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I'm so sorry to hear this sad news sis about your childhood country that I know you love and care so much for. My prayers are with the people of Sulawesi and with you.


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You and your the people of Sulawesi will be in my prayers.

Heaven on Earth
We need it NOW!

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I'm sorry sula
that's some bad news

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That is terribly sad.
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I too will pray...
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This is just awful

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Sulawesi.

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Yes sula, it's a tragic situation indeed. My Balinese friend has just taken her children home to Kuta for a few months. She gets home about every 5 years. She said last time "things change, washing machine, everyone inside, watch "Wheel of Fortune" on TV" This time she has noticed so many trees gone and food so expensive.Just a locals observation. It's sad.
I don't want to make you feel worse, but I saw footage a couple of years ago of a private army training in Indo, and those guys were highly highly trained, doing sword exercises.It looked like a scene Freddy Mercury(or Fritz Lang) may have dreamed up, but it wasn't. It was frighteningly real.
I'm just listening to the last refrain of moby's version of What's Going On...I agree too many people dying, but I have no answers, just prayers for your countrymen sula.
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very sad indeed.
my thoughts are with you and your the people of your native land sula.

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very very uncool
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East Timor finally gets independence, and now another Indonesian minority has to confront hatred.

Excuse my language, but what in the hell do these "Muslim fighters/militiamen" want? Do they want the Christian villagers to convert? Why can't they just coexist and celebrate diversity?

At least the Indonesian government is attempting to stabilize it; I hope it works.

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Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Although I am not a native Indonesian, I grew up there from age 3 and no matter where I live, my little corner of the jungle in Sulawesi will always be where my heart calls home. Even though I may not ever have the chance to go there again.

At times like these I feel so frustrated and helpless. Why must there be such senseless violence? And why is it that I am here in America, warm and provided for, while there are innocent people being threatened with death for no reason? I do know that much of this violence is incited and bred and that it is not a spontaneous reaction. In my 13 years of living in Sulawesi and in the broader country of Indonesia, people lived side by side in relative harmony. Christians could go about their daily lives without being in fear of their Muslim neighbors and vice versa. I remember very well visiting the island back in December of 1998, just as the oppressive Suharto regime had been toppled and the massive country made up of so many ethnicities and cultures began to stir. We were in Palu, only a few hours drive away from Tentena (the place in the above news story) when the chief of police told us to keep a low profile...that there were people travelling throughout the island trying to rally the people against each other and stir up hatred and rioting. Fortunately at that time, the leaders of the different religious communities talked together and decided that they would not let their people be drawn into the fray...that they would speak out and encourage their church and mosque members to not listen to the inciting and the falsehoods. You would be shocked if you knew the measures these instigators will go to in order to turn a peaceful area into a warzone of mayhem.

And sadly enough, with the government now weak and hardly able to establish their legitimacy, it's unlikely that anything substantial will be done to stop this. When the Islamic Jihad militants sent troops and weapons into the Malukus, the government politely looked the other way. When thousands of Christians in Ambon were driven from their homes and slaughtered, the world community hardly batted an eye. When ethnic violence ripped through West Kalimantan (incidentally very near where I attended high school) people were being beheaded and their body parts paraded through the streets and still no one cared. Oh there was talk. Always talk and promises. But in the end, nothing is done.

We may fear the actions of terrorists on the other side of the globe, but it strikes me as ironic that these same terrorists have been funding and aiding in promoting unrest and violence in other parts of the world that we generally know nothing (and care nothing) about. Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the entire world. Until recently, the sort of Islam one would encounter there was the moderate, thoughtful Islam...the kind that would allow for a limited amount of tolerance and for freedom of religion. But there are many who would love to see this beautiful country converted to an ally of the radical Muslim world. They have been working towards that end for years. Who knows if common sense will prevail. What I do know is that the Indonesian people deserve better. They are kind and generous, beautiful people with a rich tapestry of culture that goes back for thousands of years. I only hope that they will find a way to rise above the divisions and seek to make the country a safe home for all its citizens.

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prayers for peace...
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oh no...*prays*
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..this is a MAJOR drag..

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Sula-if it wouldn't be too sad for you at this time-and, of course, I understand if it would..

I would love if you had any photos to post of Sulawesi-maybe you have before, I don't know. But I'd enjoy seeing them if you felt OK posting them.
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Sorry to hear about what is going on in your original home Sula. Ya know whenever I hear something about that Sulawesi I think of You!


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