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I love Pop

The worst album is Rattle and Hum

The worst song is ISHFWILF

Bring it on!

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I pick Pop as U2's very worst album and Miami very worst song.


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I like POP.
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you are what you is
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Originally posted by pub crawler:
LOL! I'm sure if Salome saw my post he was about ready to go ballistic on me as well. *mischievous grin*
don't worry, I don't miss much around here

Shake it, shake it, shake it
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SIGH I guess after the last POP thread y'all know how I feel. Hated the songs, the attitude, the atmosphere, the 'look' and the sound. Gone and SATS are the only tolerable songs on it. Like I said before I try to ignore it like a bad sequel to a good movie that spoils things for me. I will go to my grave believing Pop to be terrible and a stupid mistake and a blight on U2's legacy. Sure lots of people on here like it but as a whole it turned off most fans and made them a joke. Just like I posted the other day about the young guy in the video store making fun of it and saying how the video was being discontinued. I dearly love all U2's work except Pop. There are a few songs on Zooropa I don't like either, but it being tied in with ZOOTV helped me because ZOOTV was so cool and Bono was so hot and the AB era rocked and ruled. Pop was something very different and distasteful to me. I will now turn this commentary over to the guy who writes for the Las Vegas Sun- here are some quotes from his article:

November 16, 2001
The Unforgettable Fire

U2 goes forward with tour in the face of national tragedy
By Kirk Baird

The communal sense of rediscovery is also apropos of U2's latest
disc, "All That You Can't Leave Behind." Featuring titles such
as "Walk On," "Peace on Earth," "When I Look at the World" and "New
York," the album would seem to be a direct response to Sept. 11, when
in fact it was released nearly a year prior.

This uncanny ability of almost universal identification -- perhaps at
the heart of the band's success -- is why the band is so important
today, maybe more now than before.

Just as we need U2, however, the band needs us, as proven by its 1997
misstep "Pop."

A flawed album lacking much of the lyrical and musical depth of the
band's best efforts, the subsequent "PopMart" tour, which opened in
Las Vegas in May of that year, only exacerbated the record's problems.

The band opted to stage a show, rather than a concert, and played the
part of a larger-than-life rock band as a larger-than-life rock band.
The irony was lost on most fans, given the fact U2 was performing in
stadium-size venues, and by the end of the tour the shows were often
at half-capacity.

But that's a mistake for which the band can be forgiven.

Wrestling with its reputation as "rock 'n' roll saviors," "Pop" was
U2's attempt at what could best be called a "youthful indiscretion,"
similar to the altar-boy temporarily taking leave of his image while
at a keg party.

It was curious, painful and ultimately regretful, but the band walked
away wiser, more humble and with a determination to make things right

"I think they've been wearing crowns that fit a little too tightly
and they took a little too seriously," said Melinda Newman, West
Coast bureau chief for Billboard magazine in Los Angeles. "(Now) they
have decided to have fun again without shirking their responsibility.
They realized they want to have fun, and if they have fun, the
audience will have fun."

To that end the band unquestionably succeeded. "All That You Can't
Leave Behind" was the return to form the majority of fans wanted and
the band needed. To date the album has sold 4 million copies in the
United States, and its first single, "Beautiful Day," earned U2 three

Alan Light, editor in chief of Spin magazine, likened the band's
success to that of a great athlete who always finds a way to come
through with the game-winning play.

So in October, when other bands were canceling or postponing concert
dates, is it any surprise the band "that can't cancel its tour"

Instead, as Newman said, U2 simply went about its business as "one of
the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of all time ... who's trying to make
a connection with its audience every night."

And after Sept. 11, there's no one better for the job.


Please don't flame me! Also please don't:

*say I 'didn't get it' I got it dammit I didn't like it!

*say the media are 'idiots' or 'didn't get it.'

*say 'what do you think Britney Spears is great because she had greater sales' because that is a totally different category and situation. I only aim to compare U2 to U2!

This thread asked a question: (volatile though that was) and I answered it. No one can be called bad or wrong for what they say in this thread because it's all just our opinions, and this is mine.

I remain, now as before and always, your official "NON-POPtart." Over and out.

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I like Pop. Just don't ask me if I love it or not. Gone and Please I treasure, the rest is another man's pleasure.

The idiot who put the DVD on his Christmas wish list. What was I thinking!?! That is a WHOLE month away!
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In my personal opinion (whatever that amounts to), there are four great U2 albums: JT, AB, Pop, and ATYCLB. My favorite really depends on the day and what mood I'm in. As for all the controversy that surrounds Pop, I think that too is a sign of its greatness.... Great art provokes SOME kind of reaction in its observers, be it positive or negative. Pop certainly seems to do that here....

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