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Riddle me this one Batman- how can an album win 7 total Grammys and not be the best?

Great... just great. U2 loses the one award that everyone thought was their for sure lock out of all of 'em because Bob Dyaln probably steals away some of the "rock" votes from U2, giving a soundtrack from frankly a bad movie the Album of the Year. Sure the music was good, but how can an album that wins 7 Grammys total not win Album of the Year?!?! I'm no Grammy historian here... but I'm willing to bet that no album has ever won this many Grammys without Album of the Year being one of them.

But that's my opinion, I could be wrong.
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All I can say is that I don't get it, and I agree with what you said already.
It made no sense. sucks.
The Grammy voters are worse than the Olympics ice skaters voters. That is obvious.
Still can't comprehend what all just happened.
But CONGRATS TO U2 for the ones they won-
they know their album was the BEST of the year.

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It's that damn French judge again
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Seriously, four songs off this album win Grammys... thats every single released... imagine if they'd released more singles... and it still isnt the best album? What the *#%$ is up with that? some honky soundtrack is somehow better than that? this is a horrible horrible joke... i turned off the tv in disgust after i saw that... damn travesty.
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ATYCLB not winning "Album of the Year" is almost as bad as the Canadians not winning Gold - perhaps worse (please keep in mind that I am fully aware that the "tragedy" of not winning an award pales to the real tragedies in the world).

ATYCLB produced not one, but TWO "Record of the Year" awards. This is a highly prestigious award - perhaps even bigger than "Album of the Year" - and U2 won it the last two years. This means that TWO songs from ATYCLB were considered the BEST song released that year. Yet, the album still did not win "Album of the Year."

To date, four singles from ATYCLB have been released. All four singles won a Grammy! That's simply incredible! There are 11 songs on ATYCLB - and 4 of them are Grammy winners. Yet the album still did NOT win "Album of the Year."

To me, this is one of the bigger travesties in Grammy history. When Steely Dan won last year, it surprised many people - but at least it didn't beat a 7x-Grammy winning album!

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