tracks, an optional B-sides disc & possible new remixes....maybe a DVD too. Pretty cool.

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Re: big bummer!

Originally posted by Ana
I was expecting to see on that list 'Until The End Of The World'

I'll be really shocked if it's left off. But then again I was shocked when they left "Gloria" off of the first one, so........I don't want to be shocked. I'd rather have it than "Angels", also "Gone".

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What if....

What if they had a quadruple CDset:

A sides
B sides
live versions + covers

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This just in: The B-sides disc is going to include all 18 remixes of Mysterious Ways. That's it. The guessing over.
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Originally posted by pop_mofo

I do agree in principle that they are drawing from fewer albums for this best of. However, when you stop and consider that Boy and October each only had 1 track represented on the best of 1980-90 that means that the vast majority of the material was pulled from 4 albums.

When you look at the nineties period you have 3 albums for the majority of material plus Miss Sarajevo and HMTMKMKM. Add the 2 new tracks and I don't think the difference is that great.

I don't know, just my humble opinion.

True, very true! If ya look at it that way then it does seem much closer "value" wise to the 80-90 best of. I guess I feel a bit peeved that I have no self control and will probably buy this marketing wonder even though I have most of the songs already No actually I'm gonna be strong begurrah! Oh wait..b-sides, those bastardly placed magnets for suckers like me.
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Originally posted by Skeek
In addition to what Khanada Rhodes said
Originally posted by Hawkmoon1021
I agree with SkeeK & Khanda
awww yeah, i rock!

Originally posted by Nate Dogg
This just in: The B-sides disc is going to include all 18 remixes of Mysterious Ways. That's it. The guessing over.
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I actually just had another thought. Even though I would prefer it if the ATYCLB tracks were not included, shouldn't they be elgible because the album was released in 2000? I mean, if the album is the best of 90-00, then ATYCLB is very much a part of the mix. I don't know, just a thought.

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I was hoping it would be on there.
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Originally posted by JOFO
here we go:

1. The Fly
2. Mysterious Ways
3. One
4. Whose Gonna Ride....
5. Even Better Than The Real Thing
6. Numb
7. Lemon
8. Stay
9. Hold Me Thrill Me.....
10. Miss Sarejevo
11. Discoteque
12. Staring At The Sun
13. Last Night On Earth
14. If God Will...
15. Please
16. Hands That Built America
17. Electrical Storm
That's probably quite near what the final list will be but it's quite far off what I'd like to see (or rather hear). Though I love Original Soundtracks (one of my fave U2 related albums actually), I'm not so sure it should make it into a U2 Best of, since it was not an official U2 release. My personal list is not based on popular picks (since it would *never* include One or Lemon) but on my own faves off AB, Zooropa and Pop.

From Achtung Baby
Zoo Station
Even Better Than The Real Thing
The Fly
Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
Love Is Blindness

From Zooropa
Stay (Faraway So Close!)
Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
Some DAys Are Better Than Others

From Pop
Do You Feel Loved?
Last Night On Earth
If You Wear That Velvet Dress

Bonus Track
Lady With The Spinning Head (Extended Mix)

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