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Now U2's done it: future Superbowl Acts?

yo dudes

just wondering with the class effort the boys put up for the superbowl what other future 'class' acts should follow? after a string of 'Pop' acts that made sure you had to be drunk to enjoy yourself at halftime

so who should be future superbowl acts?

New Order- who rock the Fucking House!
Underworld- if they sang 'Underneath the Radar'

Australia's always had good acts for ceremonies such as Hunters and Collectors, Midnight Oil and in the recent era Powderfinger

Creed is mainstream enough

Fred Durst and his band is mainstream enough to be a Superbowl act

btw the last 2 are strong contingent which ill cringe to see

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Originally posted by CrashedCarDriver:

Creed is mainstream enough

Fred Durst and his band is mainstream enough to be a Superbowl act

btw the last 2 are strong contingent which ill cringe to see

Creed is too hard-rocking to be the Halftime Act - it has mainstream appeal for younger audiences and hard-rock fans, but not for the older audiences (parents & grandparents) and maybe people who just don't like loud guiter-driven music.

Limp Bizkit, while maybe popular to their fans and a younger audience (I don't know anyone above 21 who likes them) are too bling-bling, crude and loud to appeal to the mass SuperBowl audience.

To be truthful, I was very surprised U2 was picked because from what I've seen, the Halftime show is generally much more middle-of-the-road entertainment ala Celine Dion, or dancing cheerleaders with school bands playing. I believe U2 did a fantastic job, but I can't imagine or think of another wide-appealing rock band who could minutely create what U2 did - Aerosmith, I thought was terrible in that Pop disaster of last year... LOL - I honestly can't think of any other band - but most likely it will be a solo singer like Mariah, Celine, Elton John, Billy Joel or maybe an R&B act who isn't too bling-blingy would have wider appeal (not to me - but thinking of an older, worldwide audience).

Damn, I need more coffee

I'm only asking, but I think you know.

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I think Bowie could pull it off.
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There are also usually a lot of mainstream country acts that are showcased in halftime. The ususal R&B... I could see tons of old school R&B singers in that group as well. Last years halftime show was fun and entertaining IMO. I liked that "We Are the Worldesque" feel of the final part of the show when they did "Walk This Way." It was entertaining. Could have cared less for the the first two songs of the medley though. Fireworks from the hands were cool.

With that said, rock bands would have a hard act to follow in terms of repeating what U2 did.

Bowie would do it because he loves money, but I don't think he would pull it off. Oasis is great but the USA don't love them like the Brits do. New Order??? At a Superbowl? I could see U2 doing it but no way New Order does something like that.

I think No Doubt could do it, but they were already pre-show but they can do everything.

MC Hammer would be awesome for the halftime. Heck when i think about it, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice together at halftime. Heck put in Tone Loc, Young MC, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Snow, etc... all the one hit wonders of rap together for Superbowl halftime... I think a spectacle like that would capture everyone's attention. I would watch that junx and be entertained...

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