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newish bands influenced by u2?

are there any?

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Scissor Sisters.

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Take a look at the article about The Killers in the "Featured Content" section
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Interpol and Snow Patrol
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You'll notice alot of bands style themselves after early U2, it's the way the songs are delivered not necessarily the lyrics or music
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The Bravery. I hear they're big fans of U2 and even covered shadows and tall trees at a gig recently.
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i don't really think there are many bands influenced by them at all because their sound is so unique. The killers and the bravery are the only ones i can think of, i don't hear U2 in any other bands really
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When it comes to anthem songs and beautiful lyrics I would have to say Coldplay.

I agree that U2 is unique but if there is one group out there that resembles U2 I have to say Coldplay....heck even they admit their influences.

Having listen to the killers, I cannot say I agree...perhaps duran duran though!
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Crash Symphony

Listen to the music and you'll see the next U2.
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The Bravery are quite good, I'm listening to them for the first time and it does remind me of U2 in their younger days. The only thing that sort of drains the songs is the 'echoing/machine' type of singing. Like more talking with the music than singing.
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i'm gonna blaspheme but coldplay is just a weak version of jeff buckley
in some respects U2 has an uncool image and only the power of their songs, live shows and popularity allows them to continue that trend - to show influence (which would be spotted a mile off) would be akin to committing artistic suiside - they have a uniqueness that hasn't translated well for other artists (look at Big Country :/) - but then again i'm probably talking out my arse, a fav occupation
bearing that in mind i've drawn a blank

we're all here to do what we're all here to do

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