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The Fly
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question about a comment in a U2 Book (and Bono in general)

In a discussion online (on another board) earlier about U2, and if anyone's met the band, and everyone talking about meeting the band in personal situations. One guy mentioned how Bono was referred to as being a "dick" to fans, on off-show days. Then, one guy said this, which I am not sure what to make of it:

" In the End of the World book it mentions a moment where Bono refuses to sign
autographs - he takes a moment to explain something that he's happy to sign
while he's involved with a 'gig' or a promo event but not otherwise - I
forget the words he used to frame his position but he drew distinctions (and
presumably different behaviour) depending if he feels he's 'on the job' or
not. "

What's this about? Since its obviously not a direct quote from the book and probably a little out of context.

Is this person saying that Bono is only nice when "on the job", but if someone meets him elsewhere... he isn't the nice guy, or wont sign something?

One thing though. Personally, I would never ask someone for their autograph. No offense to those that do get autographs and such, just I can how sometimes it could bother someone, if a bunch of people were bombarding someone for one, like while they (a band, etc) are out with their families or in private situations.

But, I dont think this guy was referring to that kind of a thing.

Does anyone have any experience with Bono, like meeting him when he was not at a show, or a signing, just random passing when not "on the job", and that he was really nice, and or whatever?

I just hope what that guy is saying isnt true (or how I took it, didnt seem very positive). I have been a fan of theirs for a long time and always thought of Bono as a really sweet down to earth guy who was not like that... So, who knows.

Sorry if I sound like some obsessed, crazy question asker.

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Couldn't say, never met, and I'm not into autographs....but I would give Mr.B the benefit of the doubt here.......we don't really know the whole scenario...perhaps he was busy doing something or with someone, etc... I don't get caught up into the meet and greet thing, I guess................I'm here for the music and the band.


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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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I thought he was known for giving people rides, signing autographs, coming down and talking to people at his "famous" gate or whatever, the fan-interaction thing.

Never met him though, so I can't say
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That clip from "At The End Of The World" might be taken out of context a bit. If I remember correctly the scene that is quoted there is when Bono was having dinner in a private setting and someone basically accosted him for autographs. That's what I think he took offense to. Catch him after dinner and I'm sure he's more than willing to sign.
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Even Bono has a right to privacy, to be left alone. But then, a Bono is never "off the clock," because when he's not the singer of U2, he's full-time media darling-demon-and-crusader-for-justice. And when he wears neither of those hats, he's Mr. Ali and daddy to those four angels.
So, give the man a break while eating, I'd say.
Between the ages of 17 and 19, roughly in late 84 through early 87, I met Bono twice or thrice or so, got autographs and hugs and the whole package.
Don't know how he is then, but he was "real" to the point of exhaustion. Actually, he came on pretty strong with the fans then, just as "in-yer-face" in life as he is in limelight, talking about God and books and other bands.
Love him or hate him, but Bono is the real Bono, masks and masks and haircuts and glasses and hats and all that hype, he's the man behind his big ideas.
love, Anu
Stand up to rock stars!
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Old 03-17-2005, 03:41 AM   #6
The Fly
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"Don't know how he is then, but he was "real" to the point of exhaustion"

Anu, what do you mean by this?

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