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Slane Castle Broadcast on FTA TV in Australia

hmm well they finally decided to show it in australia more than a year later after the concert

and CH10 still couldnt get it right!

for one they handled the concept of 'going into ad breaks' very poorly

if only they handled it anywhere as well as they did Crowded House's "Farewell to the World" all those years ago i would have been delighted

but it seemed like they cut out a song in the concert which ran for an hour but they just had to put on commercials and it ended up being compacted into 42 minutes of actual time

oh well, ill stop whinging, at least there was some decent tv to watch during lunchtime on christmas day, usually we end up having to rent a video/dvd because the quality of programming on christmas day is quite deplorable on australian television, what with overrepeated christmas movies of morals and santa claus stories. video stores usually call it 'the one day of the year we make money'

oh and they broadcast norah jones live in singapore afterwards, but that only went for 1/2 an hour, which was needlessly short, she is one VERY TALENTED young musician. and im a total sucker for jazzy/ bluesy type of music (a great alternative in life to drowning my sorrows!)

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merry christmas CCD

I was too busy to watch it on Christma Day.
Hub was home alone and watched it and taped it for me (cutting out the ads) he thought it was brilliant, jus raved about it when we got home. I think we have a new U2 fan He has always liked them, and respected their ability, he even covers some of their songs with his band. But ti seems he "SAW" them anew yesterday. It made him cry at one there must be something good about it?
We have the teeniest televison, my son has a big screen, but only DVD, no VCR. I shall have to wander the neighbour with my tape, begging for shelter from the rain and and a big TV to watch the Slane show....I can't wait!!!No doubt, I'll take the 19 cm option at some point today.
Hub also commented on the talent of the following show/singer. he said she was great but he had already hit rewind, so didn't capture her on tape. I'm glad I can now tell him who she is. thanks. We love "bluesy" music too.
Wow!! it's starting to rain quite heavily now.....woooooooooohoooooooo.
Did you see the INXS documentary on Monday?

Anyway...*cheers, slainte**
Hey my eldest son said something funny yesterday on the drive home from my oldies. I asked if he would like to have a Christams drink with me after dinner? He said "I'm over the alcohol thing, the way it burns a hole in your pocket...and liver" (that's my boy!! he bought me Christy Moore's autobiography too "One Voice" treasure)I told him I'm not...I need the "liquid courage" as he called it, terrible mummy)
rave rave's raining and I'm happy.
best wishes 2 u, crash
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